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Orthodox Christian Patriarch — spiritual leader of 300 million worldwide — to be honored Thursday at Notre Dame as part of 12-day visit to U.S. Chicago Tribune 2021-10-27
Why it could be tough for the SEC to ban payment for order flow Patrick  Corrigan
Yahoo 2021-10-26
What I Learned From Justice Thomas | Opinion Newsweek 2021-10-25
Orthodox patriarch released from hospital, set to meet Biden Associated Press 2021-10-25
Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin The New York Times 2021-10-25
Opinion: There is no middle ground in the Mississippi abortion case. The court must overrule ‘Roe.’ The Washington Post 2021-10-22
Orthodox Church’s top patriarch to visit US, meet with Biden Associated Press 2021-10-22
Supreme Court won’t block Texas abortion law but grants expedited review for Nov. 1 The Washington Post 2021-10-22
Haitian gang wants $1 million ransom for each of the 17 kidnapped missionaries Karen Richman
NPR 2021-10-20
Sunset for U.N. Sanctions? George A. Lopez
Foreign Policy 2021-10-20
China’s New Moon Rocks Hint at a Violent, Wet History Clive Neal
The Daily Beast 2021-10-19
Máire Mhac an tSaoi: ‘Radical and uninhibited in her personal life, conservative in her aesthetic’ Brian  Ó Conchubhair
The Irish Times 2021-10-18
Biden administration moves to curtail toxic ‘forever chemicals’ Graham Peaslee
The Washington Post 2021-10-18
This Breast Cancer Charity Is the Big New ‘Scam’ in Politics Lloyd Mayer
The Daily Beast 2021-10-15
Biden to meet with Pope Francis to discuss coronavirus, climate change, caring for poor David Campbell
The Washington Post 2021-10-14
U.S. Church strengthening support for marriage Timothy  O'Malley
Crux 2021-10-14
In the US there is "an electoral denial without real foundation", says expert (En EE.UU. hay "un negacionismo electoral sin fundamento real", dice experto) CNN 2021-10-14
Private Equity Funds, Sensing Profit in Tumult, Are Propping Up Oil Sophie Shive
The New York Times 2021-10-13
Theologians affirm 'Black Theology Matters' at symposium National Catholic Reporter 2021-10-13
Perpetual adoration is the ‘fuel that runs this parish’ Catholic News Service 2021-10-12
Opening the Word: The final misunderstanding Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-10-11
GOP senator backs Ex-Sen. Donnelly’s pick for Vatican post Associated Press 2021-10-10
Joseph Donnelly, pro-life Democrat and former U.S. senator from Indiana, is Vatican ambassador nominee Catholic News Service 2021-10-09
QAnon's Deadly Price Rolling Stone 2021-10-09
Biden taps pro-life Democrat as US Ambassador to the Vatican Crux 2021-10-09
State Secrets That Are Not Secrets in Black Site Case (Podcast) Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2021-10-08
Biden to nominate Joseph Donnelly as Vatican ambassador Religion News Service 2021-10-08
Texas judge says abortions can resume, but future uncertain Associated Press 2021-10-08
America’s political scientists are worried about “lethal partisanship” The Economist 2021-10-07
'Relic of the past': Why women don't need Roe v. Wade to flourish now Carter Snead
USA Today 2021-10-06
Opening the Word: Give it up Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-10-04
US innovation and manufacturing is vital for national and economic security The Hill 2021-09-30
From paints to plastics, a chemical shortage ignites prices Kaitlin Wowak
Associated Press 2021-09-29
‘Originalist’ Judges Lose Sight of Truths That Precede Law The Wall Street Journal 2021-09-29
As community college students return to class, let's help them graduate Jim Sullivan
The Hill 2021-09-27
Five Years After Peace Deal, Colombia Is Running Out of Time, Experts Say The New York Times 2021-09-26
Transitions: George Washington U. Selects Interim Leader; New President Named at Wheaton College, Mass. The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-09-24
Nun of Us Are Friends Kathleen Cummings
NPR 2021-09-23
Opinion: Biden’s strategy to stabilize U.S.-China relations isn’t working The Washington Post 2021-09-23
Biden risks killing more civilians with drone strikes in Afghanistan as part of his 'over-the-horizon' strategy, experts warn Mary Ellen O'Connell
Business Insider 2021-09-21
These Deepfake Voices Can Help Trans Gamers Wired 2021-09-21
Opening the Word: Whoever gives Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-09-20
Colombia: why peace remains elusive five years after Farc deal Financial Times 2021-09-19
Here Come the First Responders ... And the Engineers? Tracy Kijewski-Correa
The Atlantic 2021-09-19
Harvard's atheist chaplain: It's another sign of America's growing secularism David Campbell
Geoffrey Layman
USA Today 2021-09-19
General Mark Milley had a predicament: Follow God’s orders or Trump’s? Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
Gerard  Powers
America 2021-09-16
Pope Francis says U.S. bishops debating Biden Communion should be pastors, not politicians John McGreevy
The Washington Post 2021-09-15
The U.S. Is Winning the War on Poverty Jim Sullivan
The New York Times 2021-09-15
Abortion Has Never Just Been About Abortion Darren Dochuk
The New York Times 2021-09-15
Poverty fell overall in 2020 as result of massive stimulus checks and unemployment aid, Census Bureau says Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2021-09-14
Poverty in the U.S. rose last year amid COVID pandemic says Census Bureau Jim Sullivan
Fortune 2021-09-14
Pandemic Stimulus Checks Softened the Blow of Rising US Poverty Rates Jim Sullivan
Yahoo 2021-09-14
Poverty rose in 2020 amid pandemic even as stimulus payments helped some 11.7 million Americans avoid it Jim Sullivan
CNN 2021-09-14
Opening the Word: Jealousy and ambition: The root of sin Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-09-13
Alt-right finds new partners in hate on China’s internet Michel Hockx
The Guardian 2021-09-11
China’s cultural crackdown: few areas untouched as Xi reshapes society Michel Hockx
The Guardian 2021-09-10
The Power of the Latin Mass Timothy  O'Malley
The Wall Street Journal 2021-09-09
USDA report shows pandemic relief helped hungry families Jim Sullivan
Marketplace 2021-09-09
Workplace bias suppression can be difficult to sustain, study shows Yahoo 2021-09-08
Prayer and politicking: Churches become a center of the California recall campaign Kraig Beyerlein
Los Angeles Times 2021-09-07
China Moves to Complete Its Purge of Hong Kong’s Election System Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-09-07
On this Labor Day, advocating for just wages means fighting company theft Daniel Graff
National Catholic Reporter 2021-09-06
Opinion: Critics of Texas’s convoluted abortion law have a point. The solution is to overturn Roe v. Wade. Carter Snead
The Washington Post 2021-09-06
Opening the Word: The hidden Messiah Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-09-06
Admirers still urging sainthood for chaplain killed on 9/11 Kathleen Cummings
Associated Press 2021-09-04
Opening the Word: The hidden Messiah Timothy  O'Malley
America 2021-09-03
New College Degrees Give Liberal-Arts Students More Business Courses Michael H. Morris
The Wall Street Journal 2021-09-03
Could the U.S. Government Take Nonviolence Seriously? Sojourners 2021-09-02
Texas Abortion Case Highlights Concern Over Supreme Court’s ‘Shadow Docket’ The New York Times 2021-09-02
U.S. Civil Engineers Bent the Rules to Give New Orleans Extra Protection from Hurricanes. Those Adjustments Might Have Saved the City During Ida Joannes Westerink
