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Headline Expert Publication Publication Date
Joe Biden is taking office amid a poverty crisis Jim Sullivan
Vox 2020-12-03
The Best Period Underwear Graham Peaslee
The New York Times 2020-12-03
Why “the 26 words that created the internet” are under fire Tim Weninger
The Christian Science Monitor 2020-12-03
Unemployed in the USA: 'I don’t know what to do' Jim Sullivan
BBC News 2020-12-03
Ep. 32: Student Wellbeing During the Fall Term Inside Higher Ed 2020-12-02
Chang’e-5: why has China sent a probe to the moon? Clive Neal
The Guardian 2020-12-02
China Moon mission and a scholar on death row Clive Neal
Nature 2020-12-02
China just landed its Chang'e-5 spacecraft on the moon. The mission could bring moon rocks to Earth for the first time in 40-plus years. Clive Neal
Business Insider 2020-12-01
Opening the Word: Awaiting redemption Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-11-30
Transition Playbook Politico 2020-11-30
Decades of Gains Over U.S. Poverty At Risk of Being Wiped Out Jim Sullivan
Bloomberg 2020-11-28
The partition of Ireland: chaos, secrecy and confusion RTE Radio 1 2020-11-27
U.S. bishops ‘working group’ on Biden divides Catholic opinion John McGreevy
Crux 2020-11-27
The Resurrection of the Office Phone Call Susan Blum
The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-27
Covid Order Shows Barrett Fortifies Court on Religious Rights Stephanie Barclay
Bloomberg 2020-11-27
Study leads to benchmarks for sexual misconduct policies at seminaries John Cavadini
Catholic News Service 2020-11-25
Catholic schools will emerge from pandemic stronger, officials say Crux 2020-11-25
Watching What We Flush Could Help Keep a Pandemic Under Control The New York Times 2020-11-24
The Finance 202: Yellen will face host of political problems as Biden's treasury secretary Jeffrey Bergstrand
The Washington Post 2020-11-24
Experts: Seminaries need clear sexual harassment guidelines to prevent clerical abuse John Cavadini
America 2020-11-24
As Treasury chief, Yellen may be a calming influence in a Washington split over stimulus and everything else Jeffrey Bergstrand
USA Today 2020-11-24
White House Weighs New Action Against Beijing Eugene Gholz
The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-23
Joe Biden's presidential transition allowed to proceed after 16-day standoff ABC News 2020-11-23
Meet the company that’s tracking your location to study Covid-19 Kirsten  Martin 
Quartz 2020-11-23
China just launched a mission to the moon to collect rock samples — the first time a country will have done so in more than 40 years Clive Neal
Business Insider 2020-11-23
'Whatever it takes': how Black women fought to mobilize America's voters Dianne Pinderhughes
The Guardian 2020-11-22
When the $600 weekly bonus unemployment payments stopped, poverty rates in the US increased, new research shows Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-11-20
The 10 countries most likely to survive the imminent threats of climate change The Hill 2020-11-20
Knowing Christ through Matthew — Part 11: Peter and the Church Our Sunday Visitor 2020-11-20
Holiday Gift Books 2020: Art The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-19
Opinion: Indexers blast these 3 corporate decisions but they actually can boost a company’s — and shareholders’ — results Martijn Cremers
MarketWatch 2020-11-19
Venezuela Opposition Fights Creditors for Control of Billions in Global Assets The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-19
Poverty rate spiked when $600 stimulus payments expired, study finds Jim Sullivan
NBC News 2020-11-19
Wildlife diseases poised to spread northwards as climate changes: study Reuters 2020-11-19
Legal Drugs Are Fashionable—and Treacherous for Children Kasey Buckles
William Evans
The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-18
Would Student Debt Cancellation Be Good for America? Here's What Economists Say Newsweek 2020-11-18
Peru’s Imploding Presidencies Reflect a Bigger Latin American Problem Bloomberg 2020-11-17
North America’s most valuable resource is at risk Jennifer Tank
National Geographic 2020-11-17
Has The Revival Of Consulting Practices At The Big 4 Impacted Their Audit Quality? Forbes 2020-11-16
Biden’s focus on harmony is what the US needs Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-11-14
Sainted Too Soon? Vatican Report Cast John Paul II in Harsh New Light Kathleen Cummings
The New York Times 2020-11-14
Obama White House Veterans Urge Biden To Embrace Executive Action NPR 2020-11-14
New ‘benchmarks’ released to help seminaries deal with sexual misconduct John Cavadini
Crux 2020-11-13
Can Hong Kong's democracy movement survive the walkout? BBC News 2020-11-12
Trump’s silent public outing belies White House in tumult Associated Press 2020-11-12
Biden moves forward without help from Trump’s intel team Associated Press 2020-11-12
Trump’s Defeat Didn’t Stop His ‘Ban’ on Modern Architecture Bloomberg 2020-11-12
'Downright dangerous': Democrat alarm as Trump stacks Pentagon with loyalists Eugene Gholz
The Guardian 2020-11-11
China Set to Retrieve First Moon Rocks in 40 Years Clive Neal
Nature 2020-11-11
Still saintly? Vatican’s new report on McCarrick may complicate the legacy of Pope John Paul II. Kathleen Cummings
The Washington Post 2020-11-11
Why Trump decision to block Biden transition matters The Christian Science Monitor 2020-11-10
Theodore McCarrick’s Human Sacrifices Kathleen Cummings
The New York Times 2020-11-10
Report’s X-ray look into U.S. abuse scandal digs up pain, hope in transparency Kathleen Cummings
Catholic News Service 2020-11-10
Supreme Court seems ready to let Affordable Care Act stand Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-11-10
Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the future of Obamacare Rick Garnett
CNN 2020-11-10
Nursing Home Patients Saved From Covid-19 Are Dying of Loneliness William Evans
Bloomberg 2020-11-09
Opening the Word: An economy of gift Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-11-09
‘What It Means to Be Human’ Review: Unchosen Obligations Carter Snead
The Wall Street Journal 2020-11-08
Trump’s dark plan of a ‘fraud-filled’ race is now fully coming to light Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-11-07
'Vulnerable to prosecution': When Trump leaves White House, presidential 'cloak of immunity' goes away Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2020-11-07
Joe Biden elected 46th President of the United States, second Catholic to ever hold office Kathleen Cummings
America 2020-11-07
Trump's new campaign: Flurry of election lawsuits in search of strategy, as Biden claims victory Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2020-11-06
Luis Fraga: An attitude like Trump's has never been seen in US political history. (Luis Fraga: Una actitud como la de Trump nunca se había visto en la historia política de EE.UU.) Luis Fraga
CNN 2020-11-06
The gender gap was expected to be historic. Instead, women voted much as they always have. Christina Wolbrecht
The Washington Post 2020-11-06
As a deeply divided nation awaits U.S. election results, what DO we actually agree on? More than you’d think Darren Davis
MarketWatch 2020-11-06
A Weakened Supreme Court Needs a Code of Ethics Veronica Root Martinez
Bloomberg 2020-11-05
Biden predicts a win as Trump goes to court Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-11-05
Louisiana endorses pro-life referendum; Colorado rejects new abortion restrictions Crux 2020-11-05
US Election Special: Part 3 Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-11-04
Religious conservatives hopeful new Supreme Court majority will redefine religious liberty precedents Rick Garnett
The Washington Post 2020-11-03
New Hampshire hamlet votes for Biden in first US result Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-11-03
The issues at stake in the US presidential election (Los temas que están en juego en la elección presidencial de Estados Unidos) CNN en Español 2020-11-02
In the Southwest, Biden struggles to balance climate concerns and an oil economy Darren Dochuk
The Washington Post 2020-11-02
Opening the Word: The oil of desire Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-11-02
Supreme Court set to hear arguments in Catholic foster care case Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-10-31
Trump comes out swinging like an ageing boxer - but pretender Biden stays well ahead on points Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-10-31
Notre Dame professor laments ‘level of rancor’ ahead of U.S. elections Daniel Philpott
Crux 2020-10-31
Commentary: Beyond abortion: The ‘pro-life’ issues for our future Mary Ellen O'Connell
Chicago Tribune 2020-10-30
Community groups drive the Latino vote (Grupos comunitarios impulsan el voto latino) Luis Fraga
Chicago Sun-Times 2020-10-29
Education experts weigh in on Biden’s proposal to triple funding for low-income schools CNBC 2020-10-29
U.S. to Remove Wolves From Protected Species List The New York Times 2020-10-29
Christian leaders work to save nuclear weapons treaty Crux 2020-10-29
Ep 36: Into The Unknown Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-10-29
The Pandemic Is Devastating Women and Could Make It Harder for Them to Vote Christina Wolbrecht
Vice 2020-10-28
Can Donald Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest? Jimmy Gurulé
Reuters 2020-10-27
Opinion: Why L.A.’s archbishop might have been passed over for a cardinal’s hat Kathleen Cummings
Los Angeles Times 2020-10-26
Amy Coney Barrett takes oath as Supreme Court justice, as GOP celebrates 6-3 conservative majority Amy Coney  Barrett
