English professor authors new novel

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Five strangers drawn together by their quest to transcend the here and now in search of something better is the basis of a new novel by Steven Tomasula, a professor of English at the University of Notre Dame.p. In and Ozis a novel of art, love and five people – an auto designer, photographer, musical composer, poet/sculptor and mechanic – who suspect that the things lacking in their lives might be discovered in another place. Each one attempts to reach beyond the limits of language to remake the world and themselves.p. Tomasula joined the Notre Dame faculty in 1996 and specializes in fiction writing, postmodern fiction and the literature of the small press. He also is the author ofVAS: An Opera in Flatland,published by Station Hill Press in 2003.p. His short fiction and essays have appeared in Fiction International, McSweeneys and The Iowa Review, which awarded him the Iowa Prize for the most distinguished work in any genre. He is a regular contributor to The Review of Contemporary Fiction and the American Book Review.p.

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