Notre Dame celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Author: Shannon Roddel


The University of Notre Dame will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a town hall meeting at7 p.m.Jan. 24 (Tuesday) in the student lounge of theColeman-MorseCenter. **

TitledA Call for Your Voice: The Responsibility of Every Man and Woman,the meeting will be led by Anthony Burrow, research associate in the Department of Psychology, and Reanna Ursin, visiting fellow in the Department of Africana Studies, as well as student members of a campus committee that plans Martin Luther King Day events.Topics for discussion will include politics and global humanitarian interests, economics, education, gender relations and cultural diversity at Notre Dame, and Catholic social teaching.

To facilitate the town hall meeting, similar topics will be discussed by selected student leaders and members of the King Day committee Jan. 23 (Monday) in theMainBuilding.

King Day events on campus are sponsored by Campus Ministry and Multicultural Student Programs and Services.

Other events to be held Monday (Jan. 16) include:

  • Richard Pierce ( /content.cfm?topicId=11642 ),an Associate Professor of History at Notre Dame and chair of the Universitys Department of Africana Studies, will lead a discussion about the roles played in the civil rights movement by lesser-known people at11 Notre Dame Downtown,217 S. Michigan St.
  • Hugh Page ( /content.cfm?topicId=12762 ), professor of theology and dean of Notre Dames First Year of Studies, will discuss the relationship between religion and social change as keynote speaker for the annual King Day gospel program at7 theCenturyCenterin downtownSouth Bend.

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