First in series of accountancy conferences to be held in Georgia

Author: Shannon Roddel


The Center for Accounting Research and Education at the University of Notre Dame will host the first in a series of semi-annual seminars on the research, teaching and practice of financial statement analysis and valuation April 7 and 8 in Braselton, Ga.

The conference, which is expected to draw 150 university professors and professionals from North America, Europe and Asia, will include a series of talks by 15 scholars who are leaders in their areas of research.Themes include the key issues of financial statement analysis and valuation, how analysts forecast earnings and what they do with the forecasts, and earnings quality.

The talks will be followed by two panel discussions that will address the role of financial statement analysis in enterprise performance evaluation, and the development of financial products.

The second conference in the series, to be held Oct. 13 and 14 at Notre Dame will feature legal professionals, investment experts, standard setters and regulators who will highlight the role and importance of academic research in their professional activities and discuss the necessary education and training for accounting and finance graduates.

The Center for Accounting Research and Education supports faculty in the creation and dissemination of accounting knowledge and helps strengthen the bridges between accounting research, education and practice.

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