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9 questions about the Hong Kong protests you were too embarrassed to ask Vox 2019-08-22
How bad would a recession be for Trump in 2020? 8 experts weigh in. Darren Davis
Vox 2019-08-21
It shouldn't be partisan or divisive to want a moral role model in the White House Robert Schmuhl
USA Today 2019-08-20
Notre Dame program seeks to help nation’s Catholic schools Crux 2019-08-19
A Growing Number of Americans Are Alarmed about Global Warming Joe Holt
Scientific American 2019-08-18
Is your takeout lunch bowl covered in toxic 'forever chemicals'? The Guardian 2019-08-16
America's Top STEM Schools For Women Forbes 2019-08-15
25 Top Private Colleges 2019: Harvard, Stanford, Yale Dominate Forbes 2019-08-15
25 Top Colleges In The Midwest 2019: Chicago, Notre Dame, Michigan Lead Forbes 2019-08-15
China is threatening to use force in Hong Kong — and hoping threats will suffice The Washington Post 2019-08-14
To land top jobs, women need different types of networks than men Nitesh Chawla
Quartz 2019-08-12
Group finds more prehistoric artifacts at Illinois dig site Associated Press 2019-08-12
Cross on County Seal Upheld Under SCOTUS Precedent Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2019-08-12
Venezuela: New US sanctions pressure Maduro but ‘risk exacerbating humanitarian crisis and torpedoing negotiations’ Mary Ellen O'Connell
The Independent 2019-08-11
In Hong Kong, what happens now that Beijing has called the protests a ‘color revolution’? The Washington Post 2019-08-10
In new statutes, Pope opens Vatican bank to external auditing Crux 2019-08-10
Robert Schmuhl: 'Biden must prove he can KO bruiser of a president' Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2019-08-10
Cancer-Linked Forever Chemicals Found in More Consumer Products Raises Unanswered Questions NBC News 2019-08-09
College students expect lots of healthy options when eating on campus Chicago Sun-Times 2019-08-08
AP Explains: How a 'Currency War' Could Weaken US Economy Jeffrey Bergstrand
Associated Press 2019-08-06
Obama denounces leaders feeding 'climate of fear' Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2019-08-06
Hong Kong’s peace prospects recede amid teargas and smoke The Guardian 2019-08-06
America’s mass shootings are a political choice Ernesto Verdeja
Quartz 2019-08-06
Cancer-linked chemicals served in your lunch bowl? Fox News 2019-08-06
Save ‘Tuca and Bertie’: Is Netflix Giving Shows Created by Women Fewer Seasons to Succeed? Jason Ruiz
The Daily Beast 2019-08-03
Why having only one woman in the workplace is an issue for everyone Joe Holt
The Hill 2019-08-02
Conservatives Are Hiding Their ‘Loathing’ Behind Our Flag The New York Times 2019-08-02
The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings Darren Davis
The New York Times 2019-08-02
Everyone’s Social Security Number Has Been Compromised. Here’s How To Protect Yourself. Mike Chapple
Forbes 2019-08-01
Your Social Security number has already been hacked. Why do we still have them? Mike Chapple
Fast Company 2019-08-01
Correction: Immigration-Separating Families story Lisa Koop
Associated Press 2019-08-01
Catholic Charities helps immigrant children with increased fear, stress Rev. Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C.
Catholic News Service 2019-08-01
IRS Could Face More Court Battles After Nonprofit Donor Ruling Lloyd Mayer
Bloomberg 2019-07-31
Puerto Ricans should reshape their democracy with American support The Hill 2019-07-30
Taking Social Security numbers public could fix our data breach crisis Mike Chapple
CNN 2019-07-30
Archaeologists uncovering ancient settlement in Will County with help of local volunteers Mark Schurr
Chicago Tribune 2019-07-29
Why Are Area 51 Conspiracy Theories So Popular? Here's What Psychologists Say Time 2019-07-29
The hidden costs of China’s rare-earth trade Eugene Gholz
Los Angeles Times 2019-07-29
This Professor Ends Class With a ‘Hotwash,’ a Technique Used by First Responders Susan Blum
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-07-25
Facebook-FTC deal means a $5B fine for social network, but not much on face for users Mike Chapple
USA Today 2019-07-25
Trump’s refugee policies are damaging American cities William Evans
The Washington Post 2019-07-25
Transitions: U. of South Carolina Names New President, Lansing Community College Chief to Retire Rev. Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C.
