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Author: Dennis Brown

The following Notre Dame faculty are available for additional comment on these people and events in the news:

Valentine’s Day : The dating and mating patterns of would-be valentines have changed over the second half of this century, according to David M. Klein , associate professor of sociology at Notre Dame. “One of the major changes since the baby boom is that young adults now spend more time dating (11 years now, compared with 6-7 years previously) before they get married,” says Klein, who teaches at course titled Dating and Mating. “Because the time most people spend dating their eventual spouse has increased only slightly, if at all, I would infer that the major change we see is that people are dating others either longer ? or more of them ? before starting to date the one they end up marrying. My other tentative conclusion is that one of the most important changes in the last 50 years is that the pathways to marriage have become increasingly diverse. Therefore, the ‘average’ experience is less typical and less meaningful than it used to be. The rise in non-marital cohabitation supports this diversification trend, as does the fact that our divorce rate places more people in the marriage market a second, or even additional, times.” Professor Klein can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-7616 or at
  • p. King Hussein : Changes in the Middle East are unlikely in the wake of King Hussein’s death, but he will be missed, says a Notre Dame political scientist. “The PLK ? Plucky Little King as he once was known in Washington ? has been a fixture for so long that it will be hard to adjust to his passing, even thought it is very unlikely ? at least in the short term ? that there will be any substantial changes in Jordan,” says Alan Dowty , professor of government and international studies. “The image that will remain in my own mind is Hussein’s visit to the families of Israeli youngsters killed by a crazed Jordanian soldier, kneeling and expressing profound remorse. His example of courage and humanity will be missed. The Middle East needs more like him.” Professor Dowty can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-5098 or at
  • p. Comets : A Notre Dame physicist says the launch this week of the Stardust spacecraft on a 3-billion-mile journey to chase down a comet and collect dust for return to Earth will help take astronomy to a new level. “This is an attempt actually to bring back material to study in the lab to determine its various properties and past evolution in great detail,” says Terrence Rettig , associate professor of physics. “Much of current astronomical results are inferred from telescopic observations. For comets, which played an important role in solar system formation, we have a large body of knowledge collected from many years of observations, but we don’t really understand the physical and chemical processes that were occurring in the early solar system to make these objects. Once we understand how comets were formed, we will have a better grasp on the early solar system formation. Knowing how interstellar gases and dust particles in the solar nebula formed comets, and then planets, will allow astronomers to understand how our solar system, as well as other solar systems, formed.” Professor Rettig can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-7732 or at
  • p. Smart sanctions : Two political scientists at the University of Notre Dame have received research grants totaling $80,000 from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the United States Institute of Peace to study creative measures for punishing violators of international law. George Lopez , professor of government and international studies, and David Cortright , visiting fellow in the University’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, plan to produce scholarly and policy articles and a book on what have been called “smart sanctions,” which include measures such as freezing assets, comprehensive approaches to arms embargoes, restrictions on international travel, and bans on participation in international activities. Professor Lopez can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-6972 or at
  • p. Olympics : The bribery scandal rocking the International Olympic Committee is a “blight on the world community,” says Rev. Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C. , associate professor of management and academic director of Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business. “The silver lining is that there is enough concern to do something about it and set a better climate for the future.” Father Williams can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-5761 or at
  • p. Christians in the academy : Notre Dame historian James Turner writes in Commonweal magazine that Christians in higher education are beginning to clarify and publicize the role religious convictions play in their intellectual lives. While remaining faithful to their scholarly activities, these Christians “have helped to nurture in the academy a heightened sensitivity to Christian faith as a factor important in its own right,” writes Turner, director of Notre Dame’s Erasmus Institute. “They have hardly conquered the high citadels of academe, and they have a long way to go before becoming anything like a major presence in the universities, but they have made their presence felt.” Professor Turner can be reached for further comment at *(219)-631-9346 or at
  • p. Notre Dame News : The Board of Trustees has affirmed a recommendation of the University’s officers that Notre Dame retain its institutional independence. The decision culminated a process of information-sharing between Notre Dame and both the Big Ten Conference and the Committee for Institutional Cooperation, the conference’s academic consortium … Award-winning author and documentary film producer Paul Wilkes has been appointed Visiting W. Harold and Martha Welch Professor of American Studies for the 1999 spring semester … Two professors in the Program of Liberal Studies, F. Clark Power and Stephen Fallon , have developed an innovative course on the Great Books exclusively for guests of the Center for the Homeless in South Bend. The participants receive college credits and attend Notre Dame at no charge … Alexander Blachly , associate professor of music at Notre Dame and founding director of the internationally acclaimed New York ensemble Pomerium, has been nominated for a Grammy award for small ensemble for the group’s album, “Creator of the Stars” … The motion picture, “Message in a Bottle,” based on the best-selling novel by 1988 Notre Dame graduate Nicholas Sparks, opens Friday (Feb. 12). It stars Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn and Paul Newman

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