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The fetish for vocational degrees is unhealthy Times Higher Education 2018-04-19
Millennial philanthropy can teach Catholic Church three things Christian Smith
National Catholic Reporter 2018-04-19
Why we need to help kids go to college wherever they want Abigail Wozniak
CNN 2018-04-18
How Irish writers predicted the future RTE Radio 1 2018-04-18
Former US first lady Barbara Bush dies aged 92 Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2018-04-18
Opening the Word: To bear bold fruit Our Sunday Visitor 2018-04-18
Commentary: How to Really Protect Your Digital Privacy: Move to Europe Mike Chapple
Forbes 2018-04-17
Why We Should Spend More on Humanities Research in a High-Tech World The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-04-17
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says online tax filers will get extension after IRS payment website outage: AP CNBC 2018-04-17
Facing Historic Labor Shortages, Companies Snap Up Teenagers Abigail Wozniak
The Wall Street Journal 2018-04-16
The maker of OxyContin tried to make it harder to misuse. It may have led to more heroin deaths. William Evans
Vox 2018-04-16
Here's the real winner in the Trump Comey ‘war of words’ Joe Holt
CNBC 2018-04-16
AUMF: What to know about the debate over military authorization Jimmy Gurulé
Fox News 2018-04-14
Notre Dame's Arike Ogunbowale must follow NCAA rules while on 'Dancing With the Stars' USA Today 2018-04-13
Free trade gets a boost in Africa Jeffrey Bergstrand
Marketplace 2018-04-13
Transitions The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-04-13
'Dancing With the Stars' athletes you'll love or hate, from Tonya Harding to Adam Rippon USA Today 2018-04-13
'Dancing With The Stars-Athletes' Cast Revealed, Full List of Teams Competing For Mirrorball International Business Times 2018-04-13
Getting Ethics Training Right for Leaders and Employees The Wall Street Journal 2018-04-13
Nun-activist who protests 'immoral' U.S. nuclear weapons focus of film Catholic News Service 2018-04-12
Abortion in the US: Actually, its laws are among the world’s most permissive Carter Snead
The Irish Times 2018-04-12
How OxyContin Kicked Off the Heroin Epidemic William Evans
The Daily Beast 2018-04-12
Real Time Economics: Inflation Focus | Fed Minutes | Deaths of Despair William Evans
The Wall Street Journal 2018-04-11
Opening the Word: The martyr shepherd Our Sunday Visitor 2018-04-11
Zuckerberg faces ‘Grandpa’ questions from lawmakers Timothy Carone
Associated Press 2018-04-11
Reformulated OxyContin May Not Have Saved Any Lives William Evans
Bloomberg 2018-04-11
Whether robots deserve human rights isn't the correct question. Whether humans really have them is. NBC News THINK 2018-04-11
Trump’s Military Strike on Syria Will Be Illegal Mary O'Connell
The Daily Beast 2018-04-10
Trump Attacks FBI Raid on Michael Cohen’s Law Office Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-04-10
The Latest: Reddit Says It Banned 944 Suspicious Accounts Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2018-04-10
White House Says Trump Has Power to Fire Mueller Jimmy Gurulé
The Wall Street Journal 2018-04-10
The White Sox ballpark in Chicago that never was and could have changed history Philip Bess
CBS News 2018-04-10
Looming 'debt hangover' will crush the economy Jason Reed
CNBC 2018-04-10
Strengthen, modernize nuclear weapon systems, says US State Department National Catholic Reporter 2018-04-09
Lula Da Silva, Brazil’s Beloved Ex-President, Surrenders After Standoff NPR 2018-04-07
Trump Escalates Pressure on Russia as West Rallies Against Putin Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-04-06
Panelists look at 'new lens' of Pope Francis National Catholic Reporter 2018-04-06
Refreshing Your Career to Gain New Opportunities The New York Times 2018-04-05
Encountering Christ Our Sunday Visitor 2018-04-04
The question that haunts Martin Luther King's last day in Memphis CNN 2018-04-03
In self-driving cars, human drivers and standards come up short: experts Timothy Carone
Reuters 2018-04-03
FDA orders kratom product recall over Salmonella; first such mandatory move in history USA Today 2018-04-03
Notre Dame Women's Basketball Team Wins National Championship NPR 2018-04-02
Here's how Amazon wins the tax war with Trump Jim Seida
CNBC 2018-04-02