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-07-24
Puerto Ricans have had enough: #RickyRenuncia is about a lot more than Roselló Marisel Moreno
The Hill 2019-07-24
‘A New Legal Argument for Impeachment’ Jimmy Gurulé
Politico 2019-07-24
The rare earths industry can weather any Chinese trade battle Eugene Gholz
CNN 2019-07-23
Americans don’t trust the media. Here’s how we can fix that. Richard G.  Jones
America 2019-07-22
The best algorithms struggle to recognize black faces equally Wired 2019-07-22
Hong Kong Police Shut Down Seventh Weekend of Protests With Tear Gas The Wall Street Journal 2019-07-21
Conservative Nationalism Is Trumpism for Intellectuals The New Yorker 2019-07-21
Hong Kong police fire rubber bullets as protests turn violent The Guardian 2019-07-21
Ex-Marine, Professor, MLB Draft Pick Among High Court Clerks Associated Press 2019-07-20
Grades Can Hinder Learning. What Should Professors Use Instead? Susan Blum
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-07-19
Bali holiday horror as Australian tourist is attacked by a MONKEY, leaving her with an $8,000 medical bill - and possible rabies Agustin Fuentes
Daily Mail 2019-07-18
For Stevens, Chevron Decision Defined How Supreme Court Changed Bloomberg 2019-07-18
IRS Under Pressure Year After Easing Nonprofit Disclosure Rule Lloyd Mayer
Bloomberg 2019-07-18
US House of Representatives votes to condemn Donald Trump's 'racist comments' Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2019-07-17
Oil-patch evangelicals: How Christianity and crude fueled the rise of the American right Darren Dochuk
The Washington Post 2019-07-15
Study suggests new virus found may have coevolved with human lineage Yahoo 2019-07-13
UN Security Council Visits Colombia as Peace Worries Mount Associated Press 2019-07-12
Cruelty Won’t Stop the Crisis at the Border The New York Times 2019-07-11
Why those ICE raids are being announced in advance Erin Corcoran
Fox News 2019-07-11
Transitions: New Chief at Delgado Community College, Bismarck State College President to Retire The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-07-10
Senate Confirms South Bend's Leichty to Federal Judgeship Associated Press 2019-07-10
Mike Pompeo’s Faith-Based Attempt to Narrowly Redefine Human Rights Paolo Carozza
The New Yorker 2019-07-10
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Hezbollah Officials Accused of Supporting Iran George A. Lopez
The New York Times 2019-07-09
Pompeo unveils human rights commission, critics suggest it may roll back protections Paolo Carozza
CNN 2019-07-09
State Department to name panel focused on human rights and natural law Daniel Philpott
The Washington Post 2019-07-08
As Cameras Track Detroit’s Residents, a Debate Ensues Over Racial Bias Kevin Bowyer
The New York Times 2019-07-08
Mike Pompeo unveils new "Unalienable Rights" commission amid concerns over progressive rollbacks Paolo Carozza
CBS News 2019-07-08
AP-NORC Poll: Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy Associated Press 2019-07-08
Understanding The Border Patrol David Cortez
NPR 2019-07-07
Oil and Religion Darren Dochuk
RTE Radio 1 2019-07-06
Weather radar captures billions of mayflies hatching on Lake Erie USA Today 2019-07-05
My illegal abortion: One Chicago woman recounts ending her pregnancy pre-Roe v. Wade as more states pass near-bans on the procedure Rick Garnett
Chicago Tribune 2019-07-05
Love and family is Christian vision for a happy life, says archbishop Crux 2019-07-04
Robert Schmuhl: 'Trump out to hog the Independence Day limelight while creating his own fireworks' Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2019-07-04
The Peacemaker at the Center of Hong Kong’s Turbulent Protests The New York Times 2019-07-04
This company is America's best chance to loosen China's grip on rare earths CNN 2019-07-03
What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse The Atlantic 2019-07-02
Commentary: Tomorrow’s children cannot afford Trump’s ignorance on climate change Joe Holt
Chicago Tribune 2019-07-02
Angry Core of Hong Kong Protesters Storms Legislature, Dividing the Movement The New York Times 2019-07-01
