July new employees

by Carol Bradley

The University welcomes those employees who began work in July:

Christina Badman, Bronwyn Chartier, Andrew J. Remick, Jessica K. Smith and Melodie Wyttenbach, Alliance for Catholic Education
William Baer and Helen L. Cawley, Hesburgh Libraries
Maria Boleaga and Anica Hosticka, Food Services Administration
Angela Bussie, Bryan R. Kirkendoll, Stephanie G. Papoi and Virginia Roher, Custodial Services
Nathalia C. Casiano, Center for Social Concerns
Daniel P. Colleran, Benjamin J. Johnston and Randy J. Orak, Athletics Digital Media
Brittany Combs and Marie C. Donahue, Biological Sciences
Brendan M. Corsones, Admissions
Megan T. Feely, Bryan E. Keve and Gail V. Slevin, Development
James Frye, Office of Digital Learning
Ten Gray, Human Resources
Justin D. Hathaway, Maintenance
Victoria Hommel, Football
Marie James and Casey St. Aubin, Student Activities
Elizabeth Johnson, Special Events and Protocol
Paul Knackstedt, University Counseling Center
Matthew C. Kuczora, Susan V. Sisko, Erin C. Valencia and Mathew A. Verghese,
Residence Halls Staff
Lan Ma, Notre Dame International
Abigail R. Mechtenberg, Physics
Conor T. Montijo, Athletics Marketing
Justin H. Palmer, Building Services
Rachel Parks, Office of Research
Brendan C. Perry, Lab for Economic Opportunities
Eric R. Pitts, ND Environmental Change Initiative
Nichole L. Rodriguez, University Health Services
Jon M. Schlundt, Procurement Services
Sara E. Sievers, Keough School
of Global Affairs
Gail Small, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Brittany Solomon, Management
Joseph Spahn, Men’s Swimming
Jamie D. Thomson, Career Center
Nathan D. Wills, Institute for Educational Initiatives
April Woo, Women’s Swimming and Diving