Notre Dame Crowned Women's Basketball Champs After Buzzer Beater NPR 2018-04-02
In a First, Mormon Church Appoints 2 People of Color as Senior Leaders David Campbell
The New York Times 2018-04-02
China tariffs could be 'tip of the iceberg' in a 'long, entrenched trade war' Jason Reed
CNBC 2018-04-02
WATCH: This Last-Second Shot Gave Notre Dame The Women's Basketball Crown NPR 2018-04-02
Notre Dame’s Shots Heard ‘Round the World The Wall Street Journal 2018-04-02
Ogunbowale encore! Final Four hero lifts Notre Dame to title Associated Press 2018-04-02
Colleges With the Greatest R&D Spending in the Humanities, FY 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-04-01
Notre Dame wins national title with another last-second shot by Arike Ogunbowale The Washington Post 2018-04-01
Arike Ogunbowale Beats the Buzzer and Lifts Notre Dame to Title The New York Times 2018-04-01
Never mind about John Bolton. Trump's ego could force a North Korea deal anyway Michael Desch
CNN 2018-03-29
AP Awards: Muffet McGraw Coach, A'ja Wilson Player of Year Associated Press 2018-03-29
How can we foster unity among Catholics? Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-28
Love’s mercy received Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-28
Where are you when we need you, Father Ted? Chicago Tribune 2018-03-27
Here's what's missing from the gun control debate Joe Holt
CNBC 2018-03-27
The Morning Risk Report: U.S. Targets Alleged Iran State-Sponsored Hack The Wall Street Journal 2018-03-26
Graduation Rates for NCAA and NIT Men's Basketball Tournament Teams The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-03-25
Can Facebook Restore Public Trust After Privacy Scandal? Joe Holt
Associated Press 2018-03-24
Commentary: How to Make Sure Your Tax Preparer Is Worth It Fortune 2018-03-24
What’s more dangerous than a dictatorship of relativism? A dictatorship of positivism. Rick Garnett
America 2018-03-23
Can Zuckerberg's Media Blitz Take the Pressure Off Facebook? Timothy Carone
Associated Press 2018-03-22
Vatican stages UN event to protest ‘genocide’ against Down Syndrome Crux 2018-03-22
Aborting unborn children with Down syndrome diagnosis called genocide Catholic News Service 2018-03-22
Coming Soon: 2 New Encore Career Programs At Colleges Forbes 2018-03-22
Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes Timothy Carone
CNET 2018-03-22
Becoming Easter witnesses Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-21
AP Explains: How a Phone May Have Steered Hunt for Bomber Mike Chapple
Associated Press 2018-03-21
Opening the Word: Risen from death Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-21
An Immigrant's Win-Win-Win Forbes 2018-03-21
Arizona police release video of fatal collision with Uber self-driving SUV Timothy Carone
Reuters 2018-03-21
I’m in an abusive relationship with Facebook, and it’s becoming too much Joe Holt
Chicago Tribune 2018-03-21
Obama Campaign Advisers Say They Used Facebook Data Properly Timothy Carone
Associated Press 2018-03-21
Self-driving car accidents will keep happening. We need to learn from them Timothy Carone
CNN 2018-03-21
Senate is expected to vote soon on sex trafficking bill CNN 2018-03-21
What Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg didn't say (and what it took him hours to) Mike Chapple
USA Today 2018-03-21
Hedge-fund managers that do the most research will post the best returns, study suggests CNBC 2018-03-20
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s US visit is a shopping trip for war Ebrahim Moosa
CNBC 2018-03-20
Self-driving Uber vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian Timothy Carone
The Washington Post 2018-03-19
Uber self-driving car kills Arizona woman, realizing worst fears of the new tech Timothy Carone
USA Today 2018-03-19
Could CIA Nominee Gina Haspel Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? Mary O'Connell
The Daily Beast 2018-03-19
Amazon Sellers Seek More Clout With New ‘Merchants Guild’ Bloomberg 2018-03-19
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (3/23/2018) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-03-18
Campus Notebook: St. Thomas University CFO resigns; Sister Norma Pimental receives 2018 Laetare Medal National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-16
Editorial: Young people are not the problem National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-16
