Cardinal Cupich: Blessing to the Class of 2018


Lord of all the earth, as you breathed life into nature and humanity at creation, so, too on this Pentecost Day, you breathe your spirit on us, enlivening us and bringing us to new life as you did Jesus from the tomb.

Quicken that same spirit in these graduates, giving them the courage to embrace the life before them, putting aside all fear and hesitation, confident that you accompany them each day of their lives. Let them know they are never alone, but guided with your strength and grace. As their parents did on the first day of school, we ask you Lord now to take hold of their hands in the journey before them, so that they will be emboldened to bring light where there is darkness, love where there is hatred, pardon where these is injury and life in the midst of death’s grip.

We need this generation, Lord, to be the next greatest generation to uplift those burdened in poverty and oppression, to welcome the stranger and the immigrant, to fight bravely for justice, much like that great generation of their ancestors did in the last century. They overcame the depths of depression by uniting us as one nation under God; they made a place at the table for newcomers because they remembered that they too came to this land with nothing but their hopes and dreams, and they pushed back against the threat of tyranny, bravely sacrificing their lives for the common good.

Lord, inspire these young people with your spirit this Pentecost day, this new day of creation, to be a great generation that will make their children, their grandchildren and the ages, proud. We ask this in faith, AMEN.