Thomas Merluzzi

Thomas Merluzzi

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Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts
Professor of Psychology

Office: 121 Haggar Hall
Phone: 574-631-5623

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Areas of Expertise

Psychology of coping with cancer, mental health during chronic and terminal illness

As director of the psychology department’s Laboratory for Psycho-Oncology Research, Merluzzi devotes his professional energy to helping people with cancer and studies how individuals cope with chronic and terminal illness. His research has shown that the elderly are more mentally prepared for illness than their children might expect, or than their children would be, were they to fall ill. His recent work includes the development and refinement of the Cancer Behavior Inventory, a widely used measure of self-efficacy for coping with cancer; the study of religious/spiritual coping in persons with cancer; and the impact of brief counseling on adjustment to cancer.


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