Castlight offers online health care comparisons

Author: Carol C. Bradley


Castlight is a free online health care comparison and pricing tool for Notre Dame faculty and staff. Castlight may be used any time employees desire more information before choosing care.

Castlight maintains the highest standards of security and meets all federally mandated guidelines — including HIPAA — to ensure privacy and data security. Upon registration, claims data is obtained from Meritain, the third-party administrator of the Univerasity’s medical plan. Using Castlight is private — nothing is shared with the University.

What will Castlight show users?

• Past medical spending

• Remaining deductible

• Estimated costs — search for specific services and see personalized cost estimates based on health plan, location and how much deductible has been met.

• Patient reviews. See provider ratings and read the experiences of other patients in their own words.

• Provider quality. Use Castlight to compare providers. See where different doctors went to medical school, how long they have been practicing and what they charge.

To register, visit