Linda Przybyszewski

Linda Przybyszewski

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Associate Professor of History

Office: 438 Decio Faculty Hall
Phone: 574-631-7661

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Areas of Expertise

American legal, constitutional, cultural and intellectual history, the history of fashion and dress

Przybyszewski researches the history of law and culture in the United States. Her projects include the relationship between religious belief and legal thought in the late 19th century, an explanation of how Americans learned and forgot how to dress in the 20th century and a study of the Cincinnati Bible War of 1869, for which she analyzes the history of the separation of church and state. She would like to see schools "bring back old-fashioned home economics courses that taught young people how to budget and shop wisely. If more people had been asked at age 16 to figure out exactly how much Annie Abel had to spend on her school wardrobe if her parents made $100 a year, we would not have 35 year-olds thinking that flat-screen TVs were necessities and an interest-only mortgage was a good idea.”


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