Murphy examines business ethics in new book


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p. Business ethics are examined from a unique perspective in a new book published by Patrick Murphy, chair and professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame.p. In “Eighty Exemplary Ethics Statements” (Notre Dame Press, 1998, 259 pages), Murphy presents and comments on the codes of conduct at some of the world’s leading corporations and organizations. He also offers seven principles to follow in developing such statements and concludes with advice on how to move beyond rhetoric to infuse ethics into an organization.p. “Around the world, shareholders and stakeholders alike are taking an increasing interest in corporate conduct,” says Sir Adrian Cadbury, former chair of Cadbury Schweppes. “All manner of organizations are being encouraged to draw up codes of conduct and statements of business ethics. The essential point is that we should all try to learn from each other. ‘Eighty Exemplary Ethics Statements’ not only illustrates how organizations of various kinds have put their beliefs into words, but also clarifies the thinking which lies behind their codes of conduct. This book, therefore, meets one of the challenges of our times.”p. A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1984, Murphy specializes in studying how ethics influence marketing decision making in both business and nonprofit organizations. He also studies public policy, especially the impact of regulatory agencies, and how this affects marketing strategy.p. Murphy received the 1992 Reinhold Niebuhr Faculty Award at Notre Dame for his work in ethics and social justice, and in 1993-94 he was a Fulbright Scholar in the department of management at University College, Cork, in Ireland.p. A 1970 graduate of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Murphy earned a master’s of business administration degree from Bradley University a year later and a doctorate in business from the University of Houston in 1975. He previously was chair and associate professor of marketing at Marquette University and, during a sabbatical, served in the office of management planning at the Federal Trade Commission.p. Murphy has published extensively in academic journals concerned with marketing and business ethics and has served on the advisory or editorial boards of four scholarly journals.

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