Pope Francis issued a controversial document on the family. The D.C. archbishop has a pioneering plan to implement it. The Washington Post 2018-03-16
Opening the Word: Veil of the sanctuary Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-14
Editorial: Share what you love Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-14
Reaching young 'nones' will take an authentic evangelizing voice National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-14
After the Vatican hackathon, what does Catholic entrepreneurship look like? America 2018-03-14
In Vermont, the latest clash between public money and the Catholic Church Rick Garnett
America 2018-03-14
Hidden history: At last the role of the Irish in Lincoln’s life explored Robert Schmuhl
Irish Central 2018-03-12
Notre Dame sets stage for a discerning Church Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-12
Life and times of Stephen Hawking: A full list of achievements Irish Independent 2018-03-12
Commentary: Trump must overcome his worst instincts to succeed with Kim Jong Un Joe Holt
Chicago Tribune 2018-03-12
Notre Dame giving Laetare Medal to Texas refugee advocate Associated Press 2018-03-12
Characteristics of Colleges That Raised the Most in Private Donations, FY 2017 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-03-11
‘Pope’s favorite nun’, Sr. Norma Pimentel, to receive Notre Dame honor Crux 2018-03-11
Sister Pimentel, immigrant advocate, to get Notre Dame's Laetare Medal Catholic News Service 2018-03-11
Young people seen as urgent crisis at pre-synod conference at Notre Dame John Cavadini
National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-09
The Memo: Dangers multiply for Trump in Mueller probe Jimmy Gurulé
The Hill 2018-03-09
Nobel Peace Laureate Yunus to Speak at Notre Dame in April U.S. News & World Report 2018-03-08
As racism resurges, many look to the pulpit King left behind USA Today 2018-03-08
Opening the Word: Glorify thy name Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-07
Catholic Father's Day Christian Smith
Our Sunday Visitor 2018-03-07
Barron: Upcoming synod on young people will be more important than last two synods Crux 2018-03-06
Hidden Brain: Relationship Between Having Babies And The Economy Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
NPR 2018-03-06
Bon Jovi and his son launched a rosé wine and it's flying off the shelves CNBC 2018-03-05
Use Fee Waivers to Cut Law School Application Costs U.S. News & World Report 2018-03-05
Playbook Robert Schmuhl
Politico 2018-03-04
Cardinal Wuerl urges parishes to implement ‘Amoris Laetitia’ America 2018-03-03
Rental cars, hearing aids, insurers: Since Parkland, a list of companies that have taken action on guns The Washington Post 2018-03-02
Campus Notebook: Colleges won't discriminate against activists; no birth control at Boston College National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-02
Meet the Theologians of the ‘New Paradigm’ National Catholic Register 2018-03-02
Mueller Said to Look into Democratic Email Hacking Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-03-01
Notre Dame Wins Women’s College Basketball Title The Wall Street Journal 2018-03-01
7 takeaways from hosting 'Amoris Laetitia' theology seminars for 47 US bishops National Catholic Reporter 2018-03-01
How Pregnancy Could Help Us Anticipate U.S. Recessions Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
The Wall Street Journal 2018-03-01
Would You Wear a “Shrunken Suit”? Designer Thom Browne is Betting Yes The Wall Street Journal 2018-03-01
Should Catholics Back Public-Sector Unions? National Catholic Register 2018-03-01
Chaput: Coercion in American culture is ‘soft’ but real Crux 2018-02-28
Pregnancies can help predict a recession Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
The Wall Street Journal 2018-02-28
Opening the Word: Babylon's conquest Our Sunday Visitor 2018-02-28
Evangelist Billy Graham To Lie In Honor In U.S. Rotunda NPR 2018-02-28
Could Dick's Sporting Goods ban on assault-style rifles change sales? Joe Holt
USA Today 2018-02-28
Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO says company will stop selling assault-style rifles, set under-21 ban for other guns Joe Holt
The Washington Post 2018-02-28
Walk with migrants: Symposium calls church's people to do more Rev. Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C.