USA Today 2020-10-26
Trump is waging a quiet war against civilians in Iran as the coronavirus pandemic drags on Business Insider 2020-10-24
Biden aims to jettison Trump's 'America First' policy Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-10-24
The Republican Identity Crisis After Trump The New Yorker 2020-10-23
Scientist: Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are active at night, DHF increases CNN 2020-10-23
Amy Coney Barrett is conservative. New data shows us how conservative. Jeffrey Harden
The Washington Post 2020-10-22
Can a Moon Base be Safe for Astronauts? Clive Neal
Scientific American 2020-10-22
Covid-19 Lockdowns Cleaned The Air And Prevented Deaths Forbes 2020-10-22
Why optimism could be unhelpful in a pandemic, according to behavioral psychologists CNBC 2020-10-21
Pope's latest affirmation of same-sex civil unions hailed as progress by LGBT community National Catholic Reporter 2020-10-21
What Pope Francis’s comments about gay families could mean for LGBTQ people worldwide The Washington Post 2020-10-21
Study: Light pollution may increase nighttime biting in mosquitoes Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2020-10-21
Bioethics must recognize ‘we are made for love and friendship,’ scholar argues Carter Snead
Crux 2020-10-21
Economics Lessons From The Pandemic Jim Sullivan
NPR 2020-10-20
New Paper Claims Globalized Trade Pushing Inflation Up, Not Down The Wall Street Journal 2020-10-20
Balance on the Court The Wall Street Journal 2020-10-20
Since May, 8 million Americans have plunged into poverty. Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-10-20
Confirmed: Inmates Eligible For Cares Act $1,200 Stimulus Checks From IRS; Here’s How To File Forbes 2020-10-19
Trump delivered his SCOTUS promise, but his pandemic response cost him support among Christians USA Today 2020-10-19
Millions of Americans are entering poverty amid pandemic as stimulus runs out Yahoo 2020-10-17
President takes the States to a dangerous place Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-10-17
Amy Coney Barrett’s People of Praise faith group has had a complicated relationship to Catholicism Timothy Matovina
The Washington Post 2020-10-16
The Great Coronavirus Divide: Wall Street Profits Surge as Poverty Rises Jim Sullivan
The New Yorker 2020-10-16
Winter Is Coming Inside Higher Ed 2020-10-16
Who's Town Hall Had Better Ratings? Early Data Shows Biden Had Bigger Audience Than Trump Robert Schmuhl
Newsweek 2020-10-16
8 million Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, new study says NBC News 2020-10-16
The Leap Of Faith Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-10-16
Poverty rises amid coronavirus stimulus stalemate despite bright spot early in pandemic: researchers Jim Sullivan
Fox News 2020-10-15
Understanding People of Praise Timothy Matovina
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-10-15
8 Million Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May as Federal Aid Has Dried Up Jim Sullivan
The New York Times 2020-10-15
Italian teenager could become the first millennial saint Kathleen Cummings
PRI 2020-10-13
Voting Catholic: Abortion America 2020-10-12
An Italian Teenager Could Become the First Millennial Saint Kathleen Cummings
The New York Times 2020-10-12
OPINION To heal America’s wounds, we need to recall that we belong to one another Carter Snead
New York Post 2020-10-12
Opening the Word: What belongs to God Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-10-12
Notre Dame prof, friend of Amy Coney Barrett: 'Liberals have nothing to fear' Amy Coney  Barrett
Carter Snead
Fox News 2020-10-10
Enrollment Is Dropping In Public Schools Around the Country NPR 2020-10-09
A Philanthropist’s Plan to Get the Wealthy to Give More Faces Headwinds Lloyd Mayer
The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2020-10-08
Zika Epidemic Was More Widespread Than Thought: Study U.S. News & World Report 2020-10-08
Zoom and gloom Jim Sullivan
The Economist 2020-10-08
Remembering Quino, creator of Latin America's beloved 'Mafalda' comic strip PRI 2020-10-07
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s proposals could cut poverty in half Jim Sullivan
Vox 2020-10-07
Scientists Uncover the Process of Regeneration of Neurons in the Brain and Eye David Hyde
International Business Times 2020-10-06
Single Parents Finding Love: Over Zoom, of Course The New York Times 2020-10-06
Candidates approach environmental protection from widely varying viewpoints Catholic News Service 2020-10-04
N.Y.C.’s School Testing Plan May Miss Large Outbreaks, Study Finds Alex Perkins
The New York Times 2020-10-02
Sloths Slowly Cavort by Day Now Scientific American 2020-10-02
The Peace Pact With Israel, Bahrain And The UAE Is Good Business — The Carbon Cause Included Atalia  Omer
Forbes 2020-10-01
A Goal Worthy of Our Commitment Inside Higher Ed 2020-09-30
Faith should not be a factor in court vetting process, expert says Amy Coney  Barrett
Rick Garnett
Crux 2020-09-30
Where’s the safety net for laid-off workers? Jim Sullivan
Marketplace 2020-09-30
Trump banks on fear and anxiety to motivate voters Darren Davis
CBS News 2020-09-29
Black church turnout effort mobilizes against alleged voter suppression Kraig Beyerlein
Religion News Service 2020-09-29
New Programs: Ethnic and Race Studies, Actuarial Science, Marketing, Music Technology, Global Affairs and Business Inside Higher Ed 2020-09-29
Did Early Christians Use Psychedelics? The Daily Beast 2020-09-29
Amy Coney Barrett Sets an Example for Working Mothers Amy Coney  Barrett
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-28
Opening the Word: Blood in the vineyard Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-09-28
Kelly Shackelford: Why Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's Supreme Court pick, will strengthen religious liberty Amy Coney  Barrett
Fox News 2020-09-27
McGahn says there was no "hesitancy or pause" about nominating Barrett for 2018 vacancy Amy Coney  Barrett
CBS News 2020-09-27
How conservative Catholics became supreme on GOP's court Amy Coney  Barrett
CNN 2020-09-27
Amy Coney Barrett was our professor. She'll serve America as well as she served her students. Amy Coney  Barrett
USA Today 2020-09-27
‘Back where we were’: history repeats for Hong Kong's freedom swimmers The Guardian 2020-09-27
AP Explains: What’s next for Trump’s Supreme Court pick? Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-27
Who runs Hong Kong: party faithful shipped in to carry out Beijing's will The Guardian 2020-09-27
Amy Coney Barrett understands, and embraces, the role and responsibilities of a judge Amy Coney  Barrett
Rick Garnett
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-09-27
This is what happens to your body over months in isolation CNN 2020-09-26
Trump announces Judge Amy Coney Barrett as U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney  Barrett
Catholic News Service 2020-09-26
Amy Coney Barrett Nominated And Expected To Be Confirmed To Supreme Court Amy Coney  Barrett
NPR 2020-09-26
I've known Amy Coney Barrett for over 20 years. Her intellect and heart are unrivaled. Amy Coney  Barrett
USA Today 2020-09-26
What is Amy Coney Barrett? Luis Fraga
CNN 2020-09-26
Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court Amy Coney  Barrett
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-26
Barrett Clerked for Scalia. Conservatives Hope She’ll Follow His Path. Amy Coney  Barrett
The New York Times 2020-09-26
I’ve known Amy Coney Barrett for 15 years. Liberals have nothing to fear. Amy Coney  Barrett
Carter Snead
The Washington Post 2020-09-26
Why JFK v Nixon changed the face of American politics Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-09-26
US Election Analysis Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-09-25
Americans have still to decide between Trump's division and Biden's unity Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-09-25
What Americans Really Think About Abortion The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-25
The Cybersecurity 202: Trump’s attacks on the election are hitting a wall with some of his allies Mike Chapple
The Washington Post 2020-09-25
I taught and worked with Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s what people get wrong about her faith. Amy Coney  Barrett
The Washington Post 2020-09-25
Trump the showman goes conventional Amy Coney  Barrett
Politico 2020-09-25
Maggie Garnett: Judge Amy Coney Barrett has shown me how to both live my faith and serve my country Fox News 2020-09-25
Trump Suffers Another Loss in the TikTok Showdown With China Kirsten  Martin 
Bloomberg 2020-09-24
US parents delaying preschool and kindergarten amid pandemic Associated Press 2020-09-24
Top Irish history books to delve into Robert Schmuhl
Irish Central 2020-09-23
Biden Could Be Our Second Catholic President. It Doesn’t Matter. The New York Times 2020-09-23
U.N. resolutions may seem like cheap talk. But they might actually work. The Washington Post 2020-09-22
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and American Business The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-22
Top contenders for Ginsburg’s seat on Supreme Court Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-22
5 things to know about Trump’s possible Supreme Court picks — including how Barbara Lagoa could help Trump win Florida MarketWatch 2020-09-21
Trump's TikTok Deal: What Just Happened And Why Does It Matter? Kirsten  Martin 
NPR 2020-09-21
Amy Coney Barrett, a proven conservative on Trump's Supreme Court short list Amy Coney  Barrett
CNN 2020-09-21
Opening the Word: Divine fairness Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-09-21
