Department of Physics to host Einstein lecture Feb. 24



Grant Mathews, director of the University of Notre Dames Center for Astrophysics, and Chris Kolda, an associate professor of physics at the University, will present a lecture titledEinsteins Last Quest: The Search for Extra Dimensions and Parallel Universesat 7 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 24) in McKenna Hall. The lecture is free and open to the public and a reception will follow.

The talk is sponsored by the Department of PhysicsMiller Lecture Series and is part of the departments celebration of the World Year of Physics, a yearlong celebration of the centenary of what historians call Albert Einsteins annus mirabilis (miraculous year). In 1905, Einstein, then a patent clerk inBern,Switzerland, published three revolutionary papers on special relativity, the photoelectric effect, and Brownian motion. Notre Dames physicists are marking the year with a series of lectures, workshops and conferences.

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