14th annual Student Film Festival to feature campus celebrity

by Shannon Chapla

The University of Notre Dame’s 14th annual Student Film Festival will be presented Jan. 23, 24, 25 and 27 (Thursday-Saturday and Monday) at 7:30 and 9:45 p.m. in the Hesburgh Library’s Carey Auditorium.p. Admission is $4 and tickets are available at the LaFortune Student Center or by calling (574) 631-8128.p. Enhanced this year by the amateur acting skills of a popular Notre Dame personality?a surprise for the audience?the festival will exhibit the film and video work of students training for careers in film and television. Each film was completed as a component of the video and production courses offered by Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television and Theatre.p. Among this year’s films are the following:? “Billboard Liberation,” by Tim Ryan, a graduate student from Deephaven, Minn., and Adam Weltler, a senior from Algonquin, Ill., is a manifesto calling for the transformation of the commercial billboard.p. ? “Tangled up in Blue,” by Paul Ybarra, a graduate student from Pico Rivera, Calif., and Brian Galla, a 2002 graduate from Erie, Pa., is the story of a young, unemployed college graduate who’s wishing for?yet lacking?motivation.p. ? “How to Love Yourself,” by Taylor Romigh, a senior from Beloit, Ohio, and Dan Ackerman, a senior from Washington, Pa., is a self-help tape that self-destructs.p. ? “Two Boys,” by Chris Bannister, a senior from Moraga, Calif., and Liam Dacey, a junior from Centerville, Mass., is a seductive, musical fable which explores how television influences the sexual education of a teenaged boy and dramatically alters his personality.p. ? “Buckthorn Berry Pie,” by Scott Little, a senior from Stillwater, Minn., and Tom Griffin, a senior from Flourtown, Pa., explores the frustrations of an elderly man who has difficulties after the death of his wife, until she magically reappears.p. ? “Adam’s Puzzle,” by Todd Boruff, a junior from South Bend, and Andy Gomez, a senior from Hyattsville, Md., is a black-and-white film about a boy whose toy becomes a playground centerpiece.p.

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