Fathers Malloy, Hesburgh and Jenkins mourn the death of Pope John Paul II


Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., president:

Pope John Paul II was a man of faith, a shaper of world events, one of the longest lived Popes in the history of the Catholic Church, a linguist and scholar, and one of the most influential figures in recent world history.He traveled the globe, often delighting the large crowds with his sense of humor and his capacity to adjust to the situation.He preached the Good News and wrote with eloquence and scholarly acumen.He spoke the truth prophetically to world leaders and others in a position to shape world events.He was a great advocate for the poor, the downtrodden, the physically and mentally handicapped, and the unborn.

Pope John Paul II had a special interest in and way with young people.His World Youth Days, which were held in many continents, always exceeded the plannersexpectations in both scale and in the exuberance of the participants.He instinctively appealed to the idealism of youth and to the recognition that the worthy life always involved sacrifice and discipline.

As a former teacher himself, he was always an advocate for Catholic education at all levels.He encouraged bishops and religious communities to found Catholic institutions of learning and/or sustain those already existing.In Ex corde Ecclesiae , he attempted to foster a broad conversation between the world of learning and the broader cultural forces, including science and technology, the fine and performing arts, and the professions.

In his latter years, he taught us how to live with more restricted physical capacities.He remained interested in everything, but recognized that only Christs salvific power can bring all things to fulfillment.

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., president-emeritus:

Pope John Paul II will be recalled in history as one of the longest serving popes in the history of the Church.His predecessor, Pope John Paul I, lived only a month, as Pope.Pope John Paul II will also be remembered as a Pope for the World as he traveled millions of miles, to every corner of the earth, to bring his personal message of faith, hope and love to all of the world, not merely to Catholics.After his long and dedicated life of service to humanity, especially as a peacemaker, may he rest in peace.


Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. president-elect:

“Pope John Paul II, whose life spanned the 20th century into the 21st, was a witness to hope in times often given to despair and cynicism, a witness to faith in times of doubt and confusion, and a witness to apostolic service in a sometimes self-centered culture.By his example he showed us how to live a life grounded in prayer.His special devotion to the young, to education and to the intellectual life were particularly powerful influences to us at Catholic universities.His papacy was a great gift to Catholics, and an inspiration to all people of good will.We mourn his loss, and pray for his entrance into God’s glory.”

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