A very good week for three with Notre Dame degrees

Author: Dennis K. Brown

Three University of Notre Dame graduates were much in the news this week – two with highly publicized appointments and one with a major national honor.

Condoleezza Rice, who earned a masters degree in government and international studies in 1975, was nominated to serve as Secretary of State.

Francis J. Harvey, a 1965 engineering graduate, was confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of the Army.

Rhona Campbell Free, a masters and doctoral degree recipient in economics, was selected as one of four U.S. Professors of the Year.

News releases on each of these notable graduates are at the following links:

Dr. Rice: /content.cfm?topicid=8125

Dr. Harvey: /content.cfm?topicid=8181

Dr. Free: “/content.cfm?topicid=8180”:

TopicID: 8216