Biomedical ethics conference to be held March 9 to 11



The Forum on Biomedical Ethics at the University of Notre Dame will host a conference,Health Care in an Increasingly Health-Obsessed Culture,March 9 to 11 in McKenna Hall.

The conference will bring together undergraduate students from Notre Dame and other academic institutions nationwide with prominent scholars of bioethics, clinical medicine, philosophy and law to discuss the cultural and societal dimensions of contemporary medicine.

Meetings of undergraduates in this atmosphere are a unique testament to the growing role of college students in todays society,said Kathryn Wilson, a junior biology major at Notre Dame and chair of the conference.This conference is not intended to solve the ethical dilemmas that the world currently faces, but rather to raise the awareness of their existence from an undergraduate perspective. We hope that by educating students on the ethical issues of today, they will be better prepared to address these issues in their future professional lives.

The principal speaker at the conference will be Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins University, a member of the Presidents Council on Bioethics, who will give a lecture onHow a Psychiatrist Approaches the Illusion of Technique in Health Care Delivery Today.Other speakers include William Hurlbut of Stanford University, Carl Elliot of the University of Minnesota, Eric Cohen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Daniel Maher of Ave Maria University, Deirdre McQuade of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, O. Carter Snead of the University of Notre Dame Law School, Rosemarie Tong of the University of North Carolina, and Paul Wright, a Notre Damealumnus and author of the bookFinding Happiness and Peace in Service.

Notre Dames Forum on Biomedical Ethics is a student group established to create a campus-wide forum for student discussion of the scientific, religious, cultural, legal and economic implications of current issues in biomedical ethics.

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