Time 2021-09-02
China bans reality talent shows to curb behaviours of ‘idol’ fandoms Michel Hockx
The Guardian 2021-09-02
Backpage Kingpins Go on Trial—and Sex Workers May Pay the Price The Daily Beast 2021-09-01
Notre Dame's Sakimoto: Church has 'profound' role in addressing climate crisis National Catholic Reporter 2021-08-30
Transitions: Lipscomb U. Names First Female President; Tuskegee U.'s Interim President Becomes Permanent Leader The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-08-30
A New Breed of Crisis: War and Warming Collide in Afghanistan The New York Times 2021-08-30
Colombia’s Troubles Put a President’s Legacy on the Line The New York Times 2021-08-30
Is Joe Biden repeating the mistakes of the past in Afghanistan? Catholic commentators weigh in. R. Scott Appleby
Daniel Philpott
America 2021-08-30
The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist. Christian Smith
The New York Times 2021-08-26
Delta will hike insurance premiums and limit sick pay for unvaccinated employees Joe Holt
CNN 2021-08-25
New Programs: Music, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Themed Experience, Marine Policy, Global Health Inside Higher Ed 2021-08-25
To engage the Taliban, the US needs an honest debate on Sharia law The Hill 2021-08-24
Opening the Word: Defiled heart, defiled hands Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-23
Good, but Not Great: Taking Stock of a Big Ten University’s Covid Plan Alex Perkins
The New York Times 2021-08-22
Big Read: Joe Biden’s Afghan humiliation: ‘This betrayal will live in infamy’ Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2021-08-21
Going to school with Mom: A look at Marian institutions John Cavadini
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-20
The disciplined creativity of Christian charisms Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-20
Mail has been showing up on time, but don't be fooled: Slower days are coming James O'Rourke
NBC News 2021-08-18
How Apple's plan to combat child abuse backfired on it Elizabeth M. Renieris
CNN 2021-08-17
Opening the Word: Bread of life discourse: Parts 4 and 5 Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-16
Jobs are still down 22% for low-wage workers. They’re up for everyone else CNBC 2021-08-16
Analysis: Debt in a warm climate: coronavirus and carbon set scene for default Reuters 2021-08-12
Anti-feminism Backlash On The Rise In South Korea International Business Times 2021-08-11
Is that long-lasting lipstick toxic? Study raises concerns about PFAS in cosmetics. Graham Peaslee
The Washington Post 2021-08-11
Opening the Word: The feast of the Assumption Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-09
Transitions: State U. of New York College at Oneonta Selects Next President The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-08-06
PFAS: fears over lax US standards prompt bill on beauty products’ safety Graham Peaslee
The Guardian 2021-08-06
The U.S. bishops’ document on the Eucharist could benefit young Catholics Timothy  O'Malley
America 2021-08-05
Big Tech Is Coming to Small-Town America, But There's a Catch Time 2021-08-04
USCCB, Catholic groups, politicians back Mississippi in court abortion case Carter Snead
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-03
Opening the Word: Bread of Life discourse — Part 3 Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-08-02
Why bond funds may be riskier than they seem Financial Times 2021-08-02
Acrophobia: Symptoms, Treatments & How to Cope Choosing Therapy 2021-07-31
Lawmakers want to know about 'every minute' of Jan. 6: A DOJ policy change may help compel Trump officials to testify Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2021-07-30
Trump Ally Barrack Charged With Illegal Lobbying Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2021-07-27
Activision Blizzard Gender-Bias Suit Shows Videogame Culture Remains a Flashpoint Matthew Payne
The Wall Street Journal 2021-07-26
Can better tech make video meetings less excruciating? Susan Blum
BBC News 2021-07-26
Superstars of service — Deacon Mel and Annie Tardy Today's Catholic 2021-07-26
Attorneys: Dismissal exonerates mentally ill man in killing Associated Press 2021-07-22
Tips And 'Service With A Smile' Rules Fuel Sex Harassment In Restaurants, Study Says NPR 2021-07-22
Robinhood faces 'looming regulatory risk' as it gears up for its IPO Patrick  Corrigan
Yahoo 2021-07-21
Singapore, India and China are among the top 10 countries that are 'significantly' more likely to be impacted by both toxic pollution and climate change, study warns Daily Mail 2021-07-21
The Cyclones Destroyed Everything. Climate Change Will Likely Make Things Worse Vice 2021-07-21
The Seemingly Minor Change the Pope Just Made That Is Freaking Out Conservative Catholics Timothy  O'Malley
Slate 2021-07-17
The birthrate in the U.S. fell 4% in 2020 and immigration may be the solution, say economists Kasey Buckles
MarketWatch 2021-07-15
Why the US is launching a $300 monthly child benefit Jim Sullivan
BBC News 2021-07-15
Will virtual happy hours go offline as COVID restrictions ease and in-person social events return? USA Today 2021-07-15
LDS outreach to immigrants grows, pushing church members to examine GOP ties David Campbell
Religion News Service 2021-07-15
Parents are gearing up to spend big on back-to-school stuff, boosted by pandemic savings and the new child tax credit payments Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2021-07-14
‘We are fundamentally a racist and sexist society’: How top companies in US are struggling to diversify leadership USA Today 2021-07-14
What’s a point on the Dow, S&P or Nasdaq? Marketplace 2021-07-13
From Super Mario to Zelda: Why vintage video games are selling for more than $1million Matthew Payne
The Independent 2021-07-13
Child tax credit payments could act as stimulus for retailers as soon as this month Jim Sullivan
CNBC 2021-07-12
U.S. restaurant culture inadvertently leads to sexual harassment Fast Company 2021-07-12
Annals of Inquiry: Being in Time Meghan Sullivan
The New Yorker 2021-07-09
What will your parish look like post-pandemic? It may depend on how it responded to coronavirus Timothy  O'Malley
National Catholic Reporter 2021-07-07
Suicide Attack on Hong Kong Police Officer Highlights Tension Over China’s Rule Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The Wall Street Journal 2021-07-07
Transitions: Illinois Institute of Technology Selects Next President; DePaul U. President to Step Down Next Year The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-07-06
‘Faustian Bargain’ Review: Partners In Crime Ian Johnson
The Wall Street Journal 2021-07-06
Fewer working-age people may slow economy. Will it lift pay? Kasey Buckles
Associated Press 2021-07-03
‘Revenge tour’: How showman Trump is ready to throw his hat back in the ring Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2021-07-02
The Supreme Court Throws Out A State Law Requiring Nonprofits To Name Rich Donors Lloyd Mayer
NPR 2021-07-01
Opening the Word: The return to basics Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-07-01
At Notre Dame, We Believe ‘Student’ Should Come First in ‘Student-Athlete’ The New York Times 2021-07-01
One year on, here’s how China’s national security law has changed Hong Kong The Washington Post 2021-06-30
Religious liberty ‘like oxygen’ for flourishing society, scholar says Stephanie Barclay