Carrie Lam Is Trying to Shape the Narrative, Says Professor Hui Bloomberg 2019-07-01
Easter Rising's most intriguing figure sentenced to death 103 years ago today Robert Schmuhl
Irish Central 2019-06-29
Families speak out against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over sex abuse allegations David Campbell
ABC News 2019-06-29
Supreme Court says disputed congressional maps can't be ruled unconstitutional for political reasons Rick Garnett
Fox News 2019-06-27
The reactions to this morning’s Supreme Court rulings on partisan gerrymandering and a citizenship question on the US Census continue to pour in. Rick Garnett
The Guardian 2019-06-27
Chinese Consumers Are Stepping up Boycotts of American Brands Like Starbucks, GM and Apple Lionel Jensen
Fortune 2019-06-27
America’s Free-Rider Problem in the Strait of Hormuz The Atlantic 2019-06-26
Baylor LGBTQ group supporters say official status could help all students grow in their faith Newsweek 2019-06-26
Why Spending Time With Friends Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health Nitesh Chawla
Time 2019-06-25
A defense of conservatism that veers toward liberalism The Washington Post 2019-06-21
Iran is trying to jack up oil prices. Will it work? Politico 2019-06-21
Colleges That Examine the Big Questions Meghan Sullivan
The New York Times 2019-06-21
The Price of Equality Slate 2019-06-21
Trump’s Iran strategy is a Twitter thread. It’s hard to know where to start The Washington Post 2019-06-21
Streaming Live on Twitch: Your Professor The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-06-20
Explainer: U.S. dependence on China's rare earth: Trade war vulnerability Reuters 2019-06-19
Torn apart by the Syrian war, these siblings struggle to stay connected across 6 different countries PRI 2019-06-19
Archbishop joins pope in calling for talks to resolve U.S.-Iran tensions George A. Lopez
Catholic News Service 2019-06-19
Commentary: Imagine the Obama Presidential Center on Chicago’s Midway Plaisance Philip Bess
Chicago Tribune 2019-06-18
Facebook launches Libra, its own cryptocurrency Mike Chapple
The Washington Post 2019-06-18
Why Iran’s ‘oil weapon’ isn’t that scary The Washington Post 2019-06-18
A New Community Rises in Costa Rica, but Don’t Bring Your Car The New York Times 2019-06-18
Where Christianity Meets Big Oil Darren Dochuk
Slate 2019-06-17
Hong Kong's Winding History NPR 2019-06-16
For Their Inventions to Reach the Market, Researchers May Need a Venture-Development Assist The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-06-16
Trump's broken republic Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2019-06-15
Pope Francis In Dialogue With Big Oil And Investors Forbes 2019-06-15
Following Father Theodore Hesburgh through the Civil Rights era PBS NewsHour 2019-06-15
The rise of female Sharia judges in India Ebrahim Moosa
Al Jazeera 2019-06-14
Update: Mitigate global warming, spare further injustice to poor, pope says Catholic News Service 2019-06-14
Pope to oil execs: We don’t ‘have the luxury’ to wait to fight climate change Crux 2019-06-14
Pope backs carbon pricing to stem global warming and appeals to deniers Reuters 2019-06-14
Major oil companies commit to carbon pricing at Vatican Associated Press 2019-06-14
Could Japan be Trump's next trade war victim? Jeffrey Bergstrand
NBC News 2019-06-13
Street protesters dig in for Hong Kong's 'last battle' The Guardian 2019-06-12
China using “Made in Vietnam” labels to skirt tariffs Marketplace 2019-06-11
On Campus and Beyond The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-06-11
Hong Kong leader vows to go ahead with contentious China extradition law despite mass protest CNBC 2019-06-10
China hints it will choke off U.S. ‘rare earths’ access. But it’s not that easy. The Washington Post 2019-06-10
Solving a Boomtown Mystery The New York Times 2019-06-10
Must Freedom Destroy Itself? The Wall Street Journal 2019-06-07
Word from the Cloisters: Wherever he lays his hat… The Tablet 2019-06-06
What budget cuts during the Great Recession did to pupils’ test scores William Evans
The Economist 2019-06-06
Taking Social Security numbers public could fix our data breach crisis Mike Chapple
CNN 2019-06-06
