Elizabeth Aura McClintock

Elizabeth McClintock

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Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: 740 Flanner Hall
Phone: (574) 631-5218
E-mail: emcclint@nd.edu

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Areas of Expertise

Gender, family and sexuality; quantitative methods; interpersonal relationships; romantic partner selection; race, segregation and homophily; body-image; aging and older-age dating

McClintock’s research focuses on gender and inequality in the context of romantic and sexual relationships, particularly in partner selection and in negotiated outcomes within established relationships. Recent work has addressed the “trophy wife” stereotype that pretty women marry high-status men and has examined the romantic and relational consequences or working in an occupation predominated by the other gender. In addition to studying inequality within romantic partnerships, her research also addresses how intimate relationships reflect, perpetuate, and potentially alter broader patterns of gender, class, age, and racial inequality. Recent and forthcoming articles appear in Journal of Marriage and Family, Population and Development Review, Biodemography and Social Biology, and American Sociological Review.


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