Crux 2021-06-30
Actually, the Antitrust Case Against Facebook Is Very Much Alive Wired 2021-06-29
‘Baby boom’ among Colombian rebels was a sign of hope. Now the families face uncertainty. National Geographic 2021-06-29
University of Notre Dame Victoria Hui Discusses CCP's Anniversary Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-06-28
Israeli extremists are attacking Palestinians. But are these mobs or pro-government militias? The Washington Post 2021-06-28
The riddle of how humans evolved to have fathers Lee Gettler
BBC News 2021-06-27
Lawmakers introduced 2 new bills after a study found popular beauty products may contain cancer-linked 'forever chemicals' Graham Peaslee
Business Insider 2021-06-24
Pride Celebrations Are Decades Old, but 2021 Will Still Have Some Firsts Jason Ruiz
The New York Times 2021-06-24
Considering a move for retirement? How to know if you’re ready or not MarketWatch 2021-06-23
Communion vote puts spotlight on Hispanic Catholics Timothy Matovina
The Hill 2021-06-23
It’s legitimate to debate President Biden receiving Communion. But we should consider our own worthiness, too. Timothy  O'Malley
America 2021-06-22
Transitions: Temple U. Names First Black President; Ohio State U. Selects New Provost The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-06-21
Why Shutdowns and Masks Suit the Elite Carter Snead
The Wall Street Journal 2021-06-20
Supreme Court foster care ruling likely to prompt more tests of religion vs. LGBTQ rights Rick Garnett
USA Today 2021-06-18
US Catholic bishops OK steps toward possible rebuke of Biden David Campbell
Associated Press 2021-06-18
Amid dispute over Biden’s support of abortion rights, Catholic bishops to vote on controversial Communion document Kathleen Cummings
The Washington Post 2021-06-18
Supreme Court’s day of culture war surprises Rick Garnett
The Christian Science Monitor 2021-06-18
Supreme Court Sides With Catholic Agency In LBGTQ Foster Care Case—But Avoids Major Religious Freedom Questions Rick Garnett
Time 2021-06-17
China Hails Hong Kong Journalist Arrests, Warns Media Outlets Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-06-17
Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic agency in foster case Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2021-06-17
Religious freedom vs. LGBTQ rights: Supreme Court sides with Catholic foster care agency Rick Garnett
USA Today 2021-06-17
Supreme Court rules for Catholic foster care agency in Philadelphia, citing discrimination Rick Garnett
Los Angeles Times 2021-06-17
Report: There are toxic chemicals in more than half of makeup brands Graham Peaslee
Fast Company 2021-06-16
Study: Half of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals Graham Peaslee
Associated Press 2021-06-15
More Than Half of Cosmetics Used in U.S. and Canada Contain Cancerous Chemicals, Study Shows Graham Peaslee
Newsweek 2021-06-15
Makeup may contain potentially toxic chemicals called PFAS, study finds Graham Peaslee
CNN 2021-06-15
Senate bill would ban toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in makeup, which new study found are often unlabeled Graham Peaslee
The Washington Post 2021-06-15
Makeup products may contain potentially toxic PFAS chemicals, study warns Graham Peaslee
Fox News 2021-06-15
Professor: Why I teach the much-debated 1619 Project — despite its flaws John Duffy
The Washington Post 2021-06-14
‘Disagreeable’ men who avoid housework are bigger earners, study finds The Telegraph 2021-06-13
Small World: Ireland, 1798-2018 by Seamus Deane – A magnificent volume The Irish Times 2021-06-12
'Disagreeable' married men who don't help out around the house get paid MORE than husbands who play a bigger role on the domestic chores front, study finds Daily Mail 2021-06-11
What Catholic bishops are actually saying about denying Communion to politicians William C. Mattison III
Religion News Service 2021-06-11
Biden and abortion could change the bishops’ culture of consensus at next week’s USCCB meeting Kathleen Cummings
America 2021-06-10
Ransomware is a national security risk. It's time to treat it like one Mike Chapple
CNN 2021-06-10
It’s complicated: Moving on from Trump at DOJ not easy for 'straight-shooting' Merrick Garland Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2021-06-09
Transitions: Florida State U. Names New President; George Washington U. President to Retire The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-06-09
Supreme Court rules against immigrants with temporary status Lisa Koop
Associated Press 2021-06-07
Opening the Word: The supreme generosity of new life in God Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-06-07
Supreme Court: Immigrant who entered country illegally can't get a green card because of TPS program Lisa Koop
USA Today 2021-06-07
Tourists are back in Rome, including some with American accents The Washington Post 2021-06-05
When Men Get Pregnancy Symptoms Lee Gettler
The Atlantic 2021-06-03
Mexico’s deadly elections: Crime groups target candidates in a fight for turf The Washington Post 2021-06-02
Hong Kong’s New Police State Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The Diplomat 2021-06-01
The complicated politics of a Beijing 2022 boycott Vox 2021-06-01
What Entrepreneurs Have Learned From the Covid-19 Pandemic The Wall Street Journal 2021-06-01
Obamacare, LGBTQ rights, voting laws in play during Supreme Court's final month Lloyd Mayer
CNN 2021-06-01
Kamala Harris Bombs at the Naval Academy The Wall Street Journal 2021-05-31
14 Excerpts from Commencement Speeches Without the Word C*vid The New York Times 2021-05-29
'Mare of Easttown' captures cultural Catholicism's lasting power Kathleen Cummings
National Catholic Reporter 2021-05-29
Transitions: Louisiana State U. Names New President; U. of South Carolina President Resigns The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-05-26
From protests to 'patriots': Why China is crushing Hong Kong dissent Victoria Tin-bor Hui
BBC News 2021-05-26
Abortion fight puts renewed focus on Biden's Catholicism David Campbell
The Hill 2021-05-26
Postal Service sees chance to turn the page after tumultuous year James O'Rourke
The Hill 2021-05-23
Kathleen Andrews Dies at 84; Helped Give Ziggy and Others Their Start The New York Times 2021-05-22
Bob Dylan at 80, by Declan Kiberd: He was so much older then, he’s younger than that now The Irish Times 2021-05-22
International relations scholar Nuno Monteiro asked and answered the big questions about real-world politics The Washington Post 2021-05-21
The Abortion Fight Has Never Been About Just Roe v. Wade The Atlantic 2021-05-20
A Time for Courage on the Supreme Court | Opinion Carter Snead
Newsweek 2021-05-20
The Supreme Court has an opportunity to correct the mistake of ‘Roe v. Wade’ Rick Garnett
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-05-20
An ancient Chinese history lesson for today’s Hong Kong Victoria Tin-bor Hui
South China Morning Post 2021-05-20
Seminaries commit to benchmarks on sexual misconduct policies Crux 2021-05-19
Pandemic baby bust: Millennials' bad luck leads to fewer kids Kasey Buckles
The Hill 2021-05-19
Restarting Study Abroad Michael Pippenger
Inside Higher Ed 2021-05-19
Biden Eyes More U.S. Jobs in Expansion of Vaccine Sharing Abroad Bloomberg 2021-05-18
Supreme Court to Review Mississippi Law Limiting Abortion Rights Carter Snead
The Wall Street Journal 2021-05-17
