Will Hollywood fix its pay bias against women?

CNN (op-ed), February 28, 2014
(Timothy Judge, Schurz Professor of Management)

Was Arizona’s Religious-Freedom Bill ‘Anti-Gay’?

National Catholic Register, February 28, 2014
(Richard Garnett, Professor of Law)

Was vetoed Arizona bill misrepresented? What constitutional scholars say.

Christian Science Monitor, February 27, 2014
(Richard Garnett, Professor of Law)

Founder of Liberation Theology Hailed at Vatican

ABC News/Associated Press, February 26, 2014
(Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez, O’Hara Professor of Theology)

What The Miami Dolphins’ Locker Room Culture Can Teach Us

Huffington Post (op-ed), February 26, 2014
(Clark Power, Professor of Education in the Program of Liberal Studies)

Cutting the Army will make it stronger

CNN (op-ed), February 25, 2014
(Michael Desch, Professor and Chair of Political Science

Arguments Against God

The New York Times (op-ed), February 25, 2014
(Gary Gutting, Notre Dame Endowed Chair in Philosophy)

Hiring that crosses disciplines can create new tensions

The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 24, 2014
(University of Notre Dame)

Punch the Accelerator on Self-Driving Cars

The Wall Street Journal (op-ed), February 20, 2014
(Don Howard, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values, and Mark P. Mills, Reilly Center Advisory Board

Mexico Summit Leaves Larger Immigration, Trade Issues Unresolved

NBC News, February 20, 2014
(Allert Brown-Gort, Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Studies)

Bible Passages that Could Get You Killed

The Daily Beast (op-ed), February 18, 2014
(Candida Moss, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity)

Short People Got … Lots of Reasons to Legitimately Feel Paranoid

National Geographic, February 16, 2014
(Timothy Judge, Schurz Professor of Management)

6 killed in GM cars with faulty ignition switches

USA Today, February 13, 2014
(Kaitlin Wowak, Assistant Professor of Management)

‘Dumb Starbucks,’ brainchild of Comedy Central star, shut down by health inspectors

New York Daily News, February 11, 2014
(Mark McKenna, Professor of Law)

‘Dumb Starbucks’ Prank Shuttered By LA Health Department

NBC News, February 10, 2014
(Mark McKenna, Professor of Law)

‘Dumb Starbucks’ brings lines, social media buzz

The Washington Post/Associated Press, February 10, 2014
(Mark McKenna, Professor of Law)

Starbucks responds to Dumb Starbucks in LA

USA Today, February 10, 2013
(Mark McKenna, Professor of Law)

US suspect possibly targeted for drone attack

NBC News/Associated Press, February 10, 2014
(Mary Ellen O’Connell, Short Professor of International Law)

A General in a Classroom Takes On the Ethics of War

The New York Times, February 7, 2014
(Robert H. Latiff, Adjunct Professor, Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values)

Study: Female Movie Stars Earn Significantly Less After Age 34

Variety magazine, February 7, 2014
(Timothy Judge, Schurz Professor of Management)

Single mothers-to-be and gays fight firings from Catholic school jobs

Los Angeles Times, February 7, 2014
(Richard Garnett, Professor of Law)

Truth and Truthiness: What Catholic catechists can learn from Stephen Colbert

America, February 3, 2014
(Patrick Manning, Summer Faculty Member)

Gun debate: Is price of an armed America a more dangerous America?

Christian Science Monitor, February 2, 2014
(James Brockmole, Associate Professor of Psychology)

Court to review religious law once hailed by Democrats but now used to battle Obamacare

The Washington Post, February 2, 2014
(Richard Garnett, Professor of Law)