National Catholic Reporter 2018-02-27
Pregnancy Rate Might Predict Future Recessions, Researchers Suggest Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
NPR 2018-02-27
Has the Operating System for the Western World Crashed? New York Magazine 2018-02-27
Birth Rates Can Be Used To Predict Recessions, Study Suggests Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
The Huffington Post 2018-02-27
North Korea Evades Sanctions With Help From Ships of Many Names George Lopez
Bloomberg 2018-02-27
Can pregnancy rates predict a recession? America’s top economic research bureau thinks so Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
CNBC 2018-02-26
UK Opposition Sets Out Brexit Customs Policy Daniel Hungerman
BBC News 2018-02-26
Arming America's teachers is 'a dumb idea,' says retired USAF officer and university professor James O'Rourke
CNBC 2018-02-26
Can you predict a recession by looking at pregnancy rates? Kasey Buckles
Daniel Hungerman
BBC News 2018-02-26
Bloomberg Law Brief: Rick Gates Guilty Plea Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-02-26
Colleges With the Largest Endowments, 2017 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-02-25
Commentary: Politicians Are Praying for the Florida Shooting Victims. But Faith Without Works Is Dead. Joe Holt
Fortune 2018-02-23
Of Space Aliens and the Catholic Faith National Catholic Register 2018-02-23
Rick Gates Said to Be Close to a Guilty Plea Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-02-23
The Parkland survivors started a movement when they took on gun violence. Here's how it happened. Rory McVeigh
USA Today 2018-02-22
Ruth Graham: The silent rock behind a famous evangelist Mark Noll
Religion News Service 2018-02-22
For decades Graham offered counsel and comfort to presidents Mark Noll
Associated Press 2018-02-22
Ford ousts top exec over 'inappropriate behavior' Joe Holt
Associated Press 2018-02-21
Twitter, Facebook are best-suited to ID and defend against bad actors Timothy Carone
San Francisco Chronicle 2018-02-21
Billy Graham never lived in Texas but belonged to a Dallas church for 54 years Religion News Service 2018-02-21
Trump Again Presses Jeff Sessions Over Russia Probe Jimmy Gurulé
The Wall Street Journal 2018-02-21
The Rise of Anti-Liberalism The Atlantic 2018-02-20
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (2/23/2018) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-02-18
Top Producers of Fulbright U.S. Scholars and Students, 2017-18 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-02-18
Listening to young leaders in the Church Our Sunday Visitor 2018-02-18
Grisez’s influence on Catholic moral thinking Catholic News Agency 2018-02-17
Update: Catholics urged to appeal to lawmakers in Congress to pass DACA bill now Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Catholic News Service 2018-02-16
Campus Notebook: University of Mary 'booming'; misdirected funds at Georgetown National Catholic Reporter 2018-02-16
The President of Nowhere, USA Politico 2018-02-16
Indictment: Social Media Firms Got Played by Russian Agents Timothy Carone
Associated Press 2018-02-16
Florida shooting rampage sparks review of mental health restrictions on gun purchases Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2018-02-16
The long view: scholars assess the state of history Times Higher Education 2018-02-15
How to Excel in Law School Interviews U.S. News & World Report 2018-02-15
Notre Dame Is Top-Ranked Catholic College The Wall Street Journal 2018-02-14
Opening the Word: Love’s symphony Our Sunday Visitor 2018-02-14
Study: Conflicting information about SIDS can prove lethal James McKenna
USA Today 2018-02-14
Battered skulls of a Mesolithic group who died in agony are found mounted on wooden stakes in a grisly 8,000-year-old underwater grave Daily Mail 2018-02-13
Cardinal Cupich launches Amoris Laetitia seminars for US bishops Catholic News Agency 2018-02-12
47 bishops to take part in theology seminars on 'Amoris Laetitia' National Catholic Reporter 2018-02-12
Trump Blocks Release of Schiff Memo Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-02-12
The Political Scientist Giving the Art World Something to Think About The New York Times 2018-02-09
Notre Dame’s pro-life club offers free childcare for parenting graduate students Catholic News Agency 2018-02-08
Small-government think tank yields big bucks for nonprofit’s leaders Lloyd Mayer
Chicago Sun-Times 2018-02-08
Sisters’ Quiet Life of Prayer Disrupted by an Affordable Housing Fight Kathleen Cummings
The New York Times 2018-02-08
After decades of violence, can Colombia's FARC rebels gain voter trust? The Christian Science Monitor 2018-02-07
Opening the Word: The wild beasts Our Sunday Visitor 2018-02-07
White House Set to Review Democratic House Memo Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-02-06
Notre Dame: Digital Archive Of Hesburgh Works Now Available Associated Press 2018-02-05
Church helps people in Colombia move from 'vengeance' to reconciliation David Cortright
Catholic News Service 2018-02-05
Catholic universities challenged to think creatively to meet financial, student enrollment changes John Cavadini
National Catholic Reporter 2018-02-05
Priest with Scranton ties a step closer to sainthood Associated Press 2018-02-04
Stories of Connection to Heal the Primal Wound Darcia Narvaez
Psychology Today 2018-02-04
Trump Has Got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them The New York Times 2018-02-01
Millennial women disengage from Catholic Church: Blame the barriers Kathleen Cummings
National Catholic Reporter 2018-02-01
How Should Atheism Be Taught? The Atlantic 2018-01-31
Why some workers are happy to have an abusive boss CBS News 2018-01-31
Shooting for the Moon--This Time to Stay Clive Neal
Scientific American 2018-01-31
If Amazon And Buffett Lift Veil On Health Prices, Insurers Are In Trouble Forbes 2018-01-31