Opening the Word: ‘Not mine but yours’ Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-05-17
The Best Places To Retire In 2021 Forbes 2021-05-14
Seamus Deane: Derry-born author and poet dies BBC News 2021-05-13
'Life-or-death impacts': Colonial hack the latest in rising threat of ransomware attacks Mike Chapple
USA Today 2021-05-13
Waiving patents isn't enough — we need technology transfer to defeat COVID Tamara Kay
The Hill 2021-05-13
Seamus Deane remembered, by President Michael D. Higgins RTE Radio 1 2021-05-13
What The Ransomware Pipeline Attack Says About U.S. Infrastructure Mike Chapple
WBUR 2021-05-10
Opening the Word: Witnesses on earth Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-05-10
Ransomware Attack Shuts Down A Top U.S. Gasoline Pipeline Mike Chapple
NPR 2021-05-09
Capitol riot spurred conspiracy charge against 31 suspects, but how hard is it to prove? Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2021-05-09
Cyberattack on U.S. pipeline is linked to criminal gang Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2021-05-09
Major US pipeline halts operations after ransomware attack Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2021-05-08
Cyber Attack Shuts Down Vital Fuel Pipeline To Northeast U.S. Mike Chapple
Forbes 2021-05-08
U.S. Pipeline Cyberattack Forces Closure Mike Chapple
The Wall Street Journal 2021-05-08
How Peloton backed down and agreed to recall treadmills tied to one death, many injuries Kaitlin Wowak
The Washington Post 2021-05-06
Experts say Peloton will emerge from the treadmill recall with its bottom line intact — even as its delay in issuing a recall exposes larger safety issues Kaitlin Wowak
Business Insider 2021-05-06
In Abrupt Reversal, Peloton Agrees To Safety Recall Of Treadmills Kaitlin Wowak
NPR 2021-05-05
Facebook oversight board to decide Trump’s fate on the platform Elizabeth M. Renieris
Al Jazeera 2021-05-05
EXPLAINER: Will Donald Trump return to Facebook? Elizabeth M. Renieris
Associated Press 2021-05-04
There’s more to the baby bust than COVID-19 Kasey Buckles
Marketplace 2021-05-04
In Venezuela, a quest for sainthood offers proof of miracles Kathleen Cummings
National Geographic 2021-05-03
Roughly 40% Of Post Offices Operate In The Red. Could Banking Offer Them A Way Out? James O'Rourke
NPR 2021-05-01
Jobless claims hit new pandemic low for third straight week, as labor market picks up Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2021-04-29
Support of Trump within church has driven some Catholics to the exits David Campbell
National Catholic Reporter 2021-04-29
Universities Must Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Return to School U.S. News & World Report 2021-04-29
New book looks into the importance of the Real Presence in life of the Church Timothy  O'Malley
Crux 2021-04-28
Transgender and Nonbinary Teens Share Their Stories in New Book Series Jason Ruiz
The New York Times 2021-04-27
Villanova conference elevates calls for Biden to be denied Communion John McGreevy
National Catholic Reporter 2021-04-27
Thousands Of U.S. Post Offices Lose Money. Should Some Be Closed? James O'Rourke
NPR 2021-04-27
Apple's iPhone privacy clampdown arrives after 7-month delay Elizabeth M. Renieris
Associated Press 2021-04-26
The Controversial but Useful Practice of ‘Ungrading’ in Teaching Writing Susan Blum
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-04-26
Supreme Court poised for another historic spring Lloyd Mayer
CNN 2021-04-25
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women varies by race and ethnicity, according to a new analysis Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2021-04-24
Supreme Court to Weigh in on State Charity Oversight (Podcast) Lloyd Mayer
Bloomberg 2021-04-23
To address Central American migrants, the US must confront its own past Tom Hare
The Hill 2021-04-23
Students hope vaccine mandate will bring life back to college CNN 2021-04-23
What Teenagers Have Learned From a Tumultuous Time in Politics David Campbell
Christina Wolbrecht
The New York Times 2021-04-22
547,000 Americans filed jobless claims, a new pandemic low Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2021-04-22
One chart shows how pandemic poverty reached a new high in March Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2021-04-21
Experts: U.S. pullout plan in Afghanistan does not address civilians' needs David Cortright
National Catholic Reporter 2021-04-21
Parent like your religion depends on it Christian Smith
Religion News Service 2021-04-21
Poverty soared to a pandemic high last month Jim Sullivan
NBC News 2021-04-21
Poverty rate rose to pandemic high ahead of new stimulus Jim Sullivan
Politico 2021-04-21
U.S. Poverty Rate Rose to Pandemic High Ahead of New Stimulus Jim Sullivan
Bloomberg 2021-04-20
Despite falling unemployment, America’s poverty rate just reached the highest level since the pandemic began Jim Sullivan
MarketWatch 2021-04-20
Conservative legal experts take up Apache Oak Flat religious freedom case Stephanie Barclay
National Catholic Reporter 2021-04-19
‘He has not bowed’: Jimmy Lai and Hong Kong’s future Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The Christian Science Monitor 2021-04-19
Becoming American: This unaccompanied minor nearly drowned coming to the US. Now he has a new life in Florida Lisa Koop
USA Today 2021-04-16
Panel: Catholics, white Americans must reckon with their role in violence against Asian women National Catholic Reporter 2021-04-15
Professor Hui on U.S.-China Climate Talks, Taiwan Tensions Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-04-15
China Rivalry Spurs Republicans and Democrats to Align on Tech Spending The Wall Street Journal 2021-04-14
Americans have a long history of waiting in line, but waiting for vaccinations feels different The Washington Post 2021-04-13
Survey: Nearly 1 in 3 contribute to a crowdfunding drive Lloyd Mayer
Associated Press 2021-04-13
More colleges make Covid vaccines mandatory for students CNBC 2021-04-12
US colleges divided over requiring student vaccinations Associated Press 2021-04-12
More Colleges Say They'll Require Students To Have COVID-19 Vaccines For Fall NPR 2021-04-11
Book Brief: A new thriller from Gianrico Carofiglio, plus new titles by Mel Giedroyc and Claire Fuller Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2021-04-10
Johnson & Johnson dose allocation to fall 85% next week; Notre Dame latest university to require vaccination: Latest COVID-19 updates USA Today 2021-04-09
Notre Dame to require COVID-19 vaccination for fall attendance The Hill 2021-04-09
Apache tribe fights to save its centuries-old holy place Stephanie Barclay
NBC News 2021-04-09
Opioid abuse spiked during the pandemic. What can Congress do? Politico 2021-04-08
A growing number of US colleges and universities are requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccinations CNN 2021-04-08
Here’s a List of Colleges That Will Require Students to Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-04-07
Making Teamwork Work Inside Higher Ed 2021-04-07
U.S. Senate panel to hold hearing on tech bill to combat China Reuters 2021-04-07
Notre Dame Is The Latest University To Require Students To Get A Coronavirus Vaccine Forbes 2021-04-07
University of Notre Dame will require COVID-19 vaccines for all students next fall Chicago Tribune 2021-04-07
‘A Sense of Belonging’ for Hispanic Children, With Puppets Jason Ruiz
The New York Times 2021-04-06
