Center for Ethics and Culture and Logan to host guardianship conference


A day-long conference on issues related to developmentally disabled people will be held (Mon.) Nov. 10 in the University of Notre Dame’s McKenna Hall.

The conference, “Making the Tough Decisions: Ethical Dilemmas in Guardianship,” is cosponsored by Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Culture and Logan Community Resources, Inc., ofSouth Bend.

Conference discussions will include such issues as decisions about the necessity of guardianship, the restriction of family involvement in the life of a protected individual, defining “quality of life” and examining that definition’s influence in guardianship decisions, the rights of protected individuals in childbearing, and end of life decisions.

The conference keynote address will be given by Rhonda Williams, president of the National Guardianship Association, at9 the McKenna Hall auditorium. %% Williams, who served for 17 years as administrator of the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission, will speak on “Ethics and Guardianship.”

Other conference speakers include John Dickerson, executive director of the ARC of Indiana; Eileen Doran, deputy prosecuting attorney for the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office; Kevin McDonnell, Edna and George McMahon Aquinas Chair of Philosophy at St. Mary’s College; Carol Ann Mooney, vice president and associate provost at Notre Dame; Bonita Raine, executive director of United Health Services; Margot Reagan, president of the Logan Protective Services Board; Dr. Jan Richard Reineke of OB-GYN Associates of Northern Indiana; and John Robinson, associate dean and associate professor in the Notre Dame Law School.

More information is available from the conference Web site at:
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