Health Care Just the Latest Industry Amazon Seeks to Upend Associated Press 2018-01-31
Opening the Word: Outcast no more Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-31
How 3 CEOs can fix health care: What the experts say CNN 2018-01-30
Amazon already has huge amounts of our data. What happens when you add health care to the mix? The Washington Post 2018-01-30
Find Summer Law Programs for High School Students U.S. News & World Report 2018-01-30
Amid Trump Attacks, FBI’s Andrew McCabe to Step Down Jimmy Gurulé
Bloomberg 2018-01-30
Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to partner on US employee health care CNBC 2018-01-30
School vouchers are not a bail-out for Catholic institutions, proponents say National Catholic Reporter 2018-01-29
Realities of the digital age: Smartphones Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-28
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (2/2/2018) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-01-28
4-Year Colleges That Drew the Highest Percentages of First-Time Students From Out of State, Fall 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-01-28
Bishops consider plans to revitalize appeal of a Catholic education Catholic News Service 2018-01-27
Real Time Economics: Trump Takes Davos | China Should Heed U.S. Complaints | GDP in Focus The Wall Street Journal 2018-01-26
Why Trump's desire to fire Mueller may invite obstruction case and why it's such a big deal Jimmy Gurulé
USA Today 2018-01-26
8 Reasons Playing Is Great For Adults And Kids Lee Gettler
The Huffington Post 2018-01-26
Working for a psycho boss is easy... if you’re one too The Times 2018-01-25
Liberalism is the most successful idea of the past 400 years The Economist 2018-01-25
Think your boss is a psychopath? You may be one too International Business Times 2018-01-25
Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar? The New York Times 2018-01-25
A marvelous healing Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-24
Employees who thrive under abusive bosses may be PSYCHOPATHS, new study claims Daily Mail 2018-01-24
Politics as unusual: why America's 'forgotten citizens' stick by their champion Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2018-01-21
Trump Move on Healthcare Religious Freedom Prompts Discrimination Fears Rick Garnett
Reuters 2018-01-19
Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost Carter Snead
The Atlantic 2018-01-18
A year of living dangerously: Catholics and Donald Trump Rick Garnett
The Tablet 2018-01-18
If Liberalism Is Dead, What Comes Next? The New York Times 2018-01-17
So what is this sexual harassment 'reckoning' everyone is talking about? USA Today 2018-01-17
Catholic college contingents head to the March for Life Catholic News Agency 2018-01-17
French architects win 2018 Driehaus Prize Chicago Tribune 2018-01-17
Opening the Word: Remain amazed Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-17
Physical Spaces, Transforming Before Our Eyes Inside Higher Ed 2018-01-17
New UVa Data Center Part of $200M Microelectronics Venture Associated Press 2018-01-16
BlackRock CEO Says Companies Need To Do More Than Deliver Profits Timothy  Hubbard
NPR 2018-01-16
The humble, indispensable women leading the Catholic Church you’ve (probably) never heard of Kathleen Cummings
America 2018-01-16
Oregon Artist Turns Dead Creatures Into Beautiful Compositions NPR 2018-01-15
Stories That Heal Primal Wounds Darcia Narvaez
Psychology Today 2018-01-15
Anticipating the 2018 Synod of Bishops Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-14
Is There Life After Liberalism? The New York Times 2018-01-13
Vatican adviser says Catholics must take seriously the biblical promises to Israel The Tablet 2018-01-13
Commencement Speakers Announced: Ave Maria, High Point, MIT, Norwich, U of Notre Dame, Warren Wilson, Webster, Wittenberg Inside Higher Ed 2018-01-12
Faith formation for 'busy highway' of modern life Christian Smith
National Catholic Reporter 2018-01-11
Why Walmart's employees are getting a raise now Abigail Wozniak
Marketplace 2018-01-11
How Democracies Perish The New York Times 2018-01-11
Dialogue, not denial: Pope finds strength in valuing differences Catholic News Service 2018-01-11
Church rejects morality of nuclear weapons Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-10
Wielding Data, Women Force a Reckoning Over Bias in the Economics Field Abigail Wozniak
The New York Times 2018-01-10
Opening the Word: Repent and believe Our Sunday Visitor 2018-01-10
Ecumenical, interfaith experts in Rome ponder promise and perils of division Crux 2018-01-10
New Trump refugee policies could close more than 20 Catholic Charities resettlement offices America 2018-01-09
Chicago-area clergy defend housing allowance as it faces legal challenge Lloyd Mayer
Chicago Tribune 2018-01-08
The #MeToo Movement Isn’t About Women’s Frailty. It’s About Women’s Labor. The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-01-07
Recent Private Gifts to Higher Education (January 2018) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2018-01-07
Christopher Marley's Dead Things NPR 2018-01-06
Why Early Experience Matters: Famous Scholars Know Darcia Narvaez
Psychology Today 2018-01-05
Trump’s directive on recusal adds to obstruction questions Jimmy Gurulé
Associated Press 2018-01-05
‘Forget About the Stigma’: Male Nurses Explain Why Nursing Is a Job of the Future for Men Abigail Wozniak
The New York Times 2018-01-04
Paul Manafort Sues Mueller and Asks a Judge to Narrow the Russia Investigation Jimmy Gurulé
The New York Times 2018-01-03
Harassment at Annual Meetings David Campbell
Inside Higher Ed 2018-01-02
Trump says the Postal Service is 'dumber and poorer,' but he and Congress deserve the blame James O'Rourke
Los Angeles Times 2018-01-02
Nobody's Ready for the Killer Robot Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff (Ret.)
