Economics conference to focus on developing countries

Author: Erik Runyon


Understanding the conditions necessary for economic growth in developing countries will be the focus of a conference Friday and Saturday (Oct. 15 and 16) at the University of Notre Dame.p. Organized by Notre Dames Department of Economics and Econometrics, “The Seng Conference on Money, Banking and Economic Development” will bring together economists from around the world to examine factors for economic growth in countries that enjoy high standards of living, and barriers to development in countries that do not.p. “The most important drivers of development are technological advancement, international trade, financial intermediation, and investment in physical and human capital,” said Christopher J. Waller, Gilbert Schaefer Chair of Economics and primary organizer of the conference. “Data show that high standards of living are observed in those countries that engage in these activities, whereas there are no examples of countries enjoying high standards of living that do not engage in these activities. We need to understand why some countries do not adopt them.”p. Presenters at the conference will explore governmental policies that enhance trade, strengthen payment systems and encourage investment, as well as those monetary policies that destroy banking systems and credit markets. The impact of economic growth on issues such as health care, cleaner environments, better educational systems and improved care for the aged will also be discussed.p. Other sponsors of the conference are the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Office of the Provost and the Seng Foundation Endowment for Market-Based Programs and Catholic Values.p.

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