Opening the Word: One heart, one mind Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-04-05
'Allergic reaction to US religious right' fueling decline of religion, experts say David Campbell
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President Biden is the nation’s 2nd Catholic president. Kathleen Cummings
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Rep. Matt Gaetz's media blitz publicized a federal investigation. Legal experts say that poses risks Jimmy Gurulé
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Church ponders the pastoral ‘now’ awaiting post-pandemic future Timothy  O'Malley
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My 8-year-old son has taught me—a sacramental theologian—how to love the sacraments again. Timothy  O'Malley
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Poll finds church membership continues downward trend in 21st century Timothy  O'Malley
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Better education 'doesn't lead to greater job satisfaction' Yahoo 2021-04-01
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Chef initiative, ice fishing trash, Tribeca plans: News from around our 50 states USA Today 2021-03-31
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The ship blocking the Suez Canal may be free, but experts warn the supply chain impact could last months Jeffrey Bergstrand
CNBC 2021-03-29
Giant container ship that blocked Suez Canal is finally free Jeffrey Bergstrand
Associated Press 2021-03-29
Grounded cargo ship Ever Given floating, moving through Suez Canal: 'We pulled it off!' Jeffrey Bergstrand
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Winner of America’s highest Catholic award walks her own talk Crux 2021-03-29
Prosecutors struggle with consistent story in Jan. 6 cases Jimmy Gurulé
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Floyd spurred broad push for change globally, activists say David Hooker
Associated Press 2021-03-27
Fact check: Claims that VP Kamala Harris refused to salute the military are missing context Michael Desch
USA Today 2021-03-27
How recipients will spend COVID relief payments depends on their income Jim Sullivan
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America's immigration impasse is self-inflicted. It doesn't have to be. Luis Fraga
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WeWork stock offer comes amid doubtful need for office space Associated Press 2021-03-26
Big Tech CEOs pounded over social media’s role in promoting misinformation, extremism Elizabeth M. Renieris
MarketWatch 2021-03-25
Beijing’s Schadenfreude Over the Capitol Riots Conceals Deep Anxiety Foreign Policy 2021-03-24
US poverty is still high, but stimulus is stopping it from getting worse Jim Sullivan
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Do You Believe in Miracles? The Atlantic 2021-03-22
Satan’s Lawyers Try Christian-Right Tactics to Erect Winged Goat Rick Garnett
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Trump, My Dad and the Rightward Shift of Latino Men David Cortez
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No Right to Pray on the 50-Yard Line for Coach (Podcast) Rick Garnett
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The Evangelicals’ Trump Obsession Has Tarnished Christianity David Campbell
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As democracy fades, Hong Kong’s political opposition become political prisoners Victoria Tin-bor Hui
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Priests and lay women work together every day. The church is finally starting to train them together, too. America 2021-03-18
IRS will delay tax filing due date until May 17 Associated Press 2021-03-18
Clergy seen as ‘fourth branch of government’ in coup-stressed Mali Catholic News Service 2021-03-17
Latino identities, always in the plural, and voting trends Luis Fraga
National Catholic Reporter 2021-03-17
Oil bears and bulls grapple as market puzzles over pandemic exit Gianna Bern
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IRS tax deadline changes with income taxes and payments due May 17 to give taxpayers more time amid COVID USA Today 2021-03-17
Do You Commune With Nature? Darcia Narvaez
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Supreme Court's COVID-19 cases stir up battle between religion, same-sex couples over foster care Rick Garnett
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Chicago parish fiercely backs priest after sex abuse claims Associated Press 2021-03-15
The Latino vote: It doesn't exist, but it will decide the future Luis Fraga
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Business executive who is gospel singer, author to receive Laetare Medal Catholic News Service 2021-03-15
It's Laetare Sunday: Here is the 2021 Laetare Medal recipient National Catholic Reporter 2021-03-14
Luis Palau, the ‘Billy Graham of Latin America,’ Dies at 86 Darren Dochuk
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Indiana expanding COVID-19 vaccinations to teachers Chicago Tribune 2021-03-12
This is Why You Keep Forgetting Why You Entered a Room Vice 2021-03-12
“Allergic to religion”: Conservative politics can push people out of the pews, new study shows David Campbell
Geoffrey Layman
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Warren Buffett Becomes Sixth Member of $100 Billion Club Jim Sullivan
Bloomberg 2021-03-11
Why “equity” can mean “cash” in real estate and “fairness” in everyday language Marketplace 2021-03-11
Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus could drastically cut poverty, studies say Jim Sullivan
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Indiana expanding COVID-19 vaccinations to teachers Associated Press 2021-03-10
Fact check: Prisoners also got relief checks from the pandemic bills Trump signed and Cotton voted for CNN 2021-03-08
Indiana health officials tout 8,200 vaccinations at Speedway Associated Press 2021-03-07
At ancient city of Ur, Pope Francis makes heartfelt appeal for fraternity of faiths Religion News Service 2021-03-06
Catholic leaders in the U.S. call vaccines a ‘moral obligation.’ Carter Snead
The New York Times 2021-03-06
Senate Passes Next Stimulus Package, Inching It Closer To Becoming Law Jim Sullivan
Forbes 2021-03-06
China Abandons 24-Year Experiment With Open Hong Kong Elections Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-03-05
China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles NBC News 2021-03-05
China Wants to Rewrite Hong Kong’s Election Rules to Eliminate Dissent Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Vice 2021-03-05
Column: Is scamming hard-wired? That’s one explanation for the explosion of pandemic ripoffs Ann Tenbrunsel
Los Angeles Times 2021-03-05
After days of halting statements about vaccine morality, multiple Catholic leaders call the shots urgent, important Carter Snead
The Washington Post 2021-03-05
EXPLAINER: Pope’s risky Iraq trip aims to boost Christians Gabriel  Reynolds
Associated Press 2021-03-03
Dropping mandates, hiking for stress, opening stadiums: News from around our 50 states USA Today 2021-03-03
Rockets strike Iraqi base housing US troops ahead of Pope Francis visit Mary Ellen O'Connell
USA Today 2021-03-03
U.S. COVID vaccine supply to be boosted by Merck helping make J&J vaccine Kaitlin Wowak
MarketWatch 2021-03-02
New Orleans archdiocese labels Johnson & Johnson vaccine 'morally compromised'; Merck to help manufacture it: Live COVID-19 updates Kaitlin Wowak