Bloomberg 2017-12-30
Charities See Surge of Giving Ahead of Change in Tax Law The Wall Street Journal 2017-12-30
Morning Ireland Robert Schmuhl
RTE Radio 1 2017-12-29
Cheap Amazon shipping leaves the Postal Service ‘dumber and poorer,’ Trump says James O'Rourke
The Washington Post 2017-12-29
Study: Men may avoid being green because they find it "unmanly" CBS News 2017-12-29
Baby Boomers Looking for Reinvention Try College—Again The Wall Street Journal 2017-12-28
In Trump era, what does it mean to be an 'Evangelical'? The Christian Science Monitor 2017-12-28
Opening the Word: Three manifestations Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-27
Are you a good person? Morality experts say this is how to find out Darcia Narvaez
USA Today 2017-12-26
What’s in Store for the Senate After Roy Moore’s Defeat? Geoffrey Layman
National Catholic Register 2017-12-21
THE books of the year 2017: part two Times Higher Education 2017-12-21
Lilly Endowment launches initiative to help clergy thrive in congregational ministry Religion News Service 2017-12-20
Facebook billionaire pours funds into high-risk research Nature 2017-12-20
US asks UN to ban 10 ships from world's ports over North Korea ties George Lopez
CNN 2017-12-20
Opening the Word: God revealed Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-19
Why individualist liberalism wins, and the Catholic side loses Crux 2017-12-19
US could broaden its use of nuclear weapons, Trump administration signals George Lopez
The Guardian 2017-12-18
Can Sadness Be Good for Reading? U.S. News & World Report 2017-12-18
Commentary: Siri, should I believe in God? Timothy Carone
Chicago Tribune 2017-12-17
Fallout from allegations of tea party targeting hamper IRS oversight of nonprofits Lloyd Mayer
The Washington Post 2017-12-17
Columbus Circle without Columbus? New York's statue debate hits Italian-Americans hard Erika  Doss
The Christian Science Monitor 2017-12-15
Brexit Steals Some of Britain's Christmas Cheer Jeffrey Bergstrand
Associated Press 2017-12-15
Romano Guardini, Beloved Theologian of Two Popes — and Potential Saint National Catholic Register 2017-12-15
The Politics of #HimToo Christina Wolbrecht
The New York Times 2017-12-14
Universities have a sexual harassment problem. Can they fix it? Vox 2017-12-14
Fighting the public health threat of counterfeit drugs PBS NewsHour 2017-12-14
Fixed 5G, The Prequel: Starring AT&T And Verizon Wireless Forbes 2017-12-14
Chicago companies fear unknown in net neutrality repeal Mike Chapple
Chicago Tribune 2017-12-14
Opening the Word: Tomorrow, the dawn Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-13
Notre Dame liturgist: ‘Advent forms us in the art of desiring God’ Crux 2017-12-13
Pluralism, accommodation at core of cake case Rick Garnett
Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-13
Opinion: Three reasons it’s time for Christians to bag Santa Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-12
Global U.S. military presence questioned Michael Desch
Politico 2017-12-12
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (12/15/2017) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2017-12-10
Could a Law to Bring Down the Mob Be Used in Weinstein Case? Associated Press 2017-12-09
Trump’s North Korea policy could trigger famine, experts warn George Lopez
NBC News 2017-12-09
‘Doxxing’ someone, even if he’s a Nazi sympathizer, poses a serious ethical dilemma Joe Holt
CNBC 2017-12-08
Gold trader says he made 'maybe $150 million' from plot to beat Iran sanctions George Lopez
CNN 2017-12-08
Notre Dame Plans to Build New $66 Million Campus Art Museum Associated Press 2017-12-08
Tantur Institute promoting dialogue amid West Bank violence Vatican Radio 2017-12-08
Masterpiece Cakeshop Arguments Suggest Kennedy Again Holds Key SCOTUS Vote Rick Garnett
National Catholic Register 2017-12-08
North Korea's mystery ship: The curious case of the Hao Fan 6 George Lopez
CNN 2017-12-07
Female senators took down Al Franken David Campbell
Christina Wolbrecht
Vox 2017-12-07
Confucius Institute in NSW education department 'unacceptable' – analyst Lionel Jensen
The Guardian 2017-12-07
The 10 best undergraduate business programs CNBC 2017-12-06
Opening the Word: Rejoice always Our Sunday Visitor 2017-12-06
Why evangelicals are 'ecstatic' about Trump's Jerusalem move Ebrahim Moosa
CNN 2017-12-06
The Tax Reform Proposals in Congress Would Cripple Historic Preservation and Hurt Our Cities Common Edge 2017-12-06
In the wake of Harvey Weinstein, film Academy issues new code of conduct USA Today 2017-12-06
Upgrading the Indiana Dunes to a national park is a horrible idea John Nagle
