Dowty examines the formation and development of Israel in new book


Professor Dowty can be reached for comment on his new book, as well as current events in the Middle East, at (219) 631-5098.
p. Alan Dowty, professor of government and international studies at the University of Notre Dame, examines the formation and development of Israel in a new book titled “The Jewish State: A Century Later.”p. Published by the University of California Press, the 331-page book provides a comprehensive interpretative study of the historical roots and contemporary functioning of Israel.p. The success of Jewish politics, Dowty concludes, has been its capacity for power-sharing, and his demonstration of this fact reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Israeli democracy in responding to the challenges of communal divisions, religious contention, non-Jewish minorities, and accommodation with the Palestinians.p. “This is an important and fascinating study by one of this country’s leading specialists on Israel,” says Mark Tessler, director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “The timing of this volume (in the 50th year since the founding of the modern Israeli state) could not be better. Filled with original and sometimes provocative insights, Dowty’s thoughtful analysis advances our thinking about many of the most crucial issues facing Israel at the present time.”p. A specialist in Middle Eastern affairs, Dowty has been a member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1975 and is a fellow of the University’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. He is the author of “Middle East Crisis” (1984) and “Closed Boundaries: The Contemporary Assault on Freedom of Movement” (1987).p. Dowty holds doctoral and master’s degrees from the University of Chicago.


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