Donald Trump at Doonbeg as official Irish visit under way Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2019-06-06
U.S. will adapt if China cuts off rare earths supply: Economic policy expert Bloomberg 2019-06-04
Robert Schmuhl: 'Trump has divided the United States but he will stir up 'forgotten America' to stay in White House' Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2019-06-04
Why Can’t the Irreligious Have Their Own Presidential Candidate? David Campbell
New York Magazine 2019-06-04
Age-Friendly Universities Are Finally Here Forbes 2019-06-04
Colombia's push for land titles brings hope for farmers amid fragile peace Reuters 2019-06-04
Explainer: U.S. dependence on China's rare earth - Trade war vulnerability Reuters 2019-06-03
Rare Earths: China's Competitive Advantage In The U.S. Trade War WBUR 2019-06-03
Ukrainian Catholics set for enthronement of new leader in Philadelphia Crux 2019-06-02
Doctors Said She’d Die Before High School. But She Wanted to Go to College. The Wall Street Journal 2019-06-01
Here’s the dirty truth about China’s rare-earths threat The Washington Post 2019-05-31
Useful or foolhardy? New ‘adversity rating’ for SAT drives rousing debate. The Washington Post 2019-05-31
Archaeologists Discover How Women's Bodies Were Dissected In Victorian England Forbes 2019-05-30
Charging US President Donald Trump with a crime 'not an option', says Mueller Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2019-05-30
The World Tonight BBC News 2019-05-29
Robert Mueller, in first public remarks, says charging Trump was 'not an option we could consider' Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2019-05-29
For the Midwest, Epic Flooding Is the Face of Climate Change Wired 2019-05-24
India's Modi Facing Urgent Economic Challenges After Win Nikhil  Menon
Associated Press 2019-05-24
Update: Students plan to raise nuclear weapon dangers in fall return to campuses Catholic News Service 2019-05-23
India's Modi Paints Image of Hindu Ascetic Called to Power Nikhil  Menon
Associated Press 2019-05-23
'Hidden gem' no more, Indiana Dunes is ready for the spotlight as the country’s newest national park Chicago Tribune 2019-05-23
‘Which Way to Pointe du Hoc?’ The Wall Street Journal 2019-05-23
Explainer: China's rare earth supplies could be vital bargaining chip in U.S. trade war Reuters 2019-05-22
Modi's party promises to boost India's economy; Congress calls exit polls fake Nikhil  Menon
Reuters 2019-05-22
Pro-life community debate prudence of new anti-abortion laws Rick Garnett
Crux 2019-05-21
Wounds & Caresses John Cavadini
Commonweal 2019-05-20
Is the U.S. prepping for a war in the Middle East with Iran? George A. Lopez
America 2019-05-20
OPINION: Fifteen years of same-sex marriage tell a tale of both love and loss Reuters 2019-05-20
Victor Hugo Portrayed Notre Dame as the Ultimate Enabling Space Common Edge 2019-05-19
How Trump Voters Are Giving the Right Qualms About Capitalism New York Magazine 2019-05-17
Colombia’s Peace Deal Promised a New Era. This Is What It Looks Like. The New York Times 2019-05-17
Trump plan would shift immigration focus to ‘merit’ Lisa Koop
Associated Press 2019-05-17
Supreme Court Could Change Abortion Rights Without the Alabama Law Rick Garnett
The New York Times 2019-05-15
Chinese rover finds strange rocks that may come from deep inside the moon Clive Neal
National Geographic 2019-05-15
Trump to Launch New Immigration Overhaul Push Lisa Koop
Associated Press 2019-05-15
Alabama Aims Squarely at Roe, but the Supreme Court May Prefer Glancing Blows Rick Garnett
The New York Times 2019-05-15
Televangelist Pat Robertson: Alabama’s abortion ban is ‘extreme’ and has ‘gone too far’ Rick Garnett
The Washington Post 2019-05-15
Strict anti-abortion laws like Alabama's are aimed at Supreme Court, which may prove to be an obstacle Rick Garnett
USA Today 2019-05-15
Trump Immigration Plan Emphasizes Immigrants’ Skills Over Family Ties Lisa Koop
The New York Times 2019-05-15
Supreme Court is not eager to overturn Roe vs. Wade — at least not soon Rick Garnett
Los Angeles Times 2019-05-15
U.S. Births Fall to Lowest Rates Since 1980s Kasey Buckles
The Wall Street Journal 2019-05-15