USA Today 2021-03-02
Martin Sheen: How Mother Teresa, Dan Berrigan’s lawyer and I fought to end the Gulf War America 2021-03-01
What will Catholic community look like after COVID? Timothy  O'Malley
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Fact-checking Psaki's claim that there 'have not been sanctions put in place' on foreign leaders even in recent past George A. Lopez
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Militia official: US strike in Syria kills 1, wounds several Mary Ellen O'Connell
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US bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia Mary Ellen O'Connell
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US launches air strikes against Iran-linked militias in Syria Mary Ellen O'Connell
Financial Times 2021-02-26
First US military action under Biden draws criticism Mary Ellen O'Connell
Al Jazeera 2021-02-26
Why Democrats are blasting Biden’s attack against Iranian proxies in Syria Mary Ellen O'Connell
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Unpacking the fine print of Biden's declaration about the war in Yemen Mary Ellen O'Connell
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Stimulus measures helped lift 1.6 million Americans out of poverty Jim Sullivan
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Can Clubhouse Move Fast Without Breaking Things? Elizabeth M. Renieris
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Climate change is not priced into markets but its effect could be substantial, experts say CNBC 2021-02-24
I tested my tap water, household products and cat for toxic 'forever chemicals' Graham Peaslee
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Pandemic, terror threats: Iraq papal trip is complicated, even for Francis Gabriel  Reynolds
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Burying the truth of Partition in the interest of peace? Remembering in the dark The Irish Times 2021-02-23
'Allen v. Farrow' is the latest example of 'consequences culture' Ted Mandell
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New document offers ways to foster Catholic-Methodist relationships Catholic News Service 2021-02-21
No one's life should be defined by the circumstances of their death. Even John Keats'. NBC News THINK 2021-02-21
Facebook makes a power move in Australia - and may regret it Elizabeth M. Renieris
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How Rush Limbaugh helped turn feminism into an urgent threat to the Republican Party Christina Wolbrecht
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Economic hardship and anxiety have accelerated the Republican Party’s radicalization, experts say Rory McVeigh
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Biden, Warnock, and the resurgence of the liberal Christian Kraig Beyerlein
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COVID-19 economic relief should focus on those hit hardest Jim Sullivan
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After Weeks Of Being Offline, Parler Finds A New Web Host Elizabeth M. Renieris
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Georgia prosecutor calls Giuliani's election claims 'various overt acts for an illegal purpose' that could warrant a racketeering charge Business Insider 2021-02-15
Mature Red-Bellied Lemur Seeks Soul Mate for Cuddles and Grooming The New York Times 2021-02-14
A Year of Hardship, Helped and Hindered by Washington Jim Sullivan
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Speed of some mail delivery would decrease under proposal James O'Rourke
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Will Supreme Court Expand Religious Rights? (Podcast) Rick Garnett
Jimmy Gurulé
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It may be cold and snowy outside, but winter activities are some of the best ways to get fit, experts say. The Washington Post 2021-02-13
Postmaster general’s new plan for USPS is said to include slower mail and higher prices James O'Rourke
The Washington Post 2021-02-12
Transitions: Wake Forest U. Selects Next President, 2 Presidents Named in City U. of New York System Elizabeth M. Renieris
The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-02-11
U.S. Child-Poverty Crisis Spurs Stepped-Up Efforts in Congress Jim Sullivan
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The Radically Simple New Approach to Helping Families: Send Parents Money Kasey Buckles
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Brazil’s wealthy cause a stir trying to score quick vaccines Associated Press 2021-02-08
More bubbles, less shorting. What the GameStop craziness could mean for the future of investing Jason Reed
CNBC 2021-02-06
Firefighters may be wearing gear that contains toxic chemicals, researchers find Graham Peaslee
The Boston Globe 2021-02-06
Surge of unaccompanied minors at border poses challenge for Biden administration Lisa Koop
USA Today 2021-02-06
Republicans still in thrall to Trump as he faces into Senate trial Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2021-02-06
US economy adds 49,000 jobs as Biden aims for further Covid relief Jason Reed
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Opinion: It’s encouraging that reducing child poverty is now a bipartisan aspiration Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2021-02-05
Can Catholic Social Teaching Unite a Divided America? John McGreevy
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U.S. employment growth likely rebounded; more government money still needed Jason Reed
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S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit records on positive labor-market data Jason Reed
Business Insider 2021-02-04
Yellen meets with regulators over GameStop volatility, vows to protect investors Patrick  Corrigan
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GameStop Mania Drives Scrutiny of Payments to Online Brokers The Wall Street Journal 2021-02-04
The QAnon Delusion Has Not Loosened Its Grip The New York Times 2021-02-03
The Privacy Spat Between Facebook and Apple Is Just the Beginning Elizabeth M. Renieris
Bloomberg 2021-02-03
Clarence Thomas' wife apologizes to his former clerks for divide that developed amid fallout over Capitol riot CNN 2021-02-02
Jeff Bezos to resign as chief executive of Amazon Timothy  Hubbard
The Guardian 2021-02-02
Amazon's Jeff Bezos to step down from CEO role and become executive chair; Andy Jassy named next CEO Timothy  Hubbard
USA Today 2021-02-02
Ginni Thomas apologizes to husband’s Supreme Court clerks after Capitol riot fallout The Washington Post 2021-02-02
Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO Timothy  Hubbard
CNN 2021-02-02
Poverty increased most in states with poorer unemployment benefit systems Jim Sullivan
Yahoo 2021-02-01
The Justice Department urgently needs a reset. Enter Merrick Garland. Is he up for it? Jimmy Gurulé
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The sacramental pull of ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’ the ‘Black National Anthem’ America 2021-02-01
We're Perfecting Our Capacity For Human Destruction Gerard  Powers
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As Biden prays for healing, Catholics clash over president’s faith Kathleen Cummings
