Law journal addresses impact of 9/11 legislation

Author: Michael O. Garvey

The effect of recent anti-terrorism legislation on American colleges and universities is the theme of the most recent issue of the Notre Dame Law School-based Journal of College and University Law.p. The issue features seven articles, collectively entitled “The War on Terrorism Touches the Ivory Tower: Colleges and Universities After September 11.” In an introduction to the issue, Michael A. Olivas, director of the University of Houston’s Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance, says that the articles cumulatively suggest that USA Patriot Act will heavily burden faculty, administrators and students alike and greatly strain the customary routines of college and university life. As the nation recovers from the attacks on New York and Washington, he writes, “we will have to find the balance between securing ourselves and maintaining the principles that make ours such an extraordinary society.”p. Addressing that balance, the articles which follow concern such problems as privacy and security in computing, the responsibilities of librarians when law enforcement officials demand user information, undocumented college residency, and compliance with federal law in research on dangerous substances.p. Established in 1973, the Journal of College and University Law is the official publication of the National Association of College and University Attorneys and is the only law review entirely devoted to the concerns of higher education in the United States. Before the Notre Dame Law School assumed responsibility for its publication in 1986, the journal had been published at the West Virginia University College of Law. Journal contributors include college and university counsel, attorneys who represent institutions of higher education, and education law specialists in the academic community. The journal publishes case comments, scholarly commentary, book reviews, and essays on legal issues. It is staffed by 28 Notre Dame Law School students.p.

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