2 Professors receive Foik Award form Texas Catholic Historical Society

Author: Meg Daday

Timothy Matovina and Gerald E. Poyo, faculty at the University of Notre Dame, have received the Paul J. Foik, C.S.C., Award from the Texas Catholic Historical Society for the best book in 2000 dealing with Catholic history in the Southwest.p. “¡Presente!U.S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present,” which was coauthored by Matovina, associate professor of theology, and Poyo, visiting associate professor of history, is the first compilation of primary documents to address the topic of U.S. Hispanic Catholicism. It is part of a multivolume series titled “American Catholic Identities: A Documentary History,” and chronicles U.S. Latino Catholicism from 1534 to the present, exploring the similarities and differences among Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans and other groups from South and Central America as they adapt to life in the United States.p.

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