Chicago Tribune 2017-12-05
The top 5 undergrad programs for business majors Yahoo 2017-12-05
Trump’s tweet raises obstruction specter, worries allies Jimmy Gurulé
Associated Press 2017-12-05
Trump’s lawyer: the president can’t obstruct justice. 13 legal experts: yes, he can. Jimmy Gurulé
Vox 2017-12-04
Can Monkeys Befriend People? Experts Weigh In. Agustin Fuentes
National Geographic 2017-12-04
Trump's tweet on Michael Flynn sparks new questions Jimmy Gurulé
CBS News 2017-12-04
Supreme Court cake case laced with clashing ideas of religious liberty Rick Garnett
Religion News Service 2017-12-04
Trump notes Flynn lied to FBI, says his actions during transition were lawful Jimmy Gurulé
Reuters 2017-12-02
Analysis: Despite Flynn's guilty plea, Trump presidency not over yet Jimmy Gurulé
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Ungrading Susan Blum
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Nuclear disarmament now a ‘moral imperative’ as Pope Francis rejects deterrence America 2017-11-13
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University of Notre Dame hosts ecumenical prayer service Vatican Radio 2017-11-09
Pope Seeks to Defuse Korea Tension, Push Nuclear Disarmament George Lopez
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World War II Seen by a Classicist, and Other New Books About Conflict A. James McAdams
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Tech giants need to spend big bucks to fix Russia meddling mess—or face regulation Mike Chapple
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Citadel's Griffin Gives $125 Million to University of Chicago Bloomberg 2017-11-01
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Ancient Papua New Guinea skull called oldest-known tsunami victim Reuters 2017-10-25
A 6,000-year-old skull found in a mangrove swamp almost 100 years ago may be from the 'world's earliest tsunami victim' Daily Mail 2017-10-25
This 6,000-year-old human skull belongs to the world's earliest known tsunami victim International Business Times 2017-10-25
Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages Timothy Carone
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Notre Dame Alum Donates $100M to School in Unrestricted Gift Associated Press 2017-10-25
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Warning to CEOs – CSR May Get You Fired, Study Finds Pro Bono Australia 2017-10-24
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The University of Notre Dame is today announcing a $100 million pledge from Kenn Ricci, an alumnus. The Chronicle of Higher Education 2017-10-24
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Amid Scandal, N.C.A.A. Forms Commission to Reform Men’s Basketball Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
The New York Times 2017-10-11
NCAA to form commission in response to bribery scheme Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
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AG Jeff Sessions issues broad guidelines to protect religious objections to public policy Rick Garnett
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Virgin Mary statues bring hope to Back of the Yards Chicago Tribune 2017-10-06
Civil liberties groups decry Sessions’s guidance on religious freedom Rick Garnett
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In a world where lying has become normalized, what is the future of honesty? Quartz 2017-10-06
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Glendon to receive 2018 Evangelium Vitae Medal from Notre Dame center Catholic News Service 2017-10-04
Wells Fargo needs to appoint a new CEO immediately Joe Holt
CNBC 2017-10-04
China issues new regulations on religions Our Sunday Visitor 2017-10-04
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How Trump’s Tax Plan Could Upend the Housing Market Jim Seida
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Pope Francis Sends Prayers to Victims of Las Vegas Massacre Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
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Cakes and unions: Supreme Court cases with Catholic interest Rick Garnett
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Six reputed gang leaders go on trial in first test of state racketeering law Chicago Tribune 2017-10-02
Moro vê Lava Jato perto do fim e descarta presidência (Moro sees Lava Jato near the end and dismisses presidency) Terra 2017-10-02
Moro diz que Lava Jato em Curitiba está 'indo para o final' (Moro says that Lava Jato in Curitiba is 'going to the end') Noticias 2017-10-02
