Douglas Road to reopen in one area, close in another



The current phase of the University of Notre Dame’s public road construction project onDouglas RoadandNorth Twyckenham Drivewill be completed and opened for traffic, weather permitting, on May 8 (Monday).

Douglas, on the north edge of the campus, has been widened, and Twyckenham, to the east of the University, is a newly constructed four-lane road that extends from Douglas to Edison Road. The new road ultimately will connect to South Twyckenham Drive. Bulla Road between the campus and North Twyckenham also will reopen.

The new road system includes a roundabout at the new intersection of Douglas and Twyckenham.

Also on May 8, and continuing until late June, the portion of Douglas immediately west of Juniper will close to through traffic to permit the widening of this segment of Douglas to four lanes and to construct a new signalized intersection at St.Joseph Drive. The existing campus road currently referred to asSt. Joseph Drive northofDouglas Roadalso will be closed during this time frame for reconstruction to once again become a public road.

Access alongDouglasfrom the west to Sacred Heart Parish, Moreau Seminary and Holy Cross House will be maintained during the construction period.Detour signs will be placed along the route for public access to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union building at theDouglas RoadandSt. Joseph Driveintersection.

The roundabout at Douglas and Twyckenham will be among the first in the region. Traffic studies indicate that roundabouts increase traffic flow and are aesthetically pleasing, and that crashes in them are less serious.

However, motorists unfamiliar with roundabouts are advised to use caution when first using one, and to follow several safety tips:

  • Reduce your speed and keep to the right of the splitter island (either painted or raised) on the approach to the roundabout.
  • Upon reaching the roundabout yield line, yield to traffic circulating from the left. Be aware of traffic already in the roundabout, especially cyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Within a roundabout, do not stop except to avoid a collision; you have the right-of-way over entering traffic. Always keep to the right of the central island and travel in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Use turn signals as follows:* When turning right or exiting at the first exit around the roundabout, turn onyour right-turn signal on the approach.* When going straight ahead (i.e., exiting halfway around the roundabout), do notuse any turn signals on approach.* When turning left or making a U-turn (that is, exiting more than halfway around the roundabout), turn on your left turn signal and continue to use your left-turn signal until you have passed the exit before the one you want, and then use yourright-turn signal through your exit.
  • Maintain a slow speed upon exiting the roundabout and indicate your exit by using your right-turn signal.

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