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Linda Przybyszewski, associate professor of history and an expert on legal history and Constitutional interpretation, delivered the most recent lecture in the University of Notre Dames Saturday Scholar Series,Catholics, Concubines, and the Constitution: 19th-Century Battles over Church and State,on Sept. 17.Her presentation included an examination of the proper role of religion in public life, especially for 19th-century Americans who engaged in two of the most dramatic battles over church-state issues – one over Mormon polygamy and the other over Bible reading in the schools, each of which raised essential questions about the Republics constitutional order.

Sponsored by theCollegeofArtsand Letters, the Saturday Scholar Series presentations begin three and one-half hours before kickoff of each home football game and are held in the auditorium of theHesburghCenterfor International Studies.

The next presentation will be Oct. 15 and will feature Thomas Slaughter, Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History, with a lecture titledExploring Lewis and Clark.

The lecture is available for viewing on the Web at:



For more information on the Saturday Scholar Series, including a schedule of speakers, visit .

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