Michael Mannor

Michael Mannor

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John F. O'Shaughnessy Associate Professor of Family Enterprise

Office: 365 Mendoza College of Business
Phone: 574-631-3298
Email: mikemannor@nd.edu

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Areas of Expertise

Executive leadership, organizational learning, IT, entrepreneurship

Mannor researches how organizations create and leverage unique knowledge to achieve superior performance and create breakthrough innovations. In his work on top executives, his research focuses on the powerful role of executive leadership to both help and hurt organizations through strategic action. Mannor has traveled widely to spend time with CEOs, researching the most complex strategic decisions these leaders have ever faced. This has included in-depth research with the CEOs and board chairs of many of the largest organizations in the world, including leading firms from the U.S. and Europe in energy, banking, healthcare, retail, professional services, telecommunications, fast food, investment management, insurance, risk and other industries.


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