Five Women Trump Is Considering for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Seat Amy Coney  Barrett
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-21
Graham: GOP has votes to confirm Trump court pick by Nov. 3 Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-21
Why do Catholics make up a majority of the Supreme Court? Rick Garnett
America 2020-09-21
Washington Politics Could Be About To Enter A 'Post-Apocalyptic' Phase Amy Coney  Barrett
NPR 2020-09-21
High court front-runner hailed by right, feared by left Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-21
Ginsburg’s death puts Roe v. Wade on the ballot in November Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-21
US Supreme Court: The top contenders to fill vacancy Amy Coney  Barrett
BBC News 2020-09-20
To Conservatives, Barrett Has ‘Perfect Combination’ of Attributes for Supreme Court Amy Coney  Barrett
The New York Times 2020-09-20
Amy Coney Barrett Is Again a Top Contender for Supreme Court Nomination Amy Coney  Barrett
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-20
Students are in a lose-lose situation during the pandemic, and Trump is to blame Business Insider 2020-09-20
Trump’s Potential Supreme Court Candidates for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat Amy Coney  Barrett
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-20
Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees Amy Coney  Barrett
Associated Press 2020-09-19
Leading Candidates to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy Amy Coney  Barrett
The New York Times 2020-09-19
Trump's Supreme Court Pick Shrouded In Secrecy Amy Coney  Barrett
NPR 2020-09-19
Barrett Has Supreme Court Edge as List Widens to Lagoa, Thapar Amy Coney  Barrett
Bloomberg 2020-09-19
U.S. To Bar Downloads Of TikTok, WeChat Kirsten  Martin 
NPR 2020-09-18
Study: Liberal congregations more politically active than conservative ones Kraig Beyerlein
Religion News Service 2020-09-18
Notable names on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees Amy Coney  Barrett
CNN 2020-09-18
Who might succeed Justice Ginsburg? Trump's short list begins with these five women (and one man) Amy Coney  Barrett
USA Today 2020-09-18
Lawn Games, Anyone? Inside Higher Ed 2020-09-18
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have your data. Why not China-owned ByteDance's TikTok? Kirsten  Martin 
USA Today 2020-09-18
More Colleges Are Responding to Covid-19 Surges With 2-Week Quarantines. Do They Work? The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-09-17
Trump did listen to experts on the pandemic. They just failed him. Alex Perkins
The Washington Post 2020-09-16
Speaking Frankly | Feminism Christina Wolbrecht
CBS News 2020-09-16
Barack Obama and Kamala Harris both identify as Black. The news media doesn’t describe both that way. The Washington Post 2020-09-16
The Elusive Relief Bill. Also, “The Financial Buoy.” Karen Richman
Radio Bilingue 2020-09-16
A bipartisan group of House lawmakers unveiled a stimulus plan to send a 2nd round of $1,200 direct payments and reinstate federal unemployment benefits Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-09-15
U.S. Incomes Up, Poverty Rate Down in 2019 Jim Sullivan
The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-15
Opening the Word: The inclusive kingdom Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-09-14
I or we? Vatican sparks baptism controversy that isn't so controversial National Catholic Reporter 2020-09-14
More coronavirus job losses are becoming permanent Jason Reed
Fox News 2020-09-11
Four Catholic-led groups working against President Donald Trump's reelection Kraig Beyerlein
National Catholic Reporter 2020-09-11
Energy on Trump's SCOTUS shortlist Politico 2020-09-10
Trump’s Supreme Court Wishlist Won’t Work This Time Slate 2020-09-10
NASA announces it’s looking for companies to help mine the moon Clive Neal
The Washington Post 2020-09-10
Trump unveils list of possible Supreme Court nominees if he wins reelection CBS News 2020-09-10
Apple Said to Thwart Other Fruit Logos, Even Far From Its Tree Bloomberg 2020-09-10
When Student Influencers Catch COVID-19 Inside Higher Ed 2020-09-09
Are you overlooking this critical factor in deciding what is the ‘best place’ to retire? MarketWatch 2020-09-09
Here are the conservative lawyers and judges Trump says he may nominate to the Supreme Court if he's re-elected Business Insider 2020-09-09
President Trump unveils new list of potential Supreme Court nominees to boost his re-election campaign USA Today 2020-09-09
Commentary: Private, Catholic and other faith-based schools need help through pandemic too Chicago Tribune 2020-09-09
Trump Announces New Slate of Possible Supreme Court Picks The New York Times 2020-09-09
Trump’s Latest Judicial List The Wall Street Journal 2020-09-09
Trump’s New Supreme Court List Includes Three GOP Senators Bloomberg 2020-09-09
In nod to conservatives, Trump reveals new list of potential Supreme Court picks Reuters 2020-09-09
Trump lists 20 more potential SCOTUS nominees to boost conservative support CNN 2020-09-09
New College Board curriculum puts the African diaspora in the spotlight The Washington Post 2020-09-08
College Board launching Advanced Placement program on the African diaspora The Hill 2020-09-08
Fact check: Online post showing giant human skeletons is an old hoax Ulrich Lehner
USA Today 2020-09-08
U.S. job growth loses speed as fiscal stimulus ebbs Jason Reed
Reuters 2020-09-04
Commentary: At Notre Dame, we see that life entails risks. We are facing this pandemic as a community. Chicago Tribune 2020-09-02
Trump can't take the evangelical vote for granted Kraig Beyerlein
CNN 2020-09-01
The pandemic is making women reconsider when and if to have babies Kasey Buckles
Quartz 2020-09-01
USPS removes thousands of mailboxes each year. In 2020, mail-in ballots make it political. James O'Rourke
USA Today 2020-08-31
The Ten Commandments: The tension of property Our Sunday Visitor 2020-08-30
Washington archbishop says ‘conversion’ needed to fight racism Crux 2020-08-29
Andromeda galaxy's 'halo' is nudging the Milky Way CNN 2020-08-28
US 2020 election: what can we expect ? Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-08-28
Notre Dame distances itself from ex-football coach Lou Holtz after his comments in RNC speech USA Today 2020-08-27
Please don’t give up on in-person teaching, Notre Dame Daniel Philpott
America 2020-08-27
Central Park is unveiling a statue of women's rights pioneers. It's the park's first statue of real women Erika  Doss
CNN 2020-08-26
Decades into the internet age, the best voting technology might still be paper CNN 2020-08-26
Money to stop evictions could also help stop crime Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-08-25
Scientists fight disease-carrying mosquitoes by letting them feed off their blood The Washington Post 2020-08-23
Democrats have a 52-year jinx - how can Joe Biden defeat this long VP losing streak? Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-08-21
Donald Trump used the art of the deal buster with the Iran debacle David Cortright
George A. Lopez
The Hill 2020-08-20
Steve Bannon arrested and charged with fraud in connection with 'We Build The Wall' online fundraising campaign Lloyd Mayer
Business Insider 2020-08-20
In new term, Supreme Court once again takes up religious liberty Rick Garnett
Crux 2020-08-20
US suspends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong over China’s national security law South China Morning Post 2020-08-20
Why Democrats want you to make a plan to vote Vox 2020-08-20
'A growing sense of panic' with no fresh federal relief in sight CNN 2020-08-19
Virus Alters Where People Open Their Wallets, Hinting at a Halting Recovery The New York Times 2020-08-19
In Kamala Harris’ richly textured background, a portrait of America today Dianne Pinderhughes
The Christian Science Monitor 2020-08-19
What voting has and hasn’t done for women Christina Wolbrecht
Vox 2020-08-18
Vatican-China deal on bishop appointments appears set for renewal National Catholic Reporter 2020-08-17
U. of Notre Dame Lands $15 Million for International Business Course (Gifts Roundup) The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2020-08-17
Trump denies delaying mail; Postal Service head slated to testify before Congress James O'Rourke
NBC News 2020-08-17
Fresca’s back! Mystery of its absence solved Vamsi Kanuri
Chicago Sun-Times 2020-08-16
Tracing Trump’s Postal Service obsession — from ‘loser’ to ‘scam’ to ‘rigged election’ James O'Rourke
The Washington Post 2020-08-15
Black Lives Matter groups are multiplying — and competing for donations Lloyd Mayer
New York Post 2020-08-15
The Best Places To Retire In 2020 Forbes 2020-08-14
U.S. Companies Vie for Funds in Race to Build Rare Earths Industry Eugene Gholz
The New York Times 2020-08-14
Kenya Is Trying to End Child Marriage. But Climate Change Is Putting More Young Girls at Risk Time 2020-08-12
‘We Will Persevere’: A Newspaper Faces the Weight of Hong Kong’s Crackdown The New York Times 2020-08-12
McDonald’s gets tough with former chief over fresh sexual conduct claims Timothy  Hubbard
Financial Times 2020-08-11
With Congress stalled, a second round of stimulus checks won't be coming anytime soon Jim Sullivan
CNN 2020-08-11
China just arrested a top Hong Kong pro-democracy figure. Beijing isn’t playing around. Vox 2020-08-10
McDonald's accuses ex-CEO Steve Easterbrook of hiding sexual relationships with employees and sending nude photos, videos Timothy  Hubbard
USA Today 2020-08-10
< 'Silence And Lies': McDonald's Sues Fired CEO, Says He Hid Sexual Relationships Timothy  Hubbard
