Book toasts founder of 'The Breakfast Club'

by Robert Feder

Long before Howard Stern and Tom Joyner were even born, one voice dominated morning radio from coast to coast.p. And long before Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer or Jenny Jones ever set foot in Chicago, one talk show host established this town as home of the best studio audiences in the world.p. For 35 years — from 1933 until 1968 — Don McNeill hosted “The Breakfast Club,” a down-home, upright morning show that started each day with a smile, a prayer and a march around the table.p. Now McNeill’s unique contribution to broadcasting has been chronicled in Don McNeill and His Breakfast Club, a marvelous new book written by John Doolittle, associate professor of broadcast journalism at American University. It will be published in May by the University of Notre Dame Press.p. “McNeill enjoyed his celebrity, but he never fell victim to it or let it misguide him,” Doolittle wrote. " ‘The Breakfast Club’ worked because McNeill injected it with his sense of humor, good character and unwavering respect for the listener."

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