The moon is shrinking, and a new study shows it's racked by moonquakes Clive Neal
NBC News 2019-05-14
The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world BBC News 2019-05-14
‘Religious Freedom in Islam’ Review: Politics and Pluralism Daniel Philpott
The Wall Street Journal 2019-05-13
Trump seeks to limit judges' powers on injunctions after legal blows The Hill 2019-05-11
Trump's trade agenda on the verge of imploding Tamara Kay
Politico 2019-05-10
Did Donald Trump Lose More Than $1 Billion On Purpose? Fortune 2019-05-09
‘The moment we’re in’: United as baseball champions, Boston Red Sox are divided by Trump Dianne Pinderhughes
The Washington Post 2019-05-09
Commentary: 'Daddy, am I on the list of children to be shot?' Chicago Tribune 2019-05-09
How first burkini in SI swimsuit edition is shaping gender debate The Christian Science Monitor 2019-05-08
Parisian church of Notre Dame will have 21st-century architecture CNN 2019-05-07
From Data to Wisdom Commonweal 2019-05-03
Lutheran pastor says Easter sermon about ‘violent Muslim purge’ was misunderstood Ebrahim Moosa
Religion News Service 2019-05-03
There’s a new chapter in Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy and autonomy The Washington Post 2019-05-02
Why it's the "nonfarm" payrolls report Marketplace 2019-05-01
Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage William Evans
The Washington Post 2019-04-30
Here's how companies can clear the way for more women to climb the corporate ladder Joe Holt
CNN 2019-04-30
Big Tech can't be trusted. It's time for regulation Mike Chapple
CNN 2019-04-30
Theologian: Biotechnology cannot transcend God’s ultimate purpose Crux 2019-04-29
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi’s ‘Call Me Zebra’ wins PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction The Washington Post 2019-04-29
Van Der Vliet Oloomi's 'Call Me Zebra' Wins PEN/Faulkner Associated Press 2019-04-29
U.S. Sanctions Won't Bury Iran. Negotiations Are More Effective, Experts Say George A. Lopez
Forbes 2019-04-28
Hesburgh made Notre Dame a lighthouse at the crossroads of faith and culture National Catholic Reporter 2019-04-27
"Hesburgh" documentary portrays a giant in US church and culture National Catholic Reporter 2019-04-26
Trump Has Changed White Evangelicals’ Views On Morality In One Major Way David Campbell
Geoffrey Layman
The Huffington Post 2019-04-26
The future for Irish America is more Irish Studies programs across the US Irish Central 2019-04-26
Regime change in Iran and Venezuela: Is that the whole story? George A. Lopez
The Christian Science Monitor 2019-04-26
Notre Dame Getting $42.4M to Accelerate Regional Innovation Associated Press 2019-04-26
Good-natured and favoured by Democrats, it remains to be seen if political stalwart can buck several trends Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2019-04-25
How Trump has changed white evangelicals’ views about morality David Campbell
Geoffrey Layman
The Washington Post 2019-04-25
I baffle my students – and the feeling is mutual Times Higher Education 2019-04-25
Can Humans Help Trees Outrun Climate Change? The New York Times 2019-04-25
Two years and 448 pages later, some Mueller fans ask: was he tough enough? Jimmy Gurulé
Reuters 2019-04-24
Vatican's second conference on nonviolence renews hope for encyclical National Catholic Reporter 2019-04-23
At Least Four Americans Killed In Sri Lanka Easter Bombings Ebrahim Moosa
Nightline 2019-04-22
The Critic as Photobomber Commonweal 2019-04-22
An Easter amid the ashes: Their churches charred, Christians in Louisiana and at Notre Dame Cathedral celebrate resurrection John Cavadini
CNN 2019-04-21
Why isn’t Easter celebrated on the same date every year? The Washington Post 2019-04-20
The Surprises in the Mueller Report Jimmy Gurulé
Politico 2019-04-19
Why Companies Are Failing at Reskilling The Wall Street Journal 2019-04-19
What are your favorite pilgrimage sites? America 2019-04-19
Worth the Risk? It's Not Easy to Put a Value on a Cathedral Bruce Huber
Associated Press 2019-04-19
Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years David Campbell
Associated Press 2019-04-18