NPR 2020-08-10
McDonald's Sues Ousted CEO, Alleging Employee Relationships Timothy  Hubbard
Associated Press 2020-08-10
Reopening Schools: College Orientation at Notre Dame Welcomes Students to a Strange New World The Wall Street Journal 2020-08-10
McDonald's sues ousted CEO, saying he lied about sexual affairs with employees Timothy  Hubbard
Reuters 2020-08-10
From Michael Brown to George Floyd: Why Video Footage Wouldn't Have Changed Perception of Ferguson Shooting David Hooker
Newsweek 2020-08-09
Donald Trump's re-election strategy is clearly to stir up as much fear as possible Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-08-08
Trump Signs Executive Order That Will Effectively Ban Use Of TikTok In the U.S. Kirsten  Martin 
NPR 2020-08-07
Trump issues order to block U.S. transactions with TikTok parent company ByteDance Kirsten  Martin 
USA Today 2020-08-07
Trump issues executive order barring U.S. companies from doing business with TikTok's parent Kirsten  Martin 
NBC News 2020-08-07
Trump Targets WeChat and TikTok, in Sharp Escalation With China Kirsten  Martin 
The New York Times 2020-08-07
Trump Bans Dealings With Chinese Owners of TikTok, WeChat Kirsten  Martin 
Associated Press 2020-08-07
Obama Is Trashing Trump, Reigniting an Old Feud. Will it Backfire on Biden? David Campbell
Newsweek 2020-08-05
Nuclear era that began in 1945 poses moral questions for the 21st century David Cortright
Catholic News Service 2020-08-05
Hiroshima at 75: bitter row persists over US decision to drop the bomb The Guardian 2020-08-05
The Pentagon wants to end its reliance on China for rare earth minerals. But can it be done? Eugene Gholz
Politico 2020-08-03
Mayor Pete Joins the Faculty The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-08-03
US says unlikely to use China, Russia virus vaccine Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-08-03
Opening the Word: The tyranny of activity Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-08-03
Scholars discover lost book by master 18th-century printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi The Telegraph 2020-08-02
Before talking about abortion, it helps to listen to people’s stories Crux 2020-08-02
The Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Gender Gap Are Fixtures of U.S. Elections. It Didn’t Start Out That Way. Christina Wolbrecht
The Wall Street Journal 2020-07-31
With Security Law as a Cudgel, Beijing Cracks Down on Hong Kong The New York Times 2020-07-31
Abortion: Discuss, don't debate National Catholic Reporter 2020-07-31
Slashing $600 Unemployment Benefits Would Be ‘Absolutely Devastating’ For U.S. Economy Jason Reed
Forbes 2020-07-31
Millions of people undertake the Hajj every year. These photos show how different the yearly Muslim pilgrimage is this year because of the pandemic. Ebrahim Moosa
Business Insider 2020-07-30
COVID-19 sinks U.S. economy in second quarter; labor market struggling Jason Reed
Reuters 2020-07-30
US economy suffers worst quarter since the second world war as GDP shrinks by 32.9% Jason Reed
The Guardian 2020-07-30
The United States will lend Kodak $765 million to make drug components. Kaitlin Wowak
The New York Times 2020-07-29
Space Force on alert: Behind Russia's mysterious testing of deadly anti-satellite weapons in orbit Eugene Gholz
Fox News 2020-07-29
What Cities Can and Can’t Do When it Comes to the Feds Jimmy Gurulé
U.S. News & World Report 2020-07-27
Covid-19 is accelerating multilateralism in Africa The Washington Post 2020-07-27
Trump is calling protesters who disagree with him terrorists. That puts him in the company of the world's autocrats CNN 2020-07-27
New study shows Americans have complicated views on abortion Crux 2020-07-25
The Twitter hack should worry us all Mike Chapple
CNN 2020-07-24
The School Choice Now Act And The Fate Of Private Schools Forbes 2020-07-23
Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon tells us that he fears Trump will deploy federal agents across the country and asks where are GOP lawmakers preaching state's rights Jimmy Gurulé
Business Insider 2020-07-22
Pandemic lawsuits from voters, worshipers, prisoners meet roadblock at Supreme Court Rick Garnett
USA Today 2020-07-22
How soon will the extra $600 in jobless benefits go away? Your money questions answered USA Today 2020-07-22
Trump's legal authority to deploy agents to U.S. cities may be limited, experts say Jimmy Gurulé
Reuters 2020-07-21
Stirring in the Oil Patch, Chevron Buys Noble for $5 Billion Gianna Bern
Associated Press 2020-07-20
Supreme Court Expands Religious Liberties (Podcast) Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-07-18
Russian Hackers Trying to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Research, Intelligence Agencies Say Mike Chapple
The New York Times 2020-07-16
Russian Hackers Reportedly Tried to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Research From the U.S., U.K., and Canada Mike Chapple
Slate 2020-07-16
UK, US, Canada Accuse Russia of Hacking Virus Vaccine Trials Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2020-07-16
Oil Industry, Accustomed To Booms And Busts, Is Rocked By Pandemic Gianna Bern
NPR 2020-07-15
Notre Dame study examines 'everyday' Americans' attitudes toward abortion Catholic News Service 2020-07-15
Twitter Says It Was The Victim Of A 'Coordinated Social Engineering Attack' Mike Chapple
NPR 2020-07-15
Trump To Outline Changes In Key Environmental Act, Easing Requirements On Infrastructure, Energy Projects Bruce Huber
International Business Times 2020-07-15
Open Society Foundations, Salesforce Pledge Major Grants for Racial Justice (Grants Roundup) The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2020-07-15
US Supreme Court judges show they won't be taken for granted Rick Garnett
The Tablet 2020-07-15
After the Supreme Court's latest decision, who would want to work in a church? Rick Garnett
National Catholic Reporter 2020-07-14
Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students Associated Press 2020-07-14
How China’s new national security law will hobble Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement The Washington Post 2020-07-14
Update: ICE rule for international students rescinded Catholic News Service 2020-07-14
TikTok’s Massive Data Harvesting Prompts U.S. Security Concerns Bloomberg 2020-07-14
The US unemployment benefits that reduced poverty during the pandemic are about to expire Jim Sullivan
Quartz 2020-07-13
Colombia’s guerrilla leader swaps battle fatigues for bedtime stories The Irish Times 2020-07-12
Trump’s Justices Give Him a Boost But Supreme Court’s Balance Holds Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-07-11
AI + IoT = 1000X More Dense Networking Environments: How Intel, NSF Are Planning For Tomorrow Forbes 2020-07-11
All these Zoom birthdays and weddings are fine, but will we actually savor the memories? The Washington Post 2020-07-10
Amazon Tells Employees to Delete TikTok From Mobile Devices on Security Concerns Kirsten  Martin 
The Wall Street Journal 2020-07-10
Religious liberty’s big week at the Supreme Court Vincent Muñoz
The Christian Science Monitor 2020-07-10
University of Notre Dame Hires First Black Woman Head Coach NPR 2020-07-10
Reports: Amazon Bars Video App TikTok on Workers' Phones Kirsten  Martin 
Associated Press 2020-07-10
Robinhood is making far more money from the options boom than from stocks Quartz 2020-07-09
Colombia’s guerrilla leader swaps battle fatigues for bedtime stories Financial Times 2020-07-09
Catholic universities oppose ICE guidance for international students Catholic News Service 2020-07-09
Justices rightly defend churches’ autonomy on who teaches the Faith Rick Garnett
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-07-09
Why Supreme Court Liberals Joined Conservatives on Religion Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-07-08
Supreme Court decision allows funds for Catholic schools Rick Garnett
The Tablet 2020-07-08
Update: U.S. bishops welcome court decision on Catholic schools Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-07-08
Supreme Court rules religious school teachers aren't covered by employment discrimination laws Rick Garnett
CNN 2020-07-08
'Their stories should be told right': how museums are documenting the protests The Guardian 2020-07-07
Congress’s Covid-19 rescue plan was bigger than the New Deal. It’s about to end. Jim Sullivan
Vox 2020-07-07
Tech companies should make it someone’s job to think about ethics Marketplace 2020-07-06
America’s huge stimulus is having surprising effects on the poor Jim Sullivan
The Economist 2020-07-06
Our country is in chaos. But it's a great time to be an American Erika  Doss
CNN 2020-07-04
Trump’s push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him Dianne Pinderhughes
The Washington Post 2020-07-04
Cauldron of crises leave Trump with no reason to celebrate this Fourth of July Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-07-04
Is Roberts the Most Powerful Chief Justice? (Podcast) Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-07-03
'The life we've been living': Historic Black Catholic Church in Norfolk, Virginia, looks to the future Darren Davis
National Catholic Reporter 2020-07-03
Hong Kong Has Completely Changed With New Law, Hui Says Bloomberg 2020-07-02
IBM, Notre Dame Launch Lab to Focus on Tech Ethics The Wall Street Journal 2020-07-02
California’s hotly watched privacy law in full force Politico 2020-07-01
Colleges face tough decisions about reopening in the fall Today Show 2020-07-01
Pro-life cause stymied, but not because of court decision Rick Garnett
