New insideND launches August 1

Author: Lenette Votava

New Insidend

The new iteration of insideND will be available to all faculty, staff and students beginning Monday, August 1.

Powered by One Campus, the new insideND provides access to many Notre Dame services without logging in with a netID and password. But logging in will allow access to more options, including the ability to mark favorites and to learn more about a service or application.

Preview the features now by opening any browser and going to

In the new insideND, you can search for different services including Gmail, Sakai, Calendar and more.
 You can open the service or application by clicking anywhere in the application box.

For commonly used services or applications, click on the “heart” icon to mark it as a favorite. The icon will be listed under the category “My Favorites” so you can easily access them again.

The “i” icon provides you with details about the service or application and contact information. In addition, rate the service or application by going to the “Ratings” tab once you’ve clicked on the “i” icon. 
 Though many services and applications are searchable in the new insideND, there are some still being added to the site. If you are not able to find the application you are searching for, send a message by clicking on the login drop-down menu and choosing Send Feedback.

Here are a few helpful tips to remember after the launch date:

• The URL will still be
• All bookmarks saved in your browser for the current insideND will need to be recreated after the new insideND launches on August 1.
• If you bookmarked, it will continue to work properly after August 1. It is not necessary to recreate it.
• Any task you mark as a favorite in the new insideND will remain as a favorite after August 1.
• If you reference information within the current insideND on any form of departmental communications for staff, faculty and students (website, email, how-to instructions, etc.), please be sure to adjust them accordingly.

Stay up to date on the progress of the new insideND and the latest demonstration sessions, or take a look at the how-to video and find answers to frequently asked questions by visiting

Contact OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111,, or chat online at