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Author: Dennis Brown

The following Notre Dame faculty are available for additional comment on these people and events in the news:

Boeing : Large layoffs such as those at Boeing obviously are difficult for the employees who lose their jobs, but they also cause considerable stress for the workers who retain their jobs, according to a management professor at Notre Dame. “Layoffs tend to cause remaining employees to reconsider their relationship with the company,” said Edward Conlon , the Edward Frederick Sorin Society Professor of Management. “Their specific reactions depend a great deal on the process and procedures used to conduct the layoffs, including the reasons for the decision and the company’s history with regard to layoffs. In the case of Boeing, where the stated reason was a decline in the demand for commercial aircraft caused largely by the Asian financial turmoil, it is likely that the employees will at least to some extent accept the legitimacy of the action.” *For further comment, contact Professor Conlon at (219) 631-7685 or at
  • p. Lewinsky’s legacy? The Monica Lewinsky affair is “another major advertisement for the need of serious campaign finance reform,” William O’Rourke , professor of English at Notre Dame, writes in a tongue-in-cheek op-ed for the Chicago Sun-Times. “How she got into the proximity of the Oval Office was solely because of the recommendation of a very large donor to the Democratic Party, New York insurance magnate Walter Kaye. Many interns are brought into the White House because of merit, others because of political connections, and Monica was very much the latter, though she hardly can be faulted, clever young woman that she is, for making the best of whatever opportunities came her way.” *For further comment, contact Professor O’Rourke at (219) 631-7377.
  • p. China : Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s recent tough talk is the latest example of an inconsistency in U.S. foreign policy toward China, according to Peter Moody , professor of government and director of the Asian Studies Program at Notre Dame. “For the past many years, the United States has not had a well thought through policy toward China,” Moody says. “Rather, American actions seem dictated by the pressures of the moment, from issue to issue and day to day, without any deep consideration of how actions on one issue, or on one day, might affect the overall relationship.” *For further comment, contact Professor Moody at (219) 631-7312 or at
  • p. South Africa : The almost certain election in June of Thabo Mbecki to succeed Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa will keep the country on a stable course, according to Rev. Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C. , associate professor of management at Notre Dame and an expert on South African politics and economics. “Thabo Mbecki is a skilled diplomat and a brilliant public policy thinker who in many ways is more talented than Mandela,” says Father Williams. “Of course, he does not possess the almost saint-like status of Mandela, who has kept relative peace in spite of the fact that there is a 30-percent unemployment rate and that many live in dire poverty. Mbecki will be under great pressure to deliver jobs and increased services for the poor. If anyone can do it, he can. The challenge is great, however.” For further comment, contact Father Williams at (219) 631-5761 or at *
  • Note : Video and photos are available of Mbecki addressing a landmark conference at Notre Dame in October 1991 involving representatives of the African National Congress, Inkatha, the Azanian People’s Organization, the National Party, the U.S. government and American corporate leaders. Contact Dennis Brown in Public Relations and Information at (219) 631-7367.
    p. Good citizens : Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C. , is the coeditor of a new book titled “Colleges and Universities as Citizens.” Published by Allyn and Bacon, the book is a collection of 10 articles by academics and others involved in the effort to promote greater community involvement by American institutions of higher learning, so that the many resources of colleges and universities may be brought to bear more directly on community needs and problems. The book not only explores successful models of institutional engagement, such as service learning programs, but also analyzes the structure, mission and culture of higher education with an eye to changes that must occur in order for colleges and universities to become more fully engaged in service to the community. Father Malloy’s coeditors are Robert Bringle , director of the Center for Public Service and Leadership at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, and Richard Games , executive director of Indiana Campus Compact. To obtain a copy of the book, contact Allyn and Bacon at (800) 278-3525. p. Comparative law : West Publishing has released the second edition of “Comparative Legal Traditions in a Nutshell,” coauthored by Paolo G. Carozza , associate professor of law at Notre Dame. The book provides a variety of methods for looking at comparative law, including examinations of civil law tradition, common law, court structures, and civil and criminal procedure. Carozza’s contributions include analysis of continental European legal systems and supranational European law. His coauthors are Mary Ann Glendon of Harvard University and Michael Wallace Gordon of the University of Florida. For further comment, contact Professor Carozza at (219) 631-4128.
    p. Managed health care : In “Medicine and the Marketplace: The Moral Dimensions of Managed Care,” a new book published by Notre Dame Press , author Kenman L. Wong offers an ethical assessment of emerging health care arrangements. Though Wong argues that managed care is the best available option, he finds fault with many current practices of managed care organizations. He evaluates the place of the profit motive in managed care organizations and addresses whether managed care should remain the exclusive domain of nonprofit organizations. Wong is an associate professor of business ethics at Seattle Pacific University. For more information, contact Notre Dame Press at (219) 631-6346. p. Notre Dame News : The University has established a Marital Therapy and Research Clinic under the direction of David A. Smith, assistant professor of psychology … Syndicated political columnist E.J. Dionne will deliver a lecture titled “What’s Public? What’s Private? How Do We Know the Difference?” on campus March 23. Dionne is the journalist-in-residence at Notre Dame this year … The business ethics curriculum at Notre Dame is the best in the nation, according to a new book, the Business Week Guide to the Best Business Schools (6th edition, 1999) … Notre Dame will hire an accounting firm to undertake monitoring of licensee manufacturing sites around the world to ensure compliance with anti-sweatshop provisions of its code of conduct. The independent monitoring by PricewaterhouseCoopers will be the first such arrangement in American higher education … David Lodge , associate professor of biological sciences, and Barbara McCrea , a visiting scholar in the University’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, has received Fulbright Scholar grants for the current academic year … Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will lecture on “Living in the Age of Possibilities” at 7:30 p.m. April 13 at Notre Dame’s Stepan Center.

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