National Catholic Reporter 2020-07-01
The Technology 202: IBM and Notre Dame team up on new tech ethics lab Mark McKenna
The Washington Post 2020-07-01
5 Takeaways From China's Hong Kong National Security Law NPR 2020-07-01
2020 election dates: When and what are the key moments to look out for? The Independent 2020-06-30
Update: Court says tax credit program can't exclude religious schools Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-06-30
3 easy ways for women to build up self-confidence at work Nitesh Chawla
Fast Company 2020-06-30
The $600 federal bump in unemployment benefits will end a week earlier than expected for millions of Americans Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-06-30
Justices fail to correct a serious mistake in latest abortion ruling Rick Garnett
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-06-30
'This is hell': Parents and kids hate online classes. Going back to school likely will include more of it. USA Today 2020-06-29
Supreme Court Hands Abortion-Rights Advocates A Victory In Louisiana Case Rick Garnett
NPR 2020-06-29
Update: Court's abortion ruling continues 'cruel precedent,' says bishop Carter Snead
Catholic News Service 2020-06-29
Lawyers urge Trump to rescind sanctions and travel bans for International Criminal Court Douglass Cassel
The Washington Post 2020-06-29
Abortion foes vent disappointment after Supreme Court ruling Carter Snead
Associated Press 2020-06-29
Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg to teach, do research at Notre Dame Associated Press 2020-06-28
For some environmentalists, 'I can't breathe' is about more than police brutality CNN 2020-06-27
University of Notre Dame’s plan to fully reopen amid pandemic NBC News 2020-06-27
‘The Hardhat Riot’ Review: What the Riots Foretold The Wall Street Journal 2020-06-26
New Presidents or Provosts: Bradley U, Central Washington U, College of Southern Idaho, College of the Rockies, Linn-Benton CC, North Hennepin CC, U of Notre Dame Inside Higher Ed 2020-06-26
21 Lessons From America's Worst Moments Darren Dochuk
Time 2020-06-25
Trump administration open to a second round of stimulus payments. Here's what that could look like Jim Sullivan
CNN 2020-06-25
Firefighters’ Gear Presents New Possible Risk From Toxic PFAS Graham Peaslee
Bloomberg 2020-06-24
Firefighters Face New Possible Risk From Toxic PFAS: Their Gear Graham Peaslee
Bloomberg 2020-06-23
Stimulus checks and unemployment keeping millions out of poverty, for now Jim Sullivan
Marketplace 2020-06-23
A top Trump economic adviser says the next wave of stimulus checks should go to 'people who lost their jobs and are most in need' Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-06-23
Two new studies show massive federal assistance prevented people from falling into poverty amid the lockdowns. Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-06-22
Congress’ Coronavirus Response Might Have Cut the Poverty Rate Jim Sullivan
Slate 2020-06-22
Trump says Americans will get another round of stimulus payments if Congress can pass another relief deal Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-06-22
US poverty fell in April and May due to federal relief programs, even as COVID-19 ravaged the economy, new study suggests Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-06-22
Poverty rate fell in April, May because of coronavirus relief payments, researchers say Jim Sullivan
Fox News 2020-06-22
Vast Federal Aid Has Capped Rise in Poverty, Studies Find Jim Sullivan
The New York Times 2020-06-21
Church must be part of of solution to ‘cry of anguish’ from Floyd killing, priest says Crux 2020-06-20
A saint for our times: This man would be a relevant, revolutionary choice Kathleen Cummings
National Catholic Reporter 2020-06-20
In Support of DACA Inside Higher Ed 2020-06-19
What Covid-19 Computer Models Are Telling Colleges About the Fall Alex Perkins
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-06-19
The Coronavirus Has Revealed the True Nature of Hunger in America Ray Offenheiser
The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2020-06-19
To Develop Hypersonic Weapons, The U.S. Has To Build Some Fiendishly Complicated Wind Tunnels Forbes 2020-06-19
The ‘Father of Democracy’ Caught Between Hong Kong’s Extremes The New York Times 2020-06-19
A compilation of statements from presidents and higher ed associations on the Supreme Court's DACA decision Inside Higher Ed 2020-06-19
Colgate reviews Chinese toothpaste brand Darlie amid US racism debate James O'Rourke
Reuters 2020-06-18
SARS Moriendi Christian Smith
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-06-18
Supreme Court rules in favor of DACA, for now Erin Corcoran
Marketplace 2020-06-18
US Supreme Court thwarts Trump’s push to end protection for ‘Dreamers’ Lisa Koop
Financial Times 2020-06-18
Study Examines How Spring Break Spread COVID-19 Inside Higher Ed 2020-06-18
Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks Jimmy Gurulé
The New York Times 2020-06-17
Aunt Jemima brand to be phased out; Uncle Ben's may follow James O'Rourke
Bloomberg 2020-06-17
The Arc of Racial Injustice Commonweal 2020-06-17
Citing 'racial stereotype,' PepsiCo to drop Aunt Jemima name; Uncle Ben's under review James O'Rourke
Reuters 2020-06-17
Universities plan for students' return – but will US campus life ever be the same? The Guardian 2020-06-16
Universities and high schools are readying high-tech ways to curb the spread of Covid-19 CNN 2020-06-16
The Real Story Behind “Because of Sex” Christina Wolbrecht
Slate 2020-06-16
Why Protest Movements Are ‘Civil’ Only in Retrospect Richard Pierce
The New York Times 2020-06-16
For Colleges, Protests Over Racism May Put Everything On the Line The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-06-12
NASA is sending a rover to the moon to prospect for water and help astronauts ‘live off the land’ Clive Neal
The Washington Post 2020-06-12
Feel like you can’t concentrate on anything at the moment? You’re not alone. The extra anxiety caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has impaired our working memory, experts say. BBC News 2020-06-11
'Plenty of tricks up their sleeve': Here's what 4 experts think about the Fed's dismal economic forecast and extension of near-zero rates Jason Reed
Business Insider 2020-06-11
Scholars: Health, wealth both integral to society's managing of pandemic America 2020-06-10
Ignore the optics. Trump’s executive order could jump-start the cause of global religious freedom. Daniel Philpott
America 2020-06-09
Fall Comes Into View Inside Higher Ed 2020-06-09
Romney’s racial justice march spotlights faith groups’ role David Campbell
Associated Press 2020-06-08
After 130 Years, Aunt Jemima Will Vanish From Packaging James O'Rourke
Associated Press 2020-06-07
Rather than 'end American carnage', Trump has pushed it to a frightening new level Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-06-06
US unemployment declines to 13.3% as economy added 2.5m jobs in May Jason Reed
The Guardian 2020-06-05
US workers file 1.9 million more jobless claims as crisis total tops 42 million Jason Reed
New York Post 2020-06-04
New US unemployment claims reached 1.9m last week despite rate of increase slowing Jason Reed
The Guardian 2020-06-04
Parishes face new challenges as millennials avoid marriage, family life Christian Smith
Crux 2020-06-04
Reopening schools in the fall, an experiment for college and university leaders ABC News 2020-06-04
Crowds defy US curfews to stage protests Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2020-06-03
For most churchgoers, controversy between religious freedom and public health is not real Kraig Beyerlein
USA Today 2020-06-02
President Trump Visits John Paul II Shrine To Promote International Religious Freedom Kathleen Cummings
NPR 2020-06-02
The Irony Of Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook’s Values Joe Holt
Forbes 2020-06-02
Supreme Court rejects appeals to lift restrictions on congregation size Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-06-01
How COVID-19 should impact performance reviews Timothy  Hubbard
Fast Company 2020-06-01
Beijing has reason to be emboldened by response to Hong Kong national security law plan, US observers say South China Morning Post 2020-05-31
Divided Supreme Court still gives guidance on virus-related worship restrictions Rick Garnett
The Washington Post 2020-05-30
OPINION: Why staying home from church fulfills commandment to love thy neighbor Kraig Beyerlein
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2020-05-29
Home by Thanksgiving: An emerging strategy to reopen college campuses in the fall The Washington Post 2020-05-29
While we miss the games, athletes miss their other families: Their teammates Clark Power
The Washington Post 2020-05-29
Church reopening debate revolves around religious freedom, public safety Kraig Beyerlein
Catholic News Service 2020-05-28
As churches reopen, Supreme Court faces balancing act between physical and spiritual health Rick Garnett
USA Today 2020-05-28
US weekly jobless claims hit 2.1 million, bringing the 10-week total to more than 40 million Jason Reed
Business Insider 2020-05-28
The Surest Step Toward Normalcy Inside Higher Ed 2020-05-28
More Than 500 Women Are Running for a House Seat in 2020, Eclipsing 2018's Historic Pink Wave Christina Wolbrecht
Newsweek 2020-05-27
China’s new national security law for Hong Kong will erode Hong Kong’s autonomy The Washington Post 2020-05-26
Why Science Alone Could Not Tell Us Whether to Reopen Notre Dame Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
The New York Times 2020-05-26
