Arnold and Kellenberg appointed director and executive director of Semester in Washington Program

Author: Dennis Brown

Peri Arnold, professor of government and international studies at Notre Dame, and Thomas More Kellenberg, a 1980 alumnus of the University, have been appointed director and executive director, respectively, of the new Notre Dame Semester in Washington Program. Arnold will direct the program from Notre Dame and Kellenberg will be responsible for on-site operations.p. Beginning in January, the Washington program will give 20-25 junior and senior undergraduate students an opportunity to study and observe public affairs in the nation’s capital; work in internships in public agencies, congressional offices and private groups; and live in one of America’s most culturally vibrant cities.p. “This is an opportunity for Notre Dame students to work directly with materials, events and institutions in our national government,” Arnold said. “That kind of environment will be a rich one for our students to experience and will test their own interests in regards to career development. They will come back more sophisticated about their career choices.”p. The program will include a six-credit seminar that includes an examination of policy making and politics in national government with exposure to relevant institutions and actors in Washington. In addition, a three-credit internship program will place students in positions related to their career interests. Students also will take two courses beyond the seminar and internship and complete a research project.p. A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1971, Arnold is a specialist in American politics and public administration. He is the author of “Making the Managerial Presidency” and has testified before Congress on proposed reforms in the federal government’s executive branch.p. In his third year as director of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Program in Public Service, Arnold will continue in that role while also directing the Washington program. He earned master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago after receiving a bachelor’s degree in political science from Roosevelt University. Prior to joining the Notre Dame faculty, he taught at Western Michigan and Roosevelt Universities.p. In addition to his administrative responsibilities with the Washington program, Kellenberg will teach and participate in its continued development and expansion.p. After graduating from Notre Dame, Kellenberg volunteered in service as a Holy Cross Associate in Chile from 1980-83. He earned a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School in 1986 and then spent two years as an instructor in law and assistant general counsel at the Catholic University of America.p. Kellenberg served as a judicial clerk for three years in Seattle in the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Most recently, he has been an associate in the Seattle law firm of Perkins Cole.p. Classrooms and residences for the Washington program will be combined at 2807 Connecticut Ave., N.W., in a building owned and operated by Boston University, which will share the building with Notre Dame, the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College.p. As with Notre Dame’s study abroad programs, students in the Washington program will pay regular tuition and room and board charges. Twenty-four students have been selected for the inaugural semester of the program.p. For more information, contact Arnold by phone at 631-5016 or via e-mail at


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