Notre Dame to Notre Dame: University to donate to cathedral restoration Catholic News Service 2019-04-17
Does everyone really love Mayor Pete? His home town has some answers Jimmy Gurulé
The Guardian 2019-04-17
Restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral could take years and cost upward of $1 billion, experts say Krupali Uplekar Krusche
CNBC 2019-04-17
Four years ago, an art historian used lasers to digitally map Notre Dame Cathedral. His work could help save it Krupali Uplekar Krusche
CNN 2019-04-17
In-Person Bachelor's and Online Master's -- at the Same Time Inside Higher Ed 2019-04-17
U of Notre Dame Pledges Help to Notre Dame in Paris Inside Higher Ed 2019-04-17
Frontiers of Faith: See stunning views of Jerusalem’s sacred sites Today Show 2019-04-17
1st woman to join Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot lineup Associated Press 2019-04-17
The American people must see the Mueller report with few redactions Jimmy Gurulé
The Hill 2019-04-17
Notre Dame Cathedral fire: University of Notre Dame pledges $100,000 to restoration Newsweek 2019-04-16
Live updates: French President Macron says he wants Notre Dame Cathedral rebuilt in 5 years Krupali Uplekar Krusche
ABC News 2019-04-16
Notre Dame fire: Why the cathedral in Paris is an architectural icon Krupali Uplekar Krusche
USA Today 2019-04-16
French President Vows to Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral Krupali Uplekar Krusche
CNN 2019-04-16
Notre Dame donating $100K to renovation of Paris cathedral Associated Press 2019-04-16
A musical history of Notre Dame Cathedral BBC News 2019-04-16
Notre Dame, the University, Knows What It’s Like to Be Devastated by Fire Krupali Uplekar Krusche
The New York Times 2019-04-16
Hope from the ashes: President, archbishop vow to rebuild Notre Dame Catholic News Service 2019-04-16
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan to Lecture at Notre Dame Associated Press 2019-04-16
Chris looks at how big business is preparing for climate change John Stamper
MSNBC 2019-04-16
Margot Fassler a specialist in medieval music on importance of Notre Dame BBC News 2019-04-15
Notre Dame: The national and architectural significance of the historic cathedral Krupali Uplekar Krusche
ABC News 2019-04-15
Paul Ryan joins University of Notre Dame faculty The Hill 2019-04-15
What’s New About Conspiracy Theories? The New Yorker 2019-04-15
Cathedral fire under control after spire and roof destroyed – as it happened The Guardian 2019-04-15
Notre Dame fire: Catholics 'heartbroken' as blaze ravages iconic cathedral during Holy Week Krupali Uplekar Krusche
USA Today 2019-04-15
The fire at Notre Dame, a Catholic icon, was made even more heartbreaking by the timing Krupali Uplekar Krusche
The Washington Post 2019-04-15
Tribune’s architecture critic on the gut-wrenching sight of flames engulfing Notre Dame Cathedral John Stamper
Chicago Tribune 2019-04-15
Henry David Thoreau’s Legacy of Resistance and Hope WBUR 2019-04-14
The role that corridors play in books Kate Marshall
BBC News 2019-04-12
When will Joe Biden be sorry? Joe Holt
The Hill 2019-04-11
Transitions: New President at Georgia Gwinnett College, Chief of Vanderbilt U. to Step Down The Chronicle of Higher Education 2019-04-11
The Energy 202: John Kerry: Ocasio-Cortez 'offered more leadership in one day' on climate change than Trump ever has Tracy Kijewski-Correa
The Washington Post 2019-04-10
Big-Data Infusion for U.S. Inflation Gauge Starts With Apparel Bloomberg 2019-04-09
The Problem with Lazarus Meghan Sullivan
Commonweal 2019-04-09
Severe peanut allergies: Scientists make breakthrough in understanding allergic reaction Basar Bilgicer
Newsweek 2019-04-08
Peanut Allergies are on the Rise. This Chemical Compound Could Prevent Life-Threatening Reactions. Basar Bilgicer
PBS 2019-04-08
Immune-Targeted Treatment Might Help Prevent Peanut Allergy Crises Basar Bilgicer
U.S. News & World Report 2019-04-08
Commentary: Notre Dame's Muffet McGraw is right: We have a long way to go to gender equality. Joe Holt
Chicago Tribune 2019-04-05
Food at an elementary school was going to waste. Now, it goes home with needy children. The Washington Post 2019-04-03