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Panelists say abortion debate has become too political, needs wider focus Catholic News Service 2021-01-31
Corporate executives reap millions from Reddit stock frenzy CBS News 2021-01-30
We've failed working mothers (again). This is how we build a better world for them. Kasey Buckles
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Why Facebook is considering an antitrust lawsuit against Apple Elizabeth M. Renieris
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The Vatican and Pax Christi International think big on peace National Catholic Reporter 2021-01-29
Were Orthodox Christians massacred in Ethiopia? Laurie Nathan
America 2021-01-29
Biden's Multi-lateral Approach to China, Hong Kong Probably the Way to Go, Says Notre Dame's Hui Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-01-29
Why Enough Hong Kongers to Fill Belfast May Flee to the U.K. Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-01-29
When Drug Development for Rare Disease Hit Setback, Parents Were Stung The Wall Street Journal 2021-01-28
‘The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets.’ David Campbell
The New York Times 2021-01-28
Vehicle recalls cluster because OEMs wait for rivals to move first Kaitlin Wowak
Ars Technica 2021-01-27
Politics Could Imperil Probe of Narco Access to U.S. Chemicals Marya Lieberman
Bloomberg 2021-01-27
Opinion: Biden’s U.N. ambassador nominee to face criticism for past praise of China The Washington Post 2021-01-27
COVID-19 pummels U.S. economy in 2020; performance weakest in 74 years Jim Sullivan
Reuters 2021-01-27
Over 6 Million Added to Food Stamp Rolls as Pandemic Surged Jim Sullivan
Bloomberg 2021-01-27
Why N95 Masks Are Still In Short Supply In The U.S. Kaitlin Wowak
NPR 2021-01-27
Over 8M Americans have fallen into poverty as COVID-19 relief benefits expired Jim Sullivan
Fox News 2021-01-26
Firefighters Battle an Unseen Hazard: Their Gear Could Be Toxic Graham Peaslee
The New York Times 2021-01-26
Senators are about to be sworn in for another impeachment trial, in which Trump's own words will likely be the main evidence Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2021-01-26
Report: American Billionaires Have Added More Than $1 Trillion In Wealth During Pandemic Jim Sullivan
Forbes 2021-01-26
America's billionaires have grown $1.1 trillion richer during the pandemic Jim Sullivan
CNN 2021-01-26
U.S. Suffers Sharpest Rise in Poverty Rate in More Than 50 Years Jim Sullivan
Bloomberg 2021-01-25
8 million Americans have fallen into poverty in recent months as government benefits lapse, a new study finds Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2021-01-25
We Want a ‘New Normal.’ It’s Not in the Forecast. Roy Scranton
The New York Times 2021-01-25
Janet Yellen, poised to become the first female Treasury chief, may be a calming influence in a divided Washington Jeffrey Bergstrand
USA Today 2021-01-25
Living with a Visionary The New Yorker 2021-01-25
U.S. Records Worst Poverty Spike Since 1960s, Black Americans Hit Hardest Jim Sullivan
Newsweek 2021-01-25
A 2011 dictionary is reshaping the language of corporate reporting Timothy Loughran
Quartz 2021-01-24
Labor Rights Activists Say Minimum Wage Proposals From Manchin, Romney Aren't Living Wages Daniel Graff
Newsweek 2021-01-24
How might Joe Biden’s Catholic faith guide his presidency? Kathleen Cummings
Today Show 2021-01-24
Biden claims his $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan will cut child poverty in half — here’s how Jim Sullivan
CNBC 2021-01-23
Why Kamala Harris and ‘Firsts’ Matter, and Where They Fall Short Christina Wolbrecht
The New York Times 2021-01-21
Bishops welcome Biden as president, offering prayers for the common good Catholic News Service 2021-01-20
Firefighters Want Halt on Money From Makers of PFAS-Laden Gear Graham Peaslee
Bloomberg 2021-01-19
Joe Biden's very Catholic Cabinet Kathleen Cummings
National Catholic Reporter 2021-01-19
How Trump's most consequential policies have changed America Jim Sullivan
CNN 2021-01-17
Trump lived up to the nickname by disrupting in ways we never could have imagined possible Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2021-01-16
5 ways in which this inauguration will look and feel very different to any other Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2021-01-16
Informal Networks Provide 18% Of Americans’ Total Retirement Savings Karen Richman
Forbes 2021-01-15
What the 1798 Sedition Act got right — and what it means today Katlyn Marie Carter
The Washington Post 2021-01-14
Trump makes history as he's impeached for second time Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2021-01-14
US debt surged by $7 trillion under Trump. It will go much higher under Biden Jim Sullivan
CNN 2021-01-14
In Hong Kong, dozens of arrests for pro-democracy activities will have a chilling effect The Washington Post 2021-01-12
Beware entanglements? ‘Realists’ fret over Biden foreign policy. Michael Desch
The Christian Science Monitor 2021-01-12
Probe highlights Vatican legal system’s limited protections Paolo Carozza
Associated Press 2021-01-12
What Does the Storming of the Capitol Tell Us About Classical Architecture? Common Edge 2021-01-11
Hong Kong mass arrests: A stark step in Beijing’s ‘drive for control’ Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The Christian Science Monitor 2021-01-11
Questions around Irish unity referendum to be examined in new initiative The Irish Times 2021-01-11
Notre Dame President condemns Capitol violence, says Biden wants to heal ‘fractured nation’ Crux 2021-01-11
Capitol Police officer's death investigated as homicide; Trump's legal exposure questioned Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2021-01-08
Will the Capitol Rioters Face Justice? (Podcast) Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2021-01-08
‘The Worst Day for American Democracy in My Lifetime’ Inside Higher Ed 2021-01-07
Hong Kong national security law: Activists say arrests confirm worst fears Victoria Tin-bor Hui
BBC News 2021-01-07
Trump is reportedly mulling pardoning himself. Is that Legal? Jimmy Gurulé
Forbes 2021-01-07
Capitol invasion adds to challenges facing incoming Biden administration Rick Garnett
Catholic News Service 2021-01-07
Could Catholic moral theology light the way for a new GOP? Religion News Service 2021-01-06
Researchers expect the US to face underpopulation, blaming a falling birth rate and economic crises Kasey Buckles
CNBC 2021-01-06
In Hong Kong it now looks like opposition is against the law Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The Guardian 2021-01-06
Beijing Sends Biden Stark Message with Hong Kong Crackdown Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-01-06
Prisoners Eligible For $600 Stimulus Checks; Stimulus Bill Language Doesn’t Exclude Them Forbes 2021-01-06
Blind Spots In Climate Policy: EV Supply Chain And Climate Adaptation Forbes 2021-01-05
University of Illinois’ COVID-19 saliva test moves closer to FDA approval, but not fast enough to meet the demand: ‘Every school district in Illinois would love to have this’ Chicago Tribune 2021-01-05
Hong Kong Arrests U.S. Citizen, Dozens More Under Security Law Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Bloomberg 2021-01-05
Will increasing traffic to the Moon contaminate its precious ice? Clive Neal
Nature 2021-01-05
Hong Kong Police Arrest Dozens of Pro-Democracy Leaders Victoria Tin-bor Hui
The New York Times 2021-01-05
