HOT TOPICS: Sprint/Nextel merger … Social Security reform … War crimes trials … Holidays and materialism … Holiday spending … Ukraine … Heart disease … Universal Human Rights Month … Immigration reform … Falling dollar


Note to the media: The following University of Notre Dame faculty members are available to discuss a variety of issues currently in the news. Click on the accompanying links for contact and other information.

  • Sprint/Nextel merger – Katherine Spiess, associate professor of finance


  • Social Security reform – Teresa Ghilarducci, associate professor of economics

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  • War crimes trials – Jimmy Gurulé, professor of law

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  • Holidays and materialism – Eugene Halton, professor of sociology


  • Holiday spending – James X. Sullivan, assistant professor of economics

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  • Inflammation’s Role in Heart Disease – Francis J. Castellino, Kleiderer-Pezold Chair, Keck Center for Transgene Research

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  • Ukraine – Semion Lyandres, associate professor of history


  • Immigration reform – Allert Brown-Gort, associate director of the Institute for Latino Studies

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  • Universal Human Rights Month (December) – Paolo Carozza, professor of law

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  • Falling dollar – Nelson Mark, DeCrane Professor of International Economics

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  • Supreme Court – Richard Garnett, associate professor of law

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  • Airlines pensions – Teresa Ghilarducci, associate professor of economics and policy studies

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  • U.S. economy – Jeffrey Bergstrand, professor of finance and business economics, and Teresa Ghilarducci, associate professor of economic and policy studies

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  • Muslim-Christian relations – Gabriel Reynolds, assistant professor of theology


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