Deutsche Bank’s U.S. Unit Kept Danske’s Shady Billions Flowing Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2019-04-03
Ladies, Here's How You Can Network To Attain Leadership Positions Nitesh Chawla
Entrepreneur 2019-04-02
When Grading Less Is More Susan Blum
Inside Higher Ed 2019-04-02
Parents Could Face Tax Charges, Big Fines in Admissions Scam Lloyd Mayer
Associated Press 2019-04-02
As Tax Day Approaches, Filers Find Themselves Big Winners—or Losers Fortune 2019-04-02
Former Xavier-Louisiana president honored by Notre Dame Associated Press 2019-04-01
Civil rights pioneer, black Catholic educator wins Church’s highest honor Crux 2019-03-31
Education leader Norman Francis to receive Notre Dame's Laetare Medal Catholic News Service 2019-03-31
Pope Reaches Out to Muslims, Champions Migrants in Morocco Daniel Philpott
The Wall Street Journal 2019-03-30
Ahead of Morocco trip, scholar looks at religious freedom in Islam Daniel Philpott
Crux 2019-03-29
A pathway to religious freedom Daniel Philpott
The Tablet 2019-03-28
Wearables And Smartwatches Offer Great Health Benefits Although Security Hurdles Arise Forbes 2019-03-28
Cardinal from Myanmar: Poverty is a manmade disaster National Catholic Reporter 2019-03-28
The Iraq War and WMDs: An intelligence failure or White House spin? David Cortright
George A. Lopez
The Washington Post 2019-03-28
What caused the clergy sex abuse crisis? Catholic universities are pushing for debate on the answer. Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
The Washington Post 2019-03-27
Francis reveals he concelebrated Mass with Cardinal Muller and Gustavo Gutierrez National Catholic Reporter 2019-03-27
Romero expert says if anybody needs walls, it’s El Salvador Crux 2019-03-27
Notre Dame professor weighs in on the KKK's history in Michiana after more propaganda is found Korey Garibaldi
ABC57 2019-03-26
CEOs Get Big Pay Raises For Being In The Right Place At The Right Time Timothy  Hubbard
Forbes 2019-03-25
Mueller report did not find Trump campaign conspired with Russia Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2019-03-25
Legal Experts Interpret the Mueller Report Summary Jimmy Gurulé
New York Magazine 2019-03-24
Secularism isn’t the answer to Islamic extremism, but arguably its cause Daniel Philpott
Crux 2019-03-24
Does AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller report “exonerate” Trump? I asked 15 legal experts. Jimmy Gurulé
Vox 2019-03-24
Mueller’s report found no Russia collusion, but vindication remains elusive for Trump Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2019-03-24
Has the President Been Exonerated? Jimmy Gurulé
Politico 2019-03-24
American pope? Rare, leaked report from Pope Francis’s election reveals who got votes Kathleen Cummings
The Washington Post 2019-03-22
Trump team vows to hit back against Russia and China’s 'Polar Silk Road' with Arctic Defense Strategy Fox News 2019-03-20
A short history of data Nikhil  Menon
The Hindu 2019-03-20
Theologian supports declaring St. Romero 'doctor of the church' Catholic News Service 2019-03-20
Is There a Case for Actively Managed Funds? Martijn Cremers
MarketWatch 2019-03-19
Republicans link Beto O'Rourke's Irishness to his drunk driving arrest Irish Central 2019-03-18
Censorship or social responsibility? Amazon removes some books peddling vaccine misinformation. Joe Holt
The Washington Post 2019-03-18
RNC links ‘noted Irishman’ Beto O’Rourke’s heritage to 1998 DWI arrest Robert Schmuhl
The Washington Post 2019-03-17
Is Now the Time for Active Investing to Make a Comeback? Martijn Cremers
The Wall Street Journal 2019-03-17
College Scandal Involved Shadowy Charity With ‘Yellow Flags’ Lloyd Mayer
Bloomberg 2019-03-15
St Patrick's Day: The patron saint who 'liked a drink' BBC News 2019-03-15
Shamrocks Are Everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s How the Three-Leaf Clover Became a Symbol of All Things Irish Time 2019-03-15
Update: Old guard looks to new generation of voices on nuclear disarmament Catholic News Service 2019-03-14
Parents in College Admissions Scandal May See Steep Tax Fines (2) Lloyd Mayer
