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Author: Dennis Brown

The following Notre Dame faculty are available for additional comment on these people and events in the news:
p. Cadmium : Notre Dame researcher Jinesh C. Jain has discovered higher concentrations of cadmium in the durum wheat ? the variety used to make pasta ? grown in the United States and Canada than that grown in other parts of the world. The likely reason for the disparity, according to Jain, is that North American farmers apply more phosphate-based fertilizers, which often contain small amounts of cadmium, a heavy metal that accumulates in the body and has been tied to kidney disease and prostate cancer. The elevated levels of cadmium found in North American wheat are not thought to be harmful, but researchers are concerned that more of the element is getting into water and soils via industrial pollution and other sources, which ultimately may lead to higher concentrations in the food chain. For further comment, contact Jain at (219) 631-9049.
p. China : Protests outside the U.S. embassy in Beijing in response to NATO’s bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia are “evidence of just how far we have gone in alienating the Chinese public,” says Peter Moody , professor of government and international studies and director of the Asian Studies Program at Notre Dame. “While part of the protest clearly has been facilitated by the government, the public sentiment is real enough. As for the government, the Chinese are very sensitive to national sovereignty issues and they have serious suspicions about the whole expansion of NATO. They have very little sympathy for what we’re doing in Kosovo and the destruction of their embassy was completely unacceptable.” For further comment, contact Professor Moody at (219) 631-7492.
p. Israeli elections : The upcoming election in Israel will be an “important watershed,” says Alan Dowty , professor of government and international studies. “For the first time, there will be a significant center bloc holding the balance of power in the Knesset. Neither the left nor the right will be able to form a government without the center. In addition, the break between the right-wing Likud and the rejectionist far right creates the likelihood of a centrist government or a government of national unity even if Netanyahu is reelected as prime minister. In other words, whatever the outcome of the separate race for prime minister, the next Knesset and the next government of Israel will both be more centrist. As for who the prime minister will be, Labor’s Ehud Barak currently leads Netanyahu by a few percentage points in a two-way face-off ? as Peres led Netanyahu at this stage in 1996. The second round will not take place until June 1, unless other candidates withdraw before the first round on May 17, so it is still too early to call.” *Professor Dowty at (219) 631-5098 or at

  • p. Latin America : Leading scholars and activists in Latin American human rights analyze some of the region’s most pressing problems ? including lack of accountability, police brutality and the need for judicial reform ? in a new book coedited by Guillermo O’Donnell, Helen Kellogg Professor of Government and International Studies at Notre Dame. Published by Notre Dame Press, “The (Un)Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America” is the fourth part of Project Latin America 2000 undertaken by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at Notre Dame. *For a copy of the book, contact Julie Dudrick at (219) 631-6346 or at
  • p. Ecumenism : A new book edited by Notre Dame theologian Lawrence Cunningham and published by Notre Dame Press assesses the state of ecumenism in Christianity today. “Ecumenism: Present Realities and Future Prospects” is a collection of the work presented at a 1997 conference in Jerusalem commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies. Among the contributors to the book are Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C. , president of Notre Dame and a professor of theology, and Rabbi Michael Signer , Abrams Professor of Jewish Thought and Culture at Notre Dame. Established jointly by Notre Dame and Pope Paul VI, the Ecumenical Institute is located just inside Jerusalem on the road to Bethlehem. Initially a center for theological inquiry and discussion among the divided communities of Christendom, the institute has expanded its programs to include ecumenical scholarship and interreligious dialogue between Christians and those of other world faiths, especially Jews and Muslims. For a copy of the book, contact Julie Dudrick at (219) 631-6346 or at * . For further comment, contact Professor Cunningham at (219) 631-7137.*
    p. Computing : A functioning logic gate based on a transistorless approach to computing called quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) is reported by University of Notre Dame scientists in the April 9 issue of the prestigious journal Science. QCA is an effort to bring information storage down to the molecular level by encoding digital data in the positions of only two electrons. The logic gate is the most basic element of digital computers. “This experiment is significant in that it demonstrates that what we predicted in theory is how the logic gate in fact functions in a QCA device,” said Gregory Snider, assistant professor of electrical engineering, who headed the research team. According to Snider, recently funded future QCA experiments will explore molecular-sized (rather than quantum-sized) QCA cells. For further comment, contact Professor Snider at (219) 631-4148.
    p. Notre Dame News: Elizabeth Dole will be the principal speaker at Notre Dame’s 154th Commencement ceremony Sunday (May 16) … Patricia A. O’Hara , vice president for student affairs, has been appointed dean of the Notre Dame Law School, succeeding David T. Link … Rev. Mark L. Poorman, C.S.C. , executive assistant to the president of the University, has been elected to succeed O’Hara … James J. Lyphout and Scott C. Malpass have been elected vice presidents for business operations and finance, respectively … Barbara J. Hanrahan , director of the Ohio State University Press, has been appointed director of Notre Dame Press … The business ethics curriculum at Notre Dame is the best in the nation, according to a new book, the Business Week Guide to the Best Business Schools (6th edition, 1999).

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