New Web site to premiere during Nov. 2 emergency testing

Author: Gail Hinchion Mancini


On Friday (Nov. 2), the University of Notre Dame will test ND Alert, the campus comprehensive emergency notification system. ND Alert includes a new component, the Web site, that will provide ongoing information during a time of crisis.

In the event of an emergency, will serve as the primary source of information about the nature of the crisis, how to remain safe and the point at which safety has been restored. The new site will allow off-campus partners such as alumni, parents and the media to monitor a crisis.

On an ongoing basis, the site will host information about the campus emergency preparedness and response plan, general emergency contact information, and a summary of the tools and resources that support response efforts.

Safety during a campus emergency is our top priority, and rapid, effective communication during an event is of paramount importance,said Notre Dames president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.The Universitys emergency response committee has studied the lessons for emergency circumstances at other universities in devising this multi-layered communications protocol.

On Friday afternoon, the Offices of News and Information and Information Technologies will activate two ND Alert notification systems that will complement information at

  • A mass notification system will distribute a test message to student, faculty and employee personal and registered cell phones, University e-mail accounts and any additional personal e-mail accounts previously provided.* The Universitys Comcast cable system will broadcast a test message to any live television in residence hall rooms, common areas such as the LaFortune Student Center and offices. All messages to personal communications devices and on the campus cable system will clearly indicate that a test is under way.

The ND Alert notification system will be used only in the event of an extreme emergency. is expected to provide communications on a broader range of emergencies such as responses to severe winter weather or isolated utility issues that affect few but create a visible emergency response.

Members of the campus community who have not registered personal cell phone numbers and additional e-mail information are encouraged to do so. At the beginning of each semester, students have the opportunity to update emergency contact information during enrollment. In addition, throughout the semester students may contact the Registrars Office to provide updates. Faculty and staff may provide emergency contact information through the Resources tab of InsideND.

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