Sérgio Moro recebe honraria de universidade americana por atuação na Lava Jato (Sérgio Moro receives honor from US university for acting in Lava Jato) Globo.com 2017-10-02
Moro receives international award and spiked: "Barons era robbers is ending" (Moro recebe prêmio internacional e crava: “Era dos barões ladrões está terminando”) Gazeta Do Povo 2017-10-02
Brazil's largest ever corruption probe nearing its end, judge says Reuters 2017-10-02
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Durbin, Democrats reveal their bigotry in questioning of judicial nominee from Notre Dame Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Chicago Tribune 2017-09-12
Poverty Rate Is Down To 12.7%, But Probably Not For Long Jim Sullivan
Forbes 2017-09-12
Perkins loan program slated to expire Sept. 30 Luis Fraga
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Senators take fire over questions for Catholic judicial nominee Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Politico 2017-09-11
New UN Sanctions Target North Korea Gas, Diesel Imports George Lopez
Bloomberg 2017-09-11
UN Approves New North Korea Sanctions, Stopping Short of Oil Embargo George Lopez
Bloomberg 2017-09-11
Balancing Public Perception and Protection of Terrorist Threats Jimmy Gurulé
U.S. News & World Report 2017-09-11
Yale, Harvard and Princeton top College Factual's annual list of best colleges USA Today 2017-09-11
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Catholic judicial nominee grilled by senators on her religious views Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
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Catholic leaders decry Dems' questioning of judicial pick Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
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‘It Is Chilling to Hear . . . ’ Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
The Wall Street Journal 2017-09-10
Feinstein's anti-Catholic bigotry blasted by Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Fox News 2017-09-10
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (September 15, 2017) The Chronicle of Higher Education 2017-09-10
Expert on history of Irish-America to give keynote lecture at Casement Gathering '17 Robert Schmuhl
Irish Independent 2017-09-09
Time to move from outrage to action on DACA, Fordham University president says Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
America 2017-09-08
50 years later, statement on Catholic universities still inspires, divides Crux 2017-09-08
Only Roger Goodell could turn Ezekiel Elliott into a sympathetic figure Ed Edmonds
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Amazon hunting for 2nd home, cities start lining up to apply Brad Badertscher
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What would Jesus do about ‘Dreamers’? Not what Trump did, Christian leaders say Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
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Stamp honors Father Hesburgh, former University of Notre Dame president Catholic News Service 2017-09-06
Papa a jóvenes colombianos: no se dejen robar la alegría (Pope to young Colombians: do not let yourself be robbed of joy) Douglass Cassel
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Pope Francis, headed to Colombia, will promote peace accord government signed with FARC rebels Douglass Cassel
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ND President says Catholic higher ed contributes to fighting racism Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
Crux 2017-08-26
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Supernova’s messy birth casts doubt on reliability of astronomical yardstick Peter Garnavich
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2-Week Re-Enactment Begins of Notre Dame Founder's Journey Associated Press 2017-08-14
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Special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury raises stakes in Russia investigation Jimmy Gurulé
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5th Trump judicial nominee confirmed, outpacing Obama, Bush Fox News 2017-08-03
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Trump Can‰'t Save American Christianity Christian Smith
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Notre Dame Legend Parseghian Dies at Age 94 Reuters 2017-08-02
Former Notre Dame Coach Ara Parseghian Dies at 94 Associated Press 2017-08-02
Ara Parseghian, innovative coach who restored gridiron glory to Notre Dame, dies at 94 The Washington Post 2017-08-02
Ara Parseghian, 'Giant' Of College Football Sidelines, Dies At 94 NPR 2017-08-02
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