Notre Dame ReSources

Author: Dennis Brown

Notre Dame ReSources
March 29-April 4, 1998

p. Please feel free to call the following Notre Dame faculty for additional comment on these people and events in the news:
p. Jones v. Clinton : The decision by Judge Susan Webber Wright to dismiss Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton is a "legal victory for the president, and both he and the country are spared a public trial that might well have given new meaning to the word ‘spectacle,’ " says Robert Schmuhl , chair and professor of American studies at Notre Dame. “The victory, however, comes at a high price. Without the case of Paula Jones, there would not have been the other allegations involving the president and women other than his wife. Now even more than before it’s a matter for the court of public opinion and the judgment of the people.” (219) 631-7316; *
p. *Credit unions
: The Supreme Court’s recent decision to restrict membership in credit unions to people who share some common bond such as working for the same employer or living in the same community could be a “great victory for the little guy,” Elizabeth Schiltz , associate professor of law at Notre Dame, writes in an op-ed for the South Bend Tribune. “The Court reminded the National Credit Union Association that credit unions are not intended to be impersonal financial conglomerates. They are supposed to provide ‘credit with a human face,’ based on a common bond that can serve as a substitute for credit rating or collateral in a loan decision.” (219) 631-5911 p. Earthquakes : Driven by the devastating effects of recent earthquakes, researchers in the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory at Notre Dame are developing innovative strategies for increasing the safety and reliability of buildings that are subject to quakes as well as the effects of wind, waves, lightning and terrorist acts. Billie F. Spencer , professor of civil engineering, and Michael K. Sain , Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering, are looking for ways to combine computers, sensors and new control mechanisms to contain vibrations in buildings, offshore rigs, towers, roads, bridges, pipelines and other structures. Spencer: (219) 631-6247 ; Sain: (219) 631-6538 p. Carrots vs. sticks : Two Fellows in Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, George Lopez and David Cortright , examine the effectiveness of sanctions and incentives in foreign policy in “Carrots, Sticks and Cooperation: Economic Tools of Statecraft,” a chapter in a new book titled “Causes and Strategies for Preventive Action.” The authors contend that incentives (carrots) may be preferable to sanctions (sticks), especially in light of the latter’s negative impact on market forces and vulnerable populations. The chapter examines several recent multilateral sanctions cases, including Iraq, and incentives cases, including North Korea and Pakistan. Lopez: (219) 631-6972 ; Cortright: (219) 8536 p. Yellow fever : A major advance has been made in the effort to control the transmission of yellow fever and dengue viruses, Notre Dame entomologist Frank Collins , Clark Professor of Biological Sciences, reports in an upcoming issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. Collins’s research team is genetically altering the capacity to support yellow fever and dengue virus replication in wild Aedes Aegypti mosquitos, the viruses’ most important vector. Dengue fever annually infects 2 billion people worldwide and yellow fever epidemics have reemerged in Africa and South America, Collins says. (219) 631-9245 p. Israel : Alan Dowty , professor of government and international studies at Notre Dame, examines the formation and development of Israel in a new book titled “The Jewish State: A Century Later.” Published by the University of California Press, the 331-page book provides a comprehensive interpretative study of the historical roots and contemporary functioning of Israel. The success of Jewish politics, Dowty concludes, has been its capacity for power-sharing, and his demonstration of this fact reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Israeli democracy in responding to the challenges of communal divisions, religious contention, non-Jewish minorities, and accommodation with the Palestinians. (219) 631-5098; *
p. *Workplace leadership
: A new book edited by Robert Vecchio , the Franklin D. Schurz Professor of Management at Notre Dame, examines leadership in the workplace. Published by the University of Notre Dame Press, “Leadership: Understanding the Dynamics of Power and Influence in Organizations” is an anthology of key writings by leading scholars in the field. The 592-page book is composed of 33 chapters, including eight written by Vecchio, and examines six facets of leadership: the myths and facts of what leaders do, power and influence, dysfunctional aspects of leadership, models of leadership, alternative views of leadership, and emerging issues. The book is designed to be both a text for advanced students of business, sociology and psychology and a resource for business professionals, educators, health-care workers, public administrators, law enforcement personnel, and directors of not-for-profit organizations. (219) 631-6073
p. Notre Dame notes : Indiana " Lt. Gov. Joseph Kernan ": , the former mayor of South Bend and a Notre Dame graduate, will be the principal speaker at the University’s 153rd Commencement exercises May 17 … " Dr. Edmund D. Pellegrino ": , the John Carroll Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics at Georgetown University, will receive Notre Dame’s 1998 Laetare Medal, commonly regarded as the most prestigious honor awarded to American Catholics … Nationally prominent experts in the field of sports marketing will take part in a daylong symposium on the subject April 17 … Students, theologians and other scholars, religious leaders and members of the general public will speak from experiences of violence, injustice and peace building in a conference April 3-4 at Notre Dame … " Frank Incropera ": , currently head of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, has been appointed the new Matthew H. McCloskey Dean of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering … " Lee Krajewski ": , the William R. and Cassie Daley Professor of Manufacturing Strategy at Notre Dame, has been elected to the presidency of Decision Sciences Institute … The new, Trafalgar Square site of Notre Dame’s " London Study Centre ": will be named Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall, honoring the mother of the Notre Dame alumnus who is underwriting the project. Charles K. Fischer and family of Fort Worth, Texas, have made possible the renovation of the historic building, located at Nos. 1-4 Suffolk Street in the heart of London

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