Will colleges in the D.C. region reopen campuses in the fall? Answers are slow in coming. The Washington Post 2020-05-25
Worker Shortage Concerns Loom in Immigrant-Heavy Meatpacking Joshua Specht
Associated Press 2020-05-25
University of Michigan Head: What School Decides for Fall Will Likely Stick for Year The Wall Street Journal 2020-05-24
Tempers Rise as Parents Are Divided on Whether Colleges Should Open This Fall The Wall Street Journal 2020-05-24
Record jobless claims mean we must heed these lessons from the Great Recession Jason Reed
Fox News 2020-05-24
Why China’s Move to Rein In Hong Kong Is Just the Start The New York Times 2020-05-24
Latinos are fastest growing population in US military, but higher ranks remain out of reach Luis Fraga
USA Today 2020-05-23
Chinese government drops references to ‘peaceful’ reunification with Taiwan South China Morning Post 2020-05-22
Cheap chicken, beef came at a cost. How American meat plants bred coronavirus hot spots. Joshua Specht
USA Today 2020-05-22
Donald Trump press secretary inadvertently reveals president's bank details Mike Chapple
The Guardian 2020-05-22
Why reassertion of Xi Jinping's authority spells violence in Hong Kong The Guardian 2020-05-22
Notre Dame vs. Princeton: Two very different approaches on when and how to reopen college during covid-19 The Washington Post 2020-05-22
Coronavirus live updates: Trump says he won't 'close the country' if there's a new wave; Alaska reopens; Memorial Day travel will be 'weak' Joshua Specht
USA Today 2020-05-22
Weighing Europe's Recovery Strategy Against the U.S. Approach Rüdiger Bachmann
U.S. News & World Report 2020-05-22
Postal Service’s financial stress might hurt its ability to handle large volume of mail-in ballots James O'Rourke
CNBC 2020-05-22
Trump’s Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much Detail Mike Chapple
The New York Times 2020-05-22
Colleges balance student safety with falling revenues — here’s how universities will be transformed in the fall MarketWatch 2020-05-21
Joe Biden, Tara Reade And Democratic Voters Christina Wolbrecht
NPR 2020-05-21
Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on US jobs might not be fully captured until June Jason Reed
Fox News 2020-05-21
Boston University is setting up dedicated coronavirus testing for students, staff and faculty CNBC 2020-05-21
CNN coronavirus town hall CNN 2020-05-21
What Will College Be Like in the Fall? New York Magazine 2020-05-21
OPINION: Why women journalists must persevere despite Trump’s ill treatment Richard G.  Jones
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2020-05-21
Colleges Plan Fall Opening, but Campuses Won't Look the Same Associated Press 2020-05-21
Notre Dame Pres: 'We will be ready' to welcome students in Fall MSNBC 2020-05-20
It's time to throw the school calendar out the window CNN 2020-05-20
Colleges alter fall schedules as COVID-19 models suggest December surge The Hill 2020-05-20
These colleges plan to reopen for in-person classes in the fall Newsweek 2020-05-20
Some students will be back on campus by fall The New York Times 2020-05-20
The Switch Semester Inside Higher Ed 2020-05-20
College Calendars in the Pandemic: No Fall Break and Home by Thanksgiving The New York Times 2020-05-20
Fearing a Second Wave of Covid-19, Some Colleges Will End Fall Semester Early The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-05-20
Notre Dame opening for classes in the fall CNBC 2020-05-20
University of Notre Dame to reopen this fall Fox News 2020-05-20
Cambridge University To Keep Lectures Online Through Summer 2021 Forbes 2020-05-19
Notre Dame plans to bring students back to campus 2 weeks early and will skip fall break CNN 2020-05-19
Some colleges and universities plan to have limited in-person classes and cancel fall break to combat coronavirus CNN 2020-05-19
New Notre Dame fall semester calendar keeps football in a hypothetical mode, but with hope USA Today 2020-05-19
Jesuit presents book on how religion, ethics can shape refugee response Catholic News Service 2020-05-19
Fever Checks and Quarantine Dorms: The Fall College Experience? The New York Times 2020-05-19
Many Of Colombia's Ex-Rebel Fighters Rearm And Turn To Illegal Drug Trade NPR 2020-05-19
Trump’s push to reopen schools and day care gets chilly reception from voters Politico 2020-05-19
Extreme caution tops checklists for Catholic colleges to reopen in fall Catholic News Service 2020-05-19
'Extensive Testing' and Social Distancing on Campus, University of Notre Dame President Outlines Plan For Reopening Time 2020-05-19
As some states reopen, studying sewage could help stop the coronavirus pandemic USA Today 2020-05-19
Notre Dame just announced plans to welcome students back to campus in the fall Business Insider 2020-05-19
Notre Dame bringing students back to campus 2 weeks early Fox News 2020-05-19
Fall to Be Online After Thanksgiving at Several Institutions Inside Higher Ed 2020-05-19
Notre Dame president outlines plan to open campus in the fall Today Show 2020-05-19
Nations reopen yet struggle to define ‘a new normal’ Associated Press 2020-05-19
Notre Dame plans to reopen in August, but sports are still up on the air Associated Press 2020-05-18
Notre Dame to open campus two weeks early for fall semester The Hill 2020-05-18
Global worries as infections spike in Russia, Brazil, India Associated Press 2020-05-18
University of South Carolina’s answer to fall dilemma due to the virus: Open in person but go remote after Thanksgiving The Washington Post 2020-05-18
Notre Dame to Bring Students Back to Campus Early The Wall Street Journal 2020-05-18
Notre Dame Plans to Reopen Its Campus in the Fall The New York Times 2020-05-18
Beijing Is Pushing the Taiwanese Toward Independence Hard and Fast Foreign Policy 2020-05-18
42 faith groups in 14 countries announce divestment from fossil fuels National Catholic Reporter 2020-05-17
Court Seems Divided on Shield for Religious Schools (Podcast) Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-05-16
Living in lockdown: can literature help? The Irish Times 2020-05-16
Virtual Sunday school: Where faith endures under lockdown The Christian Science Monitor 2020-05-15
Trump promised Catholic leaders he would help their schools. Here are two Christians who don’t want him to. The Washington Post 2020-05-15
How Cheap Meat Became an “Essential” American Value Joshua Specht
Slate 2020-05-14
Pence, DeVos Hold Call With 14 College Presidents Inside Higher Ed 2020-05-14
'It's life or death': Worker unrest, a shifting America, and internal tensions amid the coronavirus outbreak could forever change McDonald's Joshua Specht
Business Insider 2020-05-13
Trump says schools should 'absolutely open' this fall, says Fauci did not give 'acceptable answer' USA Today 2020-05-13
Divided court examines if religious schools exempt from discrimination laws Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2020-05-11
Catholic economists urge end to stay-at-home orders in COVID-19 response Joseph Kaboski
Catholic News Service 2020-05-11
Drive-in church is a 1950s throwback — and may be the future of religious practice The Washington Post 2020-05-10
Going to sleep just a few minutes past your usual bedtime could be bad for you, researchers find Nitesh Chawla
Yahoo 2020-05-09
Coronavirus Treatments - If More Women Are On The Board, It’s Likely Safer, New Study Finds Kaitlin Wowak
Forbes 2020-05-09
Live from the Supreme Court: Week One (Podcast) Rick Garnett
Bloomberg 2020-05-09
Should Catholics right now worry less about Big Brother than Thoreau? Rick Garnett
Crux 2020-05-09
Liturgists say online Mass is fine, but no substitute for the real thing Timothy  O'Malley
Crux 2020-05-09
Commentary: Volunteer nurse’s aide in the south suburbs: ‘There is nothing like the loss of a mother ...’ Joe Holt
Chicago Tribune 2020-05-08
20m Americans lost their jobs in April in worst month since Great Depression Jason Reed
The Guardian 2020-05-08
Unemployment surged to 14.7% in April, highest since Great Depression, as coronavirus triggered 20.5 million job losses Jason Reed
Fox News 2020-05-08
11 legal experts agree: There’s no good reason for DOJ to drop the Michael Flynn case Jimmy Gurulé
Vox 2020-05-08
Putin’s Myths About the Soviets and World War II Ian Johnson
The Wall Street Journal 2020-05-08
Coronavirus Brings California Mass Unemployment, Huge Budget Hole, Governor Says William Evans
The Wall Street Journal 2020-05-07
SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Chatty Thomas Breaks With Precedent Associated Press 2020-05-06
Transitions: U. of North Carolina at Charlotte Selects New Chancellor; 2020 Guggenheim Fellows Named The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-05-06
Notre Dame Folk Choir releases album hopes ‘to inspire’ during COVID-19 crisis Crux 2020-05-06
Trump's meatpacking plant order fails to prevent shortages The Hill 2020-05-06
Shale Drillers Risk Relapse Into Rampant Oil Output at $30 Crude Christiane Baumeister
Bloomberg 2020-05-06
Five factors to watch in the meat supply chain crisis The Hill 2020-05-06
The pandemic brings home the need to focus on humane and meaningful student learning experiences (opinion) Susan Blum
Inside Higher Ed 2020-05-06
TAX VIRUS BRIEFING: Virus Struggles Continue as Senate Returns (1) Lloyd Mayer
Bloomberg 2020-05-01
Frontline workers call for May Day strike over working conditions Daniel Graff
CBS News 2020-05-01
Some Meat Plants Reopen, but Trump Order May Not Be Cure-All Kaitlin Wowak
Associated Press 2020-05-01
Where's the beef ... and the chicken: Should we worry about a meat shortage? Joshua Specht
USA Today 2020-05-01
We're Being Too Optimistic About What Post-Pandemic America Will Look Like Vice 2020-05-01
