Generations will be rebroadcast

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Interesting profiles of a few1997 graduates

Father Malloy will host a reception for the class of 1997

Father Hesburgh will be awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Commencement ceremonies will be held May 18

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Father Hesburgh continues to receive honary degrees

Booker has died after suffering from a stroke

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A live telecast of 'Generations: A Celebration of Notre Dame' can be viewed at the Center for Continuing Education

Ground will be broken for the new Eck Center

The American Journal of Jurisprudence has received a grant to fund an associate editor, conference, and lecture series

Scholastic has won a Peacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press

Andreichuk designated Luce Scholar

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Search for three-generation Domers

New identification cards will be issued beginning this summer

The Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices have been merged into the Student Financial Services office

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Department of Communications and Theatre will finish the season with 'The Grapes of Wrath'

Dole will deliver a speech at the Joyce Center

Notre Dame's distance learning program will be featured on CNBC

Pieronek and Bolanz appointed associate directors of the Law School's Office of Career Services and Law School Relations

The Law School's Center for Civil and Human Rights has received a grant to continue its program in the former Yugoslavia

Gabriel will deliver lecture on early academic printing

Notre Dame has made a commitment to the Presidents' Summit

Honorary degrees given to distinguished national and international figures

Finnis will deliver inaugural lecture and open conference on secularism

Tuition will increase 5.3 percent for the 1997-98 school year