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Supreme Court to decide fate of cross-shaped WWI memorial in Maryland Rick Garnett
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Blackface Scandal Doesn't Surprise People of Color Korey Garibaldi
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Ticking doomsday clock warns yet again of this dangerous new world George A. Lopez
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Networking like a man isn’t enough. Successful women rely on other women to reach leadership roles, study finds. Nitesh Chawla
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Nissan says chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested for financial misconduct Timothy  Hubbard
The Washington Post 2018-11-19
Cyclists Don't Respect Rules, Said Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Arrested On Suspicion Of Fraud Timothy  Hubbard
Forbes 2018-11-19
Nissan to sack chairman Carlos Ghosn over 'serious misconduct' Timothy  Hubbard
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Subway Alums on Board for Notre Dame Return to New York City Associated Press 2018-11-16
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Daniel Philpott
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Hazing incident reported at another Maryland high school, officials say Clark Power
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The biggest spike in election searches Tuesday was for “dónde votar” Ricardo Ramirez
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Record numbers of women are up for election. Here’s how they might lead. Christina Wolbrecht
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Archbishop Óscar Romero and Pope Paul VI Are Made Saints The New York Times 2018-10-14
Campus Notebook: Albertus Magnus College gets $2 million; University of Notre Dame announces award National Catholic Reporter 2018-10-12
Perfectly preserved ancient shrine 'frozen in time' in volcanic ash for 2,000 years is found in the ruined city of Pompeii Daily Mail 2018-10-12
Synod struggles to hear the voice of people with disabilities Crux 2018-10-12
Elaborate Ancient Shrine is Excavated From the Ashes of Pompeii The New York Times 2018-10-11
On college campuses, a question of what constitutes anti-Semitism The Christian Science Monitor 2018-10-11
Chicago's policing problem is systemic. Truth and reconciliation are needed. USA Today 2018-10-11
Salvadoran priest Oscar Romero to be declared saint by Pope Francis The Guardian 2018-10-11
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Maybe Girls Will Save Us The New York Times 2018-10-10
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Journalist's expulsion may threaten Hong Kong's unique financial status CNBC 2018-10-09
Network of pregnancy resource centers to receive Evangelium Vitae Medal Catholic News Service 2018-10-09
Google Plus to Close After Bug Leaks Personal Information Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2018-10-08
Chinese convert says deal with Vatican needed at pastoral level Crux 2018-10-08
Notre Dame honors women’s center as exemplar of ‘culture of life’ Crux 2018-10-07
Barron defends US request for Vatican-backed McCarrick probe Crux 2018-10-06
Campus Notebook: Notre Dame sets abuse task forces; Kavanaugh controversies National Catholic Reporter 2018-10-05
New fathers who DO freak out make better parents: Men whose stress hormones surge when they first hold their newborns become more caring dads Daily Mail 2018-10-05
Bishops say young people need to be heard, not arrogantly lectured Catholic News Service 2018-10-05
Anti-abortion rights Dem candidates dwindle as party shifts left Geoffrey Layman
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On Paul VI and whether the synod could pull an ‘October surprise’ Crux 2018-10-05
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Mark McKenna
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GE replaces CEO and investors cheer, despite a profit warning and huge charge Timothy  Hubbard
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Fox News 2018-10-01
GE replaces CEO John Flannery; shares rise 15 percent Timothy  Hubbard
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