COVID-19 Meat Shortages Could Last for Months. Here's What to Know Before Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip Joshua Specht
Time 2020-04-30
Scientists say the US will probably need to shelter-in-place until summer Alex Perkins
BGR 2020-04-29
Zoom Boom Susan Blum
Inside Higher Ed 2020-04-29
Don’t relax social distancing in United States before summer, researchers warn Alex Perkins
South China Morning Post 2020-04-29
Trump Can’t Postpone the Election The Wall Street Journal 2020-04-29
I’m Fighting For Those Afflicted By COVID-19 Joe Holt
Forbes 2020-04-29
Will Trump’s name on stimulus checks help win him votes in November? The Washington Post 2020-04-29
Americans may need to stay home until JULY to prevent coronavirus from spreading, animated Notre Dame graphs show Alex Perkins
Daily Mail 2020-04-29
Pandemic sparks closures, creativity in Catholic schools Crux 2020-04-29
Pandemic job actions offer hope for renewed labor movement Daniel Graff
Associated Press 2020-04-29
Coronavirus Update: Chinese Experts Claim COVID-19 May Become An Annual Disease Alex Perkins
International Business Times 2020-04-28
This Common Approach To Earning Trust Completely Backfires On Leaders Forbes 2020-04-27
U.S. further restricts exports to China's military, considers additional controls, report says Eugene Gholz
Newsweek 2020-04-27
Starving The Watchdogs: Who Foots The Bill When Newspapers Disappear? NPR 2020-04-27
Coronavirus Payments To Poor Are Vulnerable To Fraud Mike Chapple
NPR 2020-04-27
Saudi Arabia Must Suspend the Hajj Ebrahim Moosa
The New York Times 2020-04-27
Here's what 5 economists are saying about unemployment after 26 million Americans filed jobless claims in just 5 weeks Jason Reed
Business Insider 2020-04-24
Notre Dame Basketball Coach Muffet McGraw Wants To See More Women Coaching NPR 2020-04-24
States are emptying their unemployment funds, and even the federal fund designed as a backstop is likely to run out of money Jason Reed
Business Insider 2020-04-24
Priests seek ways to anoint the sick during coronavirus pandemic Crux 2020-04-24
Using the coronavirus to keep out immigrants will hurt the economy Erin Corcoran
The Hill 2020-04-24
Ep. 3: Helping Students Avoid Problems with the ‘Asterisk Semester’ Inside Higher Ed 2020-04-24
‘Epidemics and Society’ Review: Hiding From Life to Stay Alive Felipe Fernández-Armesto
The Wall Street Journal 2020-04-24
Coronavirus may have emptied Hong Kong’s streets, but the pro-democracy protests continue The Washington Post 2020-04-23
Despite Risks, Auto Workers Step Up to Make Medical Gear Joe Holt
Associated Press 2020-04-23
Stopping virus a huge challenge at crowded US meat plants Joshua Specht
Associated Press 2020-04-23
'They're playing Russian Roulette with the food chain': Food industry officials are slammed by experts as 100 safety inspectors test positive for COVID-19 amid meat processing plants becoming hotspots Joshua Specht
Daily Mail 2020-04-23
Why We’re Exhausted by Zoom Susan Blum
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Presidential debate planning proceeds despite virus worries Associated Press 2020-04-22
Coronavirus in meat packing plants could force choice: worker health or meat in stores Joshua Specht
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Recession vs. Depression: What's The Difference And Which One Are We Headed Toward? Eric Sims
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Where You’re Out of Work Makes All the Difference in the World Rüdiger Bachmann
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Oil drops below $0, signaling extreme collapse in demand. But you’re still going to have to pay for gas. Gianna Bern
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Lockdown Literature, by Barry McCrea RTE Radio 1 2020-04-19
Trump has enlisted Covid-19 as weapon he hopes will keep him in Oval Office Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-04-18
COVID-19 Update: Coronavirus Reportedly Found In Sewage In Surprisingly High Levels International Business Times 2020-04-17
Vegas gamblers might qualify for unemployment under CARES Act Jason Reed
Fox News 2020-04-17
More than 22m out of work in US as coronavirus takes economic toll Jason Reed
The Irish Times 2020-04-16
Professional gamblers in Nevada may now be able to collect unemployment Jason Reed
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Why Covid-19 Quarantine Dreams Are Taking Over the Internet Jessica Payne
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Banks Pretend 2020 Never Happened Timothy Loughran
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How the IRS plan for stimulus payments could enable identity theft Mike Chapple
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'Hit by a hurricane': 22m out of work in US as coronavirus takes heavy economic toll Jason Reed
The Guardian 2020-04-16
Excited to get your hands on that stimulus check? So are scammers Mike Chapple
Fortune 2020-04-15
Agriculture Secretary Says ‘Plenty of Food’ Despite Disruptions Joshua Specht
Bloomberg 2020-04-15
Stimulus Cash Puts IRS on Alert for Scammers Preying on Unwary Mike Chapple
Bloomberg 2020-04-14
Pope Francis Proposes Universal Basic Wage The Huffington Post 2020-04-14
Concerns grow over food supply as coronavirus closes processing plants Kaitlin Wowak
CBS News 2020-04-14
Notre Dame’s new provost says university committed to financial during pandemic Crux 2020-04-14
U.S. Meat Supply Is 'Perilously Close' To A Shortage, CEO Warns NPR 2020-04-13
Damage From OxyContin Continues to Be Revealed The New York Times 2020-04-13
Slaughterhouses That Supply America’s Meat Are Starting to Close Bloomberg 2020-04-13
How Has Grading Changed Since Coronavirus Forced Classes Online? Often, It Depends on the Professor Susan Blum
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-04-13
It's 'People, People, People' as lines stretch across America The New York Times 2020-04-12
A pastor confessed to his church he was tired, and he planned a break. Then, the coronavirus hit D.C. The Washington Post 2020-04-11
TAX VIRUS BRIEFING: Business Woes Mount Across the Globe (1) Bloomberg 2020-04-10
How Will the Pandemic Change Higher Education? The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-04-10
Closing doors is boosting church attendance, but can online activity stem Christianity's decline? Christian Smith
Newsweek 2020-04-10
Easter, Passover amid coronavirus an opportunity to deepen relationships: Notre Dame president Fox News 2020-04-09
OPEC and Russia agree on cuts in oil production, in theory Gianna Bern
The Washington Post 2020-04-09
In a virtual Easter season, matter still matters for Catholics Timothy  O'Malley
Religion News Service 2020-04-09
You Can’t Spell Creative Without A.I. The New York Times 2020-04-08
Americans could start receiving stimulus checks starting on April 9 USA Today 2020-04-07
Are We Firing Too Many People In The U.S.? Rüdiger Bachmann
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More Women on Boards, Fewer Dangerous Products Kaitlin Wowak
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Five countries with the most resilient economies BBC News 2020-04-06
Even a “forced sabbatical” can have profound benefits Quartz 2020-04-06
Queen Elizabeth's coronavirus pandemic address offers 'a rational, inspirational message,' expert says James O'Rourke
Fox News 2020-04-05
Queen delivers message of hope to UK amid virus outbreak James O'Rourke
Associated Press 2020-04-05
Queen Elizabeth says ‘better days will return’ in rare and historic coronavirus address James O'Rourke
USA Today 2020-04-05
A classic 'Twilight Zone' episode warns us how not to behave during a pandemic Ulrich Lehner
CNN 2020-04-04
Palm Sunday and the pandemic: sanitized fronds, clergy in protective garb and live streams CNN 2020-04-04
The Green Revolution: Norman Borlaug and the Race to Fight Global Hunger Ray Offenheiser
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How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak Nature 2020-04-03
With Passover, Easter and Ramadan looming, clergy scramble to create holidays at a distance Gabriel  Reynolds
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The Many Ways the Coronavirus Crisis Has Changed Our Lives The Wall Street Journal 2020-04-01
Transitions: Oglethorpe U. Names Next President; New Provost at Southern Utah U. The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-04-01
Trump Orders GM To Make Ventilators—10 Days After Company Says It Started Making Them Kaitlin Wowak
Forbes 2020-03-30
Mass. coronavirus peak likely in mid-April, some epidemiologists predict Alex Perkins
The Boston Globe 2020-03-30
Trump uses wartime act but GM says it’s already moving fast Kaitlin Wowak
Associated Press 2020-03-30
Relief Package Billions Can't Buy Hospitals Out of Shortages Kaitlin Wowak
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When 6 feet feels like a million miles Agustin Fuentes
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Stocks retreat following 3-day surge as investors await stimulus aid Jason Reed
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What are organizers up against now the 2020 Olympics have been moved to next year? Richard Sheehan
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Podcasting Advice for Professors Inside Higher Ed 2020-03-26
Congress' Relief Bill Would Vastly Expand Unemployment Aid Jeffrey Bergstrand
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How the NBA is planning to save its season after the coronavirus forced a suspension Richard Sheehan
CNBC 2020-03-26
