N.D. physicists are part of Hadron project Video

WNDU-TV, March 31, 2010

Will Notre Dame research translate into jobs?

South Bend Tribune, March 31, 2010 (Part four of series on Notre Dame research)

Indiana joins 13 states to challenge health reform

Indianapolis Star, March 30, 2010
(Charles Rice, Professor Emeritus of Law)

Kellogg Names New Dean

Wall Street Journal, March 30, 2010
(Carolyn Woo, Gillen Dean of Mendoza College of Business)

Panel looks at St. Joseph County infant mortality rate gap

South Bend Tribune, March 30, 2010
(Waldo Mikels-Carrasco, Institute for Latino Studies)

Instant health results and reusable energy

South Bend Tribune, March 30, 2010 (Part three of series on Notre Dame research)

Mitt Romney, Looking to 2012 but Running From the Past

Politics Daily (column), March 30, 2010
(Robert Schmuhl, Annenberg-Joyce Professor of American Studies and Journalism)

Notre Dame unveils high-tech ‘cleanroom’

South Bend Tribune, March 29, 2010 (Part two of series on Notre Dame research)

Notre Dame’s new engineering facility takes research to the next step

South Bend Tribune, March 28, 2010 (Part one of series on Notre Dame research)

Vatican denounces reports as smear campaign Video

NBC Nightly News, March 27, 2010
(Scott Appleby, Professor of History, Regan Director, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies)

The abortion issue comes back to life

The Globe and Mail (Canada), March 26, 2010
(O. Carter Snead, Associate Professor of Law)

Jesus, Reconsidered. Book Sparks Evangelical Debate Audio

National Public Radio, March 26, 2010
(David Campbell, John Cardinal OHara, C.S.C., Associate Professor of Political Science)

Latest Prize Bolsters Templeton’s Shift to Mainstream

Science, March 26, 2010
(Christian Smith, Science of Generosity Initiative)

New Studies on Generosity Get a Generous Grant

Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 25, 2010
(Science of Generosity Initiative)

Architectural Historian Vincent Scully Video

WTTW-TV (Chicago), March 25, 2010
(Henry Hope Reed Award Laureate Vincent J. Scully)

The Obama “Narrative” Narrative

Wall Street Journal (originally appeared at, March 25, 2010
(Robert Schmuhl, Annenberg-Joyce Professor of American Studies and Journalism)

Campaign to Increase Latino Enrollment in Catholic Schools Kicks Off

Catholic New York, March 25, 2010

Golden opportunity

Nature, March 24, 2010
(Research at Notre Dame)

Fight rages to define health care bill to public

USA Today/ABC News, March 23, 2010
(Robert Schmuhl, Annenberg-Joyce Professor of American Studies and Journalism)

The Google vs. China Censorship Battle

Nightly Business Report, March 22, 2010
(John D’Arcy, Assistant Professor of Management)

New medical breakthrough will help breast cancer patients Video

WSBT-TV, March 22, 2010
(Bradley Smith, Emil T. Hofman Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

US House approves healthcare overhaul Audio

Robert Schmuhl, Annenberg-Joyce Professor of American Studies and Journalism
RTÉ News (Ireland), March 22, 2010

Down Syndrome: On Holy Ground

The Catholic Thing (blog), March 18, 2010
(Mary O’Callaghan, Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies)

Notre Dame Appoints Sustainability Leader

Inside Indiana Business, March 16, 2010

Generosity Research Gets a Boost

Science and Religion (blog), March 16, 2010

Fish DNA can confirm presence, not size or age

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 15, 2010
(David Lodge, Professor of Biological Sciences)

The War on Soda: The economic case against it

Philadelphia Daily News, March 15, 2010
(Research by Economist William Evans)

Notre Dame commencement to honor poet

Indianapolis Star, March 15, 2010

Notre Dame women raise $103,750

Niles Star, March 15, 2010
(Women’s Basketball Program)

A Christian Overture to Muslims Has Its Critics

New York Times, March 12, 2010
(Gabriel Said Reynolds, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology)

Notre Dame Funding Generosity Studies

Inside Indiana Business, March 9, 2010

Online discussion has faith focus

South Bend Tribune, March 8, 2010
(Alumni Association Program)

Local union leaders call on Congress to pass national jobs bill Video

WSBT-TV, March 5, 2010
(Marty Wolfson, Higgins Labor Studies Program)

Notre Dame tops undergrad B-Schools rankings

Chicago Tribune, March 5, 2010

Flying Blind— U.S. combat drones operate outside international law

America, March 15, 2010

Notre Dame is No. 1 business school; IU up to 19th

Indianapolis Star, March 5, 2010

Mendoza Tops Annual Rankings

Inside Indiana Business, March 5, 2010

Senator on Toyota: Should U.S. consider ban on Japanese cars?

USA Today, March 4, 2010
(James X. Sullivan, Associate Professor of Economics)

The Best B-Schools vs. the Recession

BusinessWeek, March 4, 2010
(No. 1 ranking for Mendoza College of Business)

Where physics and students collide

South Bend Tribune, March 4, 2010

Team from Notre Dame heading to Haiti Video

WNDU-TV, March 3, 2010

Notre Dame awards license for sensing technology

South Bend Tribune, March 2, 2010