Annelise Gill-Wiehl: 2019 Invocation

Author: Notre Dame News

As is our tradition at the University of Notre Dame, let us begin with prayer.


Loving Father,

On this occasion of the 174th Commencement Ceremony of the University of Notre Dame,

we pause to praise you for all that you have done.

We thank you for sustaining Notre Dame from a humble beginning to a major academic

institution today.


You gave us courage as we began our journey.

Through your grace, we found a home here with space to study the past, research the

interconnectedness of your world, live in the present, and worship your name.


We thank you for providing guidance and wisdom

to formulate opinions and study the work of your hands.

As we faced exams and conflicts, there was comfort in knowing we were not alone.


You were patient as we changed majors and discerned our vocations,

and paths beyond these hallowed grounds.

You provided the professors, family, and friends that have surrounded, nurtured, and

encouraged us.

You have made possible the accomplishments we celebrate today.


We ask for your continued support as we conclude our time here at Notre Dame.

Give us fortitude to persevere in the face of the unknown.


Through your intercession:

help us to bring all people together,

to seek liberation of the oppressed,

to work towards an end to poverty and suffering,

and to find relief and a cure for the sick.


Inspire us to continue investigating and moving the world around us.

Challenge us to carry our passions with us and pursue work for the betterment of


Raise us up when we fall and allow us to proceed on the path you have illuminated.

Walk with us as Graduates from Our Lady’s University.


We ask this in your name, One God, forever and ever.


Please be seated.