US unemployment claims shatter record as coronavirus hammers economy Jason Reed
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Defense Production Act could help amid coronavirus, even as President Trump resists: experts Kaitlin Wowak
ABC News 2020-03-25
In God We Divide David Campbell
Geoffrey Layman
The New York Times 2020-03-25
Dow soars 496 points as traders await official approval for $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus deal Jeffrey Bergstrand
Business Insider 2020-03-25
Retiring to bed later than usual is bad for your health because it leads to a rise in heart rate, scientists discover Nitesh Chawla
Daily Mail 2020-03-25
Researchers Push For Mass Blood Tests as a Covid-19 Strategy Alex Perkins
Wired 2020-03-25
What the coronavirus relief bill offers for small businesses Jeffrey Bergstrand
CBS News 2020-03-25
Olympics Delay Deals Crushing Blow to Japan’s Comeback Story Richard Sheehan
Bloomberg 2020-03-24
Letter from Germany Commonweal 2020-03-23
Kathleen McChesney, advocate for abuse victims, to receive Laetare Medal Catholic News Service 2020-03-23
Fed, saying aggressive action is needed, starts unlimited QE Jeffrey Bergstrand
MarketWatch 2020-03-23
Fed takes unprecedented steps to prop up the economy Jeffrey Bergstrand
Marketplace 2020-03-23
Child protection pioneer McChesney to receive Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal Crux 2020-03-22
Mass then brunch online. My Sunday amid coronavirus CNN 2020-03-22
Coronavirus is bringing a plague of dangerous doomsday predictions Ulrich Lehner
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Factories pivot to fight coronavirus, but challenges abound Kaitlin Wowak
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Mass. official coronavirus count is 218, but experts say true number could be as high as 6,500 The Boston Globe 2020-03-17
US Hispanic Catholics Are Future, but Priest Numbers Dismal Associated Press 2020-03-14
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What is 'co-responsibility' and does the church need it? John Cavadini
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They might not like it but Sanders and Biden need each other if the Democrats are to stand a chance against Trump Robert Schmuhl
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With Pius XII, the ‘why’ is more important than ‘what’, expert says Crux 2020-03-06
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Super Tuesday sees US voting in key primaries Robert Schmuhl
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Stocks Plunge Despite Fed’s Coronavirus Rate Cut Jason Reed
U.S. News & World Report 2020-03-03
Supreme Court Will Decide the Fate of Obama Health Care Law Rick Garnett
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Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO who built company into a powerhouse, has died Timothy  Hubbard
USA Today 2020-03-02
'Neutron' Jack Welch, who led GE's rapid expansion, dies at 84 Timothy  Hubbard
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'Champion of revolution' Bernie Sanders is facing a battle even before Donald Trump enters the fray Robert Schmuhl
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Mayor Pete Says He'll Fight Environmental Racism, But He Fell Short at Home The Daily Beast 2020-02-25
Lots of grousing, few solutions at Senate hearing on nationwide injunctions Reuters 2020-02-25
University of Notre Dame converts tons of dining hall leftovers into energy National Catholic Reporter 2020-02-25
GOP fundraising mailings are deceptive, experts say Vamsi Kanuri
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Predicting How Women Will Vote Requires Looking Beyond Gender Alone Christina Wolbrecht
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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty to retire in April Timothy  Hubbard
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Doomsday clock lurches to 100 seconds to midnight – closest to catastrophe yet Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
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Scientists Think We’re Closer to the End of the World Than Ever Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
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Cheat on Your Homework? In This Harvard Class, Just Say You’re Sorry Susan Blum
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The Washington Post 2020-01-23
Doomsday Clock nears apocalypse over climate and nuclear fears Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
BBC News 2020-01-23
U.N. Urges Probe Of Reported Hacking Of Jeff Bezos' Phone By Saudi Arabia Mike Chapple
NPR 2020-01-22
Supreme Court hears oral arguments on major religious school choice case Rick Garnett
Religion News Service 2020-01-22
Transitions: Rutgers U. Selects New President; New Provost at Washington U. in St. Louis The Chronicle of Higher Education 2020-01-22
'Doomsday Clock' decision looming as scientists gauge nuclear, climate change threats Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
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US Water Is Full of Carcinogens and the EPA Is Moving Too Slowly Graham Peaslee
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Three Options for PFAS-Free Period Underwear (If You've Chucked Your Other Ones) Graham Peaslee
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Mayfly numbers drop by half since 2012, threatening food chain National Geographic 2020-01-20
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When Titles Are Tarnished but Not Taken Away Clark Power
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Canonization cause begins for southern Louisiana’s ‘Catholic heroes’ Kathleen Cummings
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Pope Benedict wants his name removed from book about priestly celibacy Ulrich Lehner
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Scientist allegedly finds Thinx period pants have 'toxic chemicals' in the crotch Graham Peaslee
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You Might Want to Throw Away Your Thinx Underwear Graham Peaslee
New York Magazine 2020-01-14
Astros won't give back their World Series trophy, but scandal will always shroud 2017 season Ed Edmonds
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UN says ‘staggering’ deaths of rights activists in Colombia Associated Press 2020-01-14
Catholic ethicists question US assassination of Iranian general Gerard  Powers
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White House wants to change environmental rules to speed up highway projects, pipelines and more Bruce Huber
The Washington Post 2020-01-09
Trump Administration Proposes Major Changes To Bedrock Environmental Law Bruce Huber
NPR 2020-01-09
White House unveils plan to speed big projects permits Bruce Huber
Reuters 2020-01-09
Trump Aims to Reel in Climate Reviews While Courts Say Otherwise Bruce Huber
Bloomberg 2020-01-09
Trump to announce sweeping changes to the National Environmental Policy Act Bruce Huber
CNBC 2020-01-09
Iran's Zarif says US denied him a visa to attend UN meeting Mary Ellen O'Connell
Al Jazeera 2020-01-08
Assassination or legitimate act in the war on terror? Legal debate rages as Iran retaliates against US for Soleimani killing Mary Ellen O'Connell
USA Today 2020-01-08
Taiwan’s presidential hopefuls turn to YouTube and Facebook as elections draw closer CNBC 2020-01-08
Bipartisan Cooperation America 2020-01-07
Donald Trump Jr posts crusader symbol image amid Middle East turmoil Robin Jensen
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A One-Word Accusation Swirls Around Trump’s Deadly Strike: Assassination Mary Ellen O'Connell
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The future of American skiing may be inside a New Jersey mall The Washington Post 2020-01-07
The Evangelist David Campbell
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Donald Trump Jr. poses with rifle decorated with a cross used during the Crusades Robin Jensen
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Thai architect wins Notre Dame’s 2020 Driehaus Prize for traditional design Chicago Tribune 2020-01-06
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'World War III' was trending Mary Ellen O'Connell
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Seeking saints helped U.S. Catholics become more American Kathleen Cummings
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It Wasn’t the Law That Stopped Other Presidents From Killing Soleimani Mary Ellen O'Connell
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Suleimani killing the latest in a long, grim line of US assassination efforts Mary Ellen O'Connell
The Guardian 2020-01-04
Was the drone attack on Iranian general an assassination? Mary Ellen O'Connell
Associated Press 2020-01-04
Was it legal for Donald Trump to order the killing of a top Iranian general? Mary Ellen O'Connell
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Your Qasem Soleimani questions answered: Will killing spark war? Mary Ellen O'Connell
BBC News 2020-01-03
Robert Schmuhl: 'Democrats are stoking Trump's fury but will leave the voters to act as judge and jury' Robert Schmuhl
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Wisconsin fire agencies ditch hazardous firefighting foam Graham Peaslee
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Who put the cult in faculty? Christian Smith
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In strategic Djibouti, a microcosm of China’s growing foothold in Africa The Washington Post 2019-12-30
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