Elections completed for Fellows and Board members

Author: Dennis Brown

Nine members of the University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees were re-elected Friday (May 4) to new three-year terms by the Fellows of the University, and, due to the end of terms and the election of a new Board chair, the Fellows also elected two members to their own body and re-elected another member.

The Trustees elected to new terms are Robert F. Biolchini, Cathleen P. Black, José E. Fernández Sr., W. Douglas Ford, Douglas Tong Hsu, Patrick F. McCartan, Philip J. Purcell III, William F. Reilly and Phyllis W. Stone.

The newly elected Fellows of the University are Shirley W. Ryan and McCartan, who as Board chair served as an ex officio Fellow for the past seven years. Richard C. Notebaert, who will become Board chair July 1, already is a Fellow and will remain so in the chairs ex officio capacity. Rev. E. William Beauchamp, C.S.C., president of theUniversityofPortland, was re-elected a Fellow.

Kathleen W. Andrews, vice chair of Andrews McMeel Universal, a member of the Board of Trustees since 1993 and a Fellow since 1996, was elected a Trustee Emeritus. She was the first woman to serve as a Fellow of the University.

The Fellows – six lay members and six priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Notre Dames founding religious community – are the Universitys ultimate governing body. They elect the Trustees, adopt and amend the bylaws, and are specifically charged with maintaining Notre Dames Catholic character.

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