Courses to be identified by new 5-digit numbering system

Author: William G. Gilroy

Beginning this week, University of Notre Dame students logging on toinsideNDto search for summer and fall course offerings will discover a new course numbering system.

All Notre Dame courses now will be identified by a five-digit numbering system. The first digit of the new course numbers indicates the course level, and the second digit indicates the type of course: lab, tutorial, seminar or some other kind of course. A letter suffix previously was used to indicate the type of course. The last three digits are created by each academic department. Some departments will use the last three digits in a way that specifically fits their curricula, while others have added the last three digits from the old course numbers as part of the new five-digit numbering system.

The Office of the Registrar has developed an online tool to enable a person who knows the old course number to find the matching new number. The tool, along with additional information, can be found at the Registrar Resource Central page at on the Office of the Registrars Web site: http//

* Contact: * Christopher Temple, academic course specialist, Office of the Registrar, 631-5598, or .

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