GLOBES program to sponsor lecture by noted science writer

Author: William G. Gilroy


Noted science essayist Carl Zimmer will present the inaugural lecture in the University of Notre Dames Global Linkages of Biology, Environment and Society (GLOBES) Seminar Series at4 p.m.Thursday (Sept. 21) at4 the auditorium of the Jordan Hall of Science. The lecture is free and open to the public.

TitledThe Darwin Beat: Reporting Evolution News in a Controversial Age,Zimmers lecture will examine the challenges of reporting on new advances in evolutionary biology.

Zimmer is the author of five books about science, includingThe Smithsonian Guide to Human Evolution,and he currently is writing a book on E. coli and the meaning of life. He also writes regularly for the The New York Times and its magazine and for National Geographic, Science, Newsweek, Natural History and Discover.

The GLOBES program enables researchers to use an interdisciplinary approach in seeking solutions to pressing problems in human and global health. Its lecture series will feature scholars and experts whose work confronts todays environmental challenges and will span the areas of biology, social concerns, policy, and law.

The GLOBES seminar series also is sponsored by Notre Dames Center for Aquatic Conservation, Center for Environmental Science and Technology, Center for Social Concerns, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies andReillyCenterfor Science, Technology and Values.

More information on the Zimmer lecture can be found at , or by calling 574-631-3287.

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