Finance professor receives award from leading journal

Author: Dennis Brown

Jeffrey Bergstrand, associate professor of finance and business economics at the University of Notre Dame, has been selected a co-recipient of the Bhagwati Award for the best paper in the Journal of International Economics (JIE) for the past two years.p. Titled “The Growth of World Trade: Tariffs, Transport Costs, and Income Similarity,” the paper demonstrated that trade liberalization policies ? such as tariff cuts ? were responsible for 75 percent of the growth of trade worldwide since World War II.p. The study was published in the February 2001 issue of JIE, the leading journal in the field of international economics. Bergstrand shares the award with his co-author, Scott Baier, an assistant professor of economics at Clemson University who previously served on the Notre Dame faculty.p. The award is named in honor Jagdish Bhagwati, the founding editor of JIE, for his many contributions to the field. It is presented every two years by the publication’s editorial board to the authors of the best article published in the journal.p. Bergstrand is a faculty fellow of Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies and Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. In addition to studying international trade issues, he teaches and conducts research on international finance and exchange rates, macroeconomics, and the U.S. economy.p. A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1986, Bergstrand previously served as an economist for five years at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. He earned his doctoral and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin and his bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Northwestern University.

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