Gianna Bern

Gianna Bern

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Associate Teaching Professor of Finance; Academic Director, Master of Science in Finance

Office: 247 Mendoza College of Business
Phone: 574-631-0434

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Areas of Expertise

International finance, energy project finance, risk management, global energy markets

After a 25-year career in finance, Bern joined the Mendoza College of Business faculty. Bern is a founding principal of Chicago-based Brookshire Advisory and Research Inc., a research and consulting firm focused on the energy sector. Brookshire is a consultant to global corporate clients and publishes energy investment research for its clients. Bern is a former senior director at Fitch Ratings’ Corporate Finance Latin America group focused on oil, gas and utilities. Prior to that, she managed a $2.1 billion commercial lease portfolio for a large commercial lessor. She has held managerial positions at BP PLC and Amoco Oil in energy economics, market analytics and risk management. In 2011, Bern authored the business textbook “Investing in Energy: A Primer on the Economics of the Energy Industry” (Wiley/ Bloomberg Financial Series). She is an occasional commentator on global energy markets on Bloomberg Television and other major media.


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