Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index honors unique climate-linked projects

Indianapolis Shamrock Series events will include academic programs and service activities

Notre Dame E2E group develops novel housing solution for Haiti

Notre Dame biometrics expert is helping to ensure an honest election in Somaliland

Notre Dame paper offers insights into a new class of semiconducting materials

Study shows Asian carp could establish in Lake Erie with little effect to fishery

Notre Dame researcher working to understand and combat Ebola virus

ND-GAIN seeking applications for Corporate Adaptation Prize

Cancer biologist Zachary Schafer awarded American Cancer Society grant

Biologist David Lodge named Jefferson Science Fellow

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Notre Dame and Heidelberg University sign memorandum of understanding

New Notre Dame article examines the dilemma of equality and diversity

Notre Dame study reveals that having and raising offspring proves costly for baboon moms

Fourteen seniors receive national fellowships and scholarships

Notre Dame study reveals that particle size matters for environmental DNA monitoring

New paper examines natural selection’s role in parallel evolution and speciation

ND-GAIN seeking applications for Corporate Adaptation Prize

New paper provides important insights into how carcinoma-associated fibroblasts function in breast cancers

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Leevy receives 1st Source Bank Commercialization Award

Physics researchers provide new insights into quantum dynamics and quantum chaos

Rome symposium, exhibit to highlight the digital future of world heritage

Anthropologist Lee Gettler discusses fatherhood research at AAAS annual meeting

Wolfgang Porod to serve as AAAS Annual Meeting panelist

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Notre Dame mobile concussion app research to be funded by NFL/GE Head Health Challenge

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