Committee on Campus Safety, Security and Hospitality begins work

Author: Dennis Brown


The Committee on Campus Safety, Security and Hospitality at the University of Notre Dame has met three times during the past five weeks ñ twice via conference calls and once on campus ñ to begin its examination of various components of football weekends.

Convened by Notre Dame’s president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the 10-member committee is reviewing protocols and practices and considering concerns or suggestions that people have raised in regard to on-campus activities during home football game weekends.

During the committee’s on-campus meeting Nov. 22, members discussed various issues for more than three hours, then spent more than two hours observing first-hand numerous facets of game-day security and event management.

The committee will continue to meet during the second semester and plans to offer recommendations to Father Jenkins in March. After reviewing the recommendations, Father Jenkins will work with relevant departments to set a course of action.

Committee members are: Stephanie Gallo (chair), Bob Agnew, Jill Bodensteiner, Missy Conboy, Ann Firth, Rev. Peter Jarret, C.S.C., Tim McOsker, Richard Nussbaum, Bob Reish, and Frank Supovitz.

Frances Shavers, chief of staff to Father Jenkins, serves as the staff liaison for the committee and assists in its work.

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