New director appointed for CEST

Author: William G. Gilroy

Patricia A. Maurice, an associate professor of civil engineering and geological sciences at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed director of the University’s Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST). She replaces Charles F. Kulpa Jr., professor and chair of biological sciences.p. CEST is a cooperative effort between Notre Dame’s Colleges of Science and Engineering, fostering interdisciplinary environmental research and education by providing cutting-edge analytical technologies needed to address complex environmental problems.p. “Solving the world’s environmental problems requires an interdisciplinary approach, and one that brings together basic science with applied science and engineering, in a societal context,” Maurice said. “As director of CEST, I look forward to working with faculty and students from throughout the University community in pursuing a commitment to interdisciplinary education and world-class environmental research.”p. Maurice’s research focuses on microbial, trace metal and organic interactions with mineral surfaces from the atomic scale up to the scale of entire water sheds, such as the Lake Erie Basin or portions of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. She also examines how extreme climates affect ecosystems. Her research encompasses the hydrology and biogeochemistry of freshwater wetlands and mineral-water interactions, the remediation of metal contamination, and global climate change.p. Maurice received her doctorate in aqueous and surface geochemistry from Stanford University in 1994. Prior to joining the Notre Dame faculty in 2000, she was an associate professor in the Department of Geology at Kent State University.p.

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