Cal Berkeley mathematician to lecture on computational biology



Bernd Sturmfels, professor of mathematics and computer science at theUniversityofCaliforniaatBerkeley, will present a lecture titledAlgebraic Statistics for Computational Biologyat5:30 p.m.Oct. 7 (Friday) in Room 127 of Hayes-Healy Hall at the University of Notre Dame. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Sturmfels will discuss recent interactions between algebra and statistics and their emerging applications to computational biology. He will illustrate, by means of a fictional character namedDiaNA,statistical models of independence and alignments for DNA sequences.

A leading experimentalist among mathematicians, Sturmfels has authored or edited 13 books and more than 140 research articles in the areas of combinatorics, algebraic geometry, symbolic computation and their applications.

Sturmfelslecture is being held in conjunction withMAGIC 05,the Midwest Algebra, Geometry and Their Interactions Conference, which will be held at Notre Dame from Oct. 8 to11. Conference organizers include Juan Migliore and Claudia Polini of Notre Dames Department of Mathematics and Alberto Corso of theUniversityofKentucky.

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