3 new books tell tales of Notre Dame

Author: Matthew V. Storin


The University of Notre Dame is often a hot topic on bookshelves, and this fall is no exception with at least three new volumes hitting stores.

The Universitys most recent former president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., has written a book of legends and memories that he has gathered during his more than four decades of residence on campus.Monks Notre Dame,(184 pages,UniversityofNotre Dame Press, $15) life includes humor, nostalgia and keen perspectives on campus life.Monk, using the nickname he has carried for most of his life, also includes tributes to many of his brother priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross, including his predecessor, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.

Monk, who completed 18 years as president on June 30, 2005, wrote that he feltI had a responsibility to share with others the many tales passed on to meduring his years at Notre Dame.He also felt he had valuable insights into individuals, such as Father Hesburgh who had played significant roles in the history of the place.The topics are as diverse as remembering Junior Parent Weekends, winning the national championship in womens basketball in 2001, and a funny story about bringing a student to the health center late one night, and not being recognized as president of the University, an episode that bothered him not at all but brought a profuse letter of apology from a health center official the following day.

The Spirit of Notre Dameby Jim Langford and Jeremy Langford, father and son, with foreward by Regis Philbin, (280 pages, Doubleday, $21.95) is a compilation of contemplations and theories, some previously published but most of them original to this book, concerning the nature, origins and characteristics of the force embodied in the books title.A diverse group, ranging from University presidents to legendary Notre Dame intellectuals to rank and file alums, describe their affections for the place and attempt to articulate something about its essential characters.There are some nice glimpses of Notre Dame history included as well.Both Langfords are alums, as are many others in their extended family.Jim was a longtime director of theUniversityofNotre Dame Pressand Jeremy is executive editor of religious studies for Rowman&Littlefield publishers and its Catholic imprint, Sheed&Ward.

Finally, there isTouchdown Jesus: Faith and Fandom at Notre Dameby Scott Eden (208 pages, Simon and Schuster, $23) which will arrive at bookstores in October.The author is a 1997 graduate of Notre Dame and a free lance writer, living inChicago.The book encompasses two major themes, the passion that many Americans have for Notre Dame football, whether they attended the school or not, and a history of the recent struggles of the team, including the controversial firing of Coach Tyrone Willingham in November 2004.

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