Father Gordon to speak on Narnia



Rev. Charles B. Gordon, C.S.C., assistant professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, will speak onThe Chronicles of Narnia,by C.S. Lewis at8 p.m.Thursday (Dec. 8) in Room 102 of DeBartolo Hall.

The lecture is being sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Culture in anticipation of the Friday premiere of the Disney filmThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,which has become the most recent battlefield of the culture wars.Based on the first of the seven childrens novels written by Lewis 50 years ago, the increasingly controversial film has been alternately praised as a salutary allegory of Christian doctrine and denounced as a cynical appeal to the manipulations of reactionary religious ideologues.

Father Gordon was graduated from Notre Dame in 1978 and earned his masters degree from the University in 1986.He earned his doctoral degree fromCambridgein 1999, writing his doctoral dissertation on the concept of the supernatural in ShakespearesEngland.A systematic theologian and the former director of Notre DamesOldCollegeundergraduate seminary program, he is particularly interested in the relationship between theology and literature and teaches a popular undergraduate course,Literary Catholicism,which approaches fundamental theology through the works of 20 th century Catholic novelists.

* Contact: * _Rev. Charles B. Gordon, C.S.C., at 574-631-3047 or cgordon1@nd.edu _

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