Lee Gettler

Lee Gettler

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Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Office: 636 Flanner Hall
Phone: 574-631-4479
Email: lgettler@nd.edu
Twitter: @LeeGettler

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Areas of Expertise

Hormones, new parenthood, parents’ physical and mental health

Gettler is the director of the Hormones, Health, and Human Behavior Laboratory at Notre Dame and a faculty member of the Eck Institute for Global Health. Much of his research has focused on the way in which men’s hormonal physiology responds to major life transitions, such as marriage and fatherhood. Gettler particularly explores the ways in which humans’ neuroendocrine systems accommodate the demands of new parenthood, such as childcare, sleep dynamics and psychosocial stress. Through interdisciplinary and global collaborations, he has expanded his focus to apply this perspective to family systems, including the psychobiology of motherhood and fatherhood, parents’ physical and mental health, and child growth and development. Presently, Gettler works on research projects related to these interests in the United States, the Philippines and the Republic of Congo.


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