Opening the Word: Beloved, come Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2021-01-04
Transitions: New Presidents Named at Colorado College and Hofstra University The Chronicle of Higher Education 2021-01-04
Microsoft says hackers viewed its source code Mike Chapple
CNN 2021-01-01
The legacy of 2020: Riches for the wealthy, well educated and often White, financial pain for others Jim Sullivan
CNBC 2021-01-01
Opening the Word: The mystery of family life Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-12-31
Coronavirus, elections, and McCarrick dominate 2020 in U.S. Crux 2020-12-31
'Of course Biden is the president-elect' Rick Garnett
National Catholic Reporter 2020-12-31
This billionaire warns that America's massive wealth gap could lead to conflict Jim Sullivan
CNN 2020-12-31
Seismic change: How Covid-19 altered world events in 2020 Victoria Tin-bor Hui
BBC News 2020-12-31
Religious nonprofits scramble to get enough donations to match the surge in community needs Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-31
Why 2020 really was the worst year ever Jim Sullivan
The Hill 2020-12-31
Congress extends pandemic aid for the jobless and renters. Here’s what you need to know. Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-31
Donald Trump’s days may be numbered, but it is not in his nature to leave quietly Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2020-12-31
Opening the Word: The horizon opens Jim Sullivan
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-12-31
Congressional leaders strike a long-awaited stimulus deal: $600 checks and $300 federal weekly unemployment benefits for Americans Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-12-31
Microsoft says Russians hacked its network, viewing source code Mike Chapple
The Washington Post 2020-12-31
Letters to a young Catholic: How to be real Our Sunday Visitor 2020-12-31
MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office Jimmy Gurulé
Politico 2020-12-18
Take the deal, Congress. Then immediately start working on the next one. Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-17
Do yourself a favor: Get outside more this winter New York Daily News 2020-12-17
Did Beijing miss its soft power moment? Victoria Tin-bor Hui
Politico 2020-12-17
U.S. poverty jumps the most in 60 years Jim Sullivan
CBS News 2020-12-17
Pete Buttigieg's faith was as much a part of his profile as being LGBT. Is it a model for others? Kraig Beyerlein
NBC News THINK 2020-12-17
To Boost Your Mood And Brain Power, Connect With Nature Forbes 2020-12-17
50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says Jim Sullivan
CBS News 2020-12-17
A time to splurge or a time to scrape by: Holidays expose widening disparity among U.S. families Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-17
Top Vatican officials call for world free of nuclear weapons Crux 2020-12-17
Billionaire MacKenzie Scott: Pandemic made the rich richer while wrecking others; donating money gives me hope Jim Sullivan
CNBC 2020-12-17
China Brings Moon Rocks to Earth, and a New Era of Competition to Space Clive Neal
The New York Times 2020-12-16
Nearly 8 million Americans fell into poverty since June: study Jim Sullivan
The Hill 2020-12-16
Largest Increase In U.S. Poverty Recorded In 2020 Jim Sullivan
Forbes 2020-12-16
A $900 Billion Covid-19 Aid Compromise Is Coming Together And Some Progressives Aren’t Happy Jim Sullivan
Forbes 2020-12-16
The Daily 202: Picking Buttigieg for Transportation shows Biden taking a Swiss Army knife approach to filling Cabinet Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-16
Nearly 8 million Americans fell below the poverty line since the summer as the government stopped writing checks for stimulus, unemployment, and small business aid Jim Sullivan
Business Insider 2020-12-16
Without more jobless benefits, almost 5 million people will fall into poverty, including 1.3 million kids Jim Sullivan
CNBC 2020-12-16
Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer Jim Sullivan
The Washington Post 2020-12-16
What Happens to the Unemployed When the Checks Run Out Jim Sullivan
The New York Times 2020-12-14
~18,000 organizations downloaded backdoor planted by Cozy Bear hackers Mike Chapple
Ars Technica 2020-12-14
D.C. publishes reams of coronavirus data. Some say it brings more questions than answers. Alex Perkins
The Washington Post 2020-12-12
Biden Chooses Ex-Obama Official to Lead Department of Veterans Affairs The Wall Street Journal 2020-12-10
Facebook Case Presents Test for Antitrust Enforcement, Federal Courts The Wall Street Journal 2020-12-10
Facebook hit with antitrust suits that seek to ‘unwind’ Instagram, WhatsApp acquisitions MarketWatch 2020-12-10
Airbnb prices shares at $68 ahead of Thursday IPO Patrick  Corrigan
Associated Press 2020-12-10
How China’s Communist Party trains foreign politicians The Economist 2020-12-10
Facebook lawsuits don't show much consumer harm, but must they? Reuters 2020-12-10
End of ‘One Day at a Time’ Removes One of TV’s Few Latino Families Jason Ruiz
The New York Times 2020-12-10
Biden’s Cabinet and White House Picks: Who They Are and What We Know The Wall Street Journal 2020-12-10
Hackers stole $3.5 billion FireEye's prized 'red team' hacking tools — here's why that's bad news and why they existed in the first place Mike Chapple
Business Insider 2020-12-09
JFK was greeted with rock-star support from Catholics. Biden faces a much more divided tribe. Kathleen Cummings
The Washington Post 2020-12-09
Airbnb, DoorDash Rallies Stoke Debate on Pricing IPOs Patrick  Corrigan
Bloomberg 2020-12-09
A firm that helps protect businesses and cities from cyberattacks just got hit by one Mike Chapple
CNN 2020-12-09
Top Cyber Firm, FireEye, Says It's Been Hacked By A Foreign Govt. Mike Chapple
NPR 2020-12-08
Cybersecurity firm FireEye discloses that it was hacked, sending its shares spiraling Mike Chapple
Fortune 2020-12-08
Economists to Bernie Sanders: Don't kill the relief bill over stimulus checks Jim Sullivan
CNN 2020-12-07
Opening the Word: Lessons from John the Baptist: ‘I am not’ Timothy  O'Malley
Our Sunday Visitor 2020-12-07
Meet Biden crisis manager Ron Klain, who will dive into the COVID-19 fight with Dr. Anthony Fauci USA Today 2020-12-05
Robo-surveillance shifts tone of CEO earnings calls Timothy Loughran
Financial Times 2020-12-05
Joe Biden and new administration could restore economic sanctions George A. Lopez
The Hill 2020-12-04
NASA is paying startups for moon rocks. It's not what you think Clive Neal
CNN 2020-12-04
The Best Period Underwear Graham Peaslee
The New York Times 2020-12-03
Despite imprisonment, Hong Kong democracy activists urge continued resistance America 2020-12-03
Joe Biden is taking office amid a poverty crisis Jim Sullivan
Vox 2020-12-03
Unemployed in the USA: 'I don’t know what to do' Jim Sullivan
BBC News 2020-12-03
Why “the 26 words that created the internet” are under fire Tim Weninger
The Christian Science Monitor 2020-12-03
Chang’e-5: why has China sent a probe to the moon? Clive Neal
The Guardian 2020-12-02
China Moon mission and a scholar on death row Clive Neal
Nature 2020-12-02
Ep. 32: Student Wellbeing During the Fall Term Inside Higher Ed 2020-12-02
China just landed its Chang'e-5 spacecraft on the moon. The mission could bring moon rocks to Earth for the first time in 40-plus years. Clive Neal
Business Insider 2020-12-01